Sage Green and Brown Comforter and Bedding Sets

by HomeArtist1

These sage green and brown comforter and beddings sets like these promise to transform your bedroom from blazey to beautiful, adding an air of life and light to your space .

Color definitely defines your space; it has the power of persuasion on our mood, and behavior. Green hues are the color of growth, freshness and renewal; brown is the warm and welcoming hue, hence, sage green and brown are ideal colors for your bedroom. And there's no better way to wake up than feeling refreshed and ready for a new day. You may be thinking, "All that from the color mix of green and brown?" It's true. Scroll down to see some great options in sage green and brown comforters and bedding sets along with my (hopefully) helpful decorating ideas and 'color-talk,' for transforming your room into the refreshing, retreat realm you'll love waking up to!


Peaceful & Grounded: Sage Green and Brown Comforter and Bedding Sets


Deciding on Your Bedroom's Style

begin with a bold sage green and brown bedding set

Getting started on any decorating endeavor is best started with your focal point; so ideally you want your bedroom's main attraction--the bed--to stand out, grab the eye and anchor the space.

With all this in mind, I chose these sage green comforter sets in particular, to serve as an example with their linear and striped design. It's these elements that attract attention and hold the admiring eye for just a bit longer.

If you're not keen on straight lines of any kind, opt instead for a comforter and/or bedding that contrasts with your bedroom's wall color. This way, you have that 'Look at me' element you need for a successful start to your bedroom's overall look.

When decorating, just think in terms of either design or contrast for your standout focal piece and you've the ideal shining star your bedroom needs.

Traditional Style Sage Green & White Bedding for a Classic Palette


What style sage and green bedding do you prefer?

For A Classic Look Go With Traditional Sage and Brown Bedding

It's obvious with this sage green comforter set, that its classic style is devoid of modern geometric detailing, loud green hues and other telltale features known to other genres.

Instead you see a serene but of floral design work and quiet hues that promise to lull your senses into submission after a hectic day; classic style does that.

If what I've described sounds quite intriguing, then those quieter decor genres will do nicely for you. With bedroom decor, it's all about you.

Simply Sophisticated: Quilted Sage Green Bedding


Focus On a Space as a Whole Product

taking cues from model rooms

I love the simple, yet sophisticated sage green bedding set. The floral design done up in white complements a quiet, simple, yet sophisticated space.

Take your cues from model rooms like this one, here, where you can both envision a space as a whole, finished product and determine what's best for you.

Note the wall art in any of the model rooms here. I've included a great tutorial DIY video at the end of this article; it's easy and includes an interesting spin on an old craft I think you'll love.


Sage Green: Get Lost in the Forest

Themes can be a good thing--or NOT--in your bedroom. Often, we take our love for a subject, pattern or design too far and what should have been a nice touch becomes an all out assault to our visual field. Really.

I was happy to see this sage green comforter set above, featuring subtle hues and soothing, bamboo; it's fodder for a retreat-like space we often dream of. Here, you see a perfect balance of bamboo, tropical palm fronds, natural grasses and complementary and warm walls. There's no 'overdoing' it in this room.

Keep theme pieces special by allowing them to stand uninterrupted by competing accessories of the same ilk. Isn't this room inviting and warm?

The comforter sets at left will look fabulous with the complementary greenery I mentioned above. you can buy faux flowers, branches and ivy. But don't discount live plants like bamboo and palm trees. The palm trees you buy in grocery and discount stores are very cheap but often die soon after. The trick to keeping them green is in the light and watering: tropical plants need to stay moist and prefer indirect light (like beside a window, not in front of it).

Live greenery is much healthier!   

Serene Green: Warming Up Your Bedroom Space


I love sage green melded with earthy browns in these bedding sets; they're the quintessential hues of nature and comfort and will most certainly warm the space of even the starkest of bedrooms.

