Peacock Crib Bedding & Nursery Theme Ideas for Baby Girls and Boys

by HomeArtist1

Affordable peacock nursery bedding sets like those featured here are a great way to start off your baby's peacock-themed nursery with a bang.

Peacocks are such a magical bird. Their presence in your baby's nursery is an ideal testament of just how special your new little arrival is.

But appointing your space with peacock themed bedding sets can be a bit tricky when you consider the many faces of the design ~ from sweet and simple to sophisticated. There's no magic in decorating, although a little forethought and planning will keep your ideas on track and your peacocks corralled in a neat arrangement.

I'll show you how to manage your peacock themed nursery from start to finish, lest your birds 'escape' your control and take over your baby's room. Think posh peacock, not pesky critter!

Enjoy building a majestic nursery featuring beautiful to cute peacock themed crib sets and other bedding and fabulous wall art and accessories you'll both love.

Let's get started!

Getting Started in Baby's Nursery: Your Peacock Focal Wall

Bold & Beautiful: Modern Yet Whimsical Peacock Crib Set by BananaFish

True Peacock Blue Hues
Peacock 3-Piece Baby Crib Bedding Set by Bananafish

Going Bold in Your Nursery's Focal Point: Defining Your Peacock Style

Bold, contrasting crib bedding sets will make a great first impression in your baby's nursery.

But first, decide what 'peacock personality' you want to betray: sweet and simple or serious and sophisticated. Determining the vibe of your nursery's crib bedding will set the stage for your baby's room and introduce your peacock theme.

Staying with the mood for for the ensuing pieces like wall art and accessories will keep the space looking cohesive and finished. Bathe walls in a color that's several shades lighter/darker helps the bedding set stand out and take center stage.

Here's several peacock themed and nondescript bedding sets to create that WOW look you're after.

The bold colors define an energetic, fun look while the quiet hues promise to deliver a peaceful ambiance. Either choice will look fabulous; just keep to the same look and you'll be fine.


Peacocks in Pink and Blue: Vibrant Hues or Not?

This peacock crib set features your theme in pink and white: both colors that are light and airy while being whimsical.

This bold and subtle mix of color allows you plenty of freedom with other coordinating peacock- related hues.

Go bold or pastel subtle; it's all about your tastes and what voice you want baby's peacock themed nursery to project.

Pink and White Peacock Bedding for a Light and Airy Nursery Space

SOHO Gloria the Peacock Crib Nursery Bedding Set 14 pcs

Designer Look Even if You're Not Decor Savvy

Sweet Pink Aqua & White Peacock Crib Bedding for Baby Girls' Nursery
35-Piece Aqua Peacock Crib Bedding Nursery Set

How To Get That Designer Look Peacock Nursery for Less

Model rooms like this sweet peacock theme done up in pink and white are great ways to mirror the designer look, even if you lack decorator skills.

I suggest perusing online decorating blogs and printed media to get ideas.

This nursery can be replicated quite inexpensively (dare I say "cheap?").

The paper lanterns can be found at any party store or if you have a specific color in mind, at any of the links, here. They're available for less than $5 and you can add a hanging light kit for under $10. Who knew?

Also, you can make your own tissue paper flower pom poms for uber-cheap. you'll realize a big impression for under $1 if you get your paper from any dollar store.

I've included a DIY video further down if this idea appeals to you. I prefer paper decor for their safety factor alone. If they should fall, there's no harm done.

Find decor you love and give yourself time to find look alikes.


Warm Up Your Baby's Nursery with Earthy Hues

The color palette is clear with this pink and sand peacock themed crib set. You'll need to keep to the quiet realm if you opt for a crib set like this one.

The wall color is a soothing sand or tan and makes an ideal hue for now and later decorating. Too often, we'll be redecorating baby's bedroom when he or she grows out of toddlerhood, so bear this in mind if you;re not too keen on decorating.

Isn't this sweet peacock crib set so peaceful?

Pink & Sand Peacock Theme Crib Bedding Adds an Air of Warmth

Lambs & Ivy 7 Piece Bedding Set, Fawn

Organic Crib Bedding May Help with Allergies

Be sure when choosing organic crib sets that the bedding is GOTS certified and labeled hypoallergenic.

Another great feature of the organic peacock crib bedding set is it's environmentally friendly. I love the perfect pairing of bejeweled hues: peacock blue and purple.

Add accessories in either color and you'll have the perfect, pretty-as-a-peacock nursery (I couldn't resist that one).     

I love the white canvas-like background of this crib set; it will really add light to a darker space--and gloom is not what you want for baby's nursery. Be sure your accessories are also labeled hypoallergenic and GOTC certified to keep the nursery's air as sneeze-free as possible.

Organic Peacock Crib Bedding Set

in Majestic Blend of Peacock Blue & Purple
Peacock & Navy Polka Dots Baby Crib Bedding Set - 100% Lu...

Be Thought About Your Peacocks

While peacock themed nursery bedding and accessories are available in every conceivable knick-knack-and-organizer-under-the-rainbow, you may want to be selective--even adding a fewdifferent elements in your nursery's color scheme for their visual and learning value, alone.

Wasn't that accessory description a bit much? Yup, annoying, even. That's why it's important to keep adding your peacock theme pieces a thoughtful one.

It's best to expose baby to the 'world' wherever possible.

Peacock Blue or Turquoise?

Both Hues Work in Baby's Nursery

Not everything need be peacock in your space. The crib bedding set that pairs with this darling crib mobile is 'nondescript' meaning it's not part of the peacock design but can support the peacock wall art with its colors and style.

The strong turquoise hues will work well with the wall art I've included here. The birds have a look that can be seen as peacock when the themed accessories are added to the room.

I did notice the bedding and matching mobile comes in pink if that's your preferred color but I'm loving the blue, here.

Aren't the paper pom poms in the matching bedding set above darling? They add are air of softness while being crisp and modern, too.

I've included a video tutorial so you can create your own from tissue paper (available in tons of colors).

You'll be surprised at how easy they are to make--so it's no excuses for not having a fabulous nursery room on a budget.

You may want to copy the colors in this nursery model room or go with your own fun choices.


If you love the birdie mobile as much as I do but want more of a 'peacock' look, consider adding a tails to each bird.

Be sure your secure the tails with strong thread and/or glue to prevent them falling into baby's crib.

If this sweet mobile had cheