Chocolate Brown and Blue Bedding Sets

by HomeArtist1

Few color duos like with these chocolate brown and blue comforter and bedding sets meld earth and sky for a rich and airy ambiance that's an ideal pick for bedroom palettes.

Warm and breezy, blue and chocolate brown, nature's finest complementary hues, pair nicely together, with blue being the well-documented color of tranquility, and the rich tones of chocolate brown contributing to an air of earth, warmth.

Your bedroom is often your most personal space, a retreat where you unwind from busy, stressful days, so it makes for good reason that you use color to influence harmony in your space.

Scroll down for a look at several blue and chocolate brown comforters and other bedding sets that promise to take your blahzay bedroom into new realms of balance, life and luxury. Along with my basic decorating tips, you can have that restful retreat you've been pining for seemingly forever.

Getting Started: Your Focal Point & Bedding's Importance

Some Bedding Sets Like This One Include Decorative Pillows
8-Piece Chocolate Blue and Brown Comforter (104"x92") Bed-in-a-Bag ...

Your Bedroom's Focal Point

Your Bedding Has Quite the Job Description

It's one thing to decide your bedroom's color palette and opting for rich chocolate brown and relaxing blue will surely get you off to the right start.

But did you know that your bed set is often a bedroom's biggest contributor? Now, I'm sure your  bed is fabulous: maybe you chose a nice tufted headboard or you have a carved wood bed frame like none other.

The truth is, your bedding is responsible for introducing your bedroom's color scheme, your theme (modern or traditional, etc.), and it paves the way for your intended ambiance (high energy or soft and serene), all while welcoming guests.

Indeed, that's quite the job description.  

I choses this blue and chocolate brown bedding/comforter set for its value as serving both men and women.

I'll talk more about gender-neutral bedding later, but for now, this budget-wise comforter set (above) is the perfect candidate for the job. But if you're not feelin' it, chocolate brown and blue can entertain a host of genres, like the two comforter sets here at right and below.

Your Budget Might be a Restriction but This Bed Set is a Poser

Embroidered Bedding
7 Pieces Luxury Embroidery Comforter Set Bed-in-a-Bag Bedding (Aqua...

Now, About that Bedding and Decor Budget

Playing 'Guess the Price' is a Real Eye-Opener

A first glance several of these blue and chocolate brown comforter sets may look very similar or downright identical, so much so that I had to keep referring to each bed set piece-by-piece to discern one comforter from the next.

But there is a definite distinction: the price.

I have the 8-piece, chocolate and blue comforter set at the beginning of this article, and I'm loving it; the set looks very regal while being quite the versatile bed set. Either of these bedding sets can fill in for the next, so don't discount the lower-priced versions, as they'll look just as fabulous as their pricier cousins.

Notice the simple furnishings in this fabulous model bedroom. It's a testament of my 'Less is More' mantra.

I included so many of these look-alikes to demonstrate how, when working within the constraints of a budget, you can find a more economical piece and still realize a noble look for your bedroom's decor.

You can have it all; you may have to exercise a bit more effort in your search but you'll come out ahead.

Can you guess the priciest comforter set?

Add Natural Elements to Acenuate Your Chocolate Brown and Blue

Easy & Earthy

If floral prints are is a fave, don't think you have to forsake rich color and earthy tones. This comforter set is proof positive that the two concepts can meld well for that sophisticated result you're after.

Keep walls conservatively painted in white, tan, beige--even light blues for the best contrast.

I love the mix of warmth and nature; what a perfect arrangement for bedrooms.

Add natural elements like twigs, larger tree branches and/or cinnamon sticks or embellish a picture frame with the same twigs you use elsewhere in the bedroom for a relaxing space. 

Easy-peasy but very grandiose, indeed.

Use the Layered Features in this Bedding Set to Build Dimension

Victoria Classics Ellington 7-Piece Comforter Set, Queen, Blue

Setting the Stage: Decorating Bedrooms for Other Reasons

There's so many reasons for decorating, and having to stage your home for sale can be challenging where your space need appeal to the masses--while being something you don't find all of nauseous.

Reading up on marketing homes and staging, I learned that gender-neutral bedding is a must--especially for master bedrooms and owner's suites.

This chocolate brown and blue bed set is absolutely striking and promises to be a great piece you'll want to take with you.

Getting back to decorating for your bedroom, I'd venture to say you'll have this ensemble for quite some time with its classic style that's sophisticated and crisp.

Click on the image to see details about this bed set.

Your Guest Bedroom: Blue and Chocolate--- Two Gender-Neutral Hues

There's a bit of both masculine geometrics and more feminine embroidered styling with rich chocolate and blue comforter sets.

With its splash of creamy white it's like a perfectly brewed cappuccino.

The great thing about the added white is you'll have more options for coordinating pieces like lampshades and white picture frames.

Too, white accents help with any deficient lighting as I mentioned, above.

It's true, bedding like this chocolate and blue comforter set above (and those on the right) appeals to both genders but you must admit, this set is lovely.

Don't you think so?

SouthWestern Style Gender Neutral Chocolate Brown and Blue Bed Set

7-Piece Comforter Set - Blue and Chocolate Bedding

Oh, boy--or girl! This comforter set is yet another option for gender-neutral style and appeal.

This classic design bedding can sway to feminine with the addition of girly accent pillows, while conversely, you can add metal elements in matte finish for a masculine edge. I can envision this set turning heads in a boutique-like setting with metal, birdcage dress forms and frilly high-pile rugs like my faves: flokati piles.

For masculine efforts, opt for snake and crocodile skin upholstery on accent chairs and accessories.

Either way, with a few defining pieces you have a space that's truly yours.

Updated: 08/29/2015, HomeArtist1
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