Too, with the addition of color, you'll have more options for your supporting accessory and art pieces. I recommend a live floor plant, like I mentioned above, another great plant, one that doesn't need much tending to or direct sunlight, is the peace lily. It has large, showy leaves and you'll have the bonus of frequent blooms in neutral white. Bathe walls in warm hues of tan to taupe or keep to the sage palette and use slightly lighter/darker greens.

If your bedroom could use some warmth and hominess, I'd recommend any of these comforter sets with brown accent hues for instant coziness--aren't they welcoming?

Bringing in Light & Life: Sage Green Bedding with Brighter Backgrounds


Your Space's Natural Light & Your Sage Green Bedding

There's nothing creepier in your bedroom than a shadow, looming in a corner come midnight. And things don't get much better in the morning if your bedroom lacks natural light.

You can really 'lighten' the gloom and doom vibe with light-colored bedding like these soothing comforter sets.

You'll have the sage and brown you're looking for  and the brighter white backing will rev up your bedroom's otherwise dark appearance.  

They've the sage green you're after but each have varying degrees of brightness with the addition of white and other complementary hues white that promise to add that much-needed brightening in your space.

Dressing your Windows: Let the Sun In

About Your Windows

Adding to the advice above, keep things on the light side with inexpensive sheer window panels; they've just the right amount of privacy during the day while allowing any available light to enter your bedroom.

Accordingly, keep your bedroom walls on the light and bright side with lighter tones of green or even reflective white for an amazingly aesthetic, yet welcoming, space.

The Unexpected: Modern Sage Green and Brown Linear Design Bedding Sets

Every room should have an unexpected element, one that stands out and is memorable. I included these unique, modern comforter sets featuring a host of contemporary modern sage green and brown hues of equally energizing linear designs--remarkable indeed!

As I mentioned, bedding with reflective qualities like these bedding sets with their white or beige backgrounds are a valuable asset, especially in darker spaces. Because their linear designs are so visually stimulating and the focal point of the bedroom, be sure to balance it out with with plenty of solids.

I would use white sheer window panels like I mentioned, earlier. Be sure they're a bright white so they don't look dull against the bedding.

These "Oh, WOW!" comforter sets are just the pick-me-up for dark bedrooms and with its variety of green hues, you've lots of decorating options in support your sage palette.

How Dark? Your Bedroom's Size and Tone Options

I'm sure you're looking for a particular style of bedding but deciding just how much sage green your bedroom needs will depend on your room's size, natural lighting and your own preferences for color.

Together, those elements have to balance and that's the tricky part of decorating, as what you prefer versus what's best for your decor and space might not agree.

And that in itself can be frustrating.

I recommend that you consider your planned genre, first: Modern? Traditional? Contemporary?

Knowing your style helps tremendously in targeting your ideal bed set. If you're not up to a total bedroom makeover, choose among your 'must-keep' decor pieces and seek bedding that most complements their style.

 I suggest taking advantage of the models rooms in identifying what bedding will best support your preferred style.

Furniture and Wall Art Arrangement/Placement
Furniture and Wall Art Arrangement/Placement

Oh, where to begin with wall art, furniture and accessory placement . . ..

I created this image to illustrate how placement can make or break your decorating efforts. I think we've all seen tiny picture frames 'swimming' amidst a sea of wall space. Or too many tchotchkes (fancy word for trinkets and doodads) on a night stand.

With placement, less is more and bigger is better; it's best to have one large piece that stands on its own rather than lots of less-significant pieces (that keep you busy dusting). Arranging your related pieces in trios makes a fabulous presentation.

Did you notice how the wall art mirrors the table's arrangement? While you may not have realized it, your eye did recognize the pattern; hence, your overall impression is that of a tidy, cohesive space. I recommend drawing out several versions of placement on both walls and tabletops; doing so really does help you come to the best results for your space.

Just remember: large wall, large art and vice versa.

Updated: 10/23/2015, HomeArtist1
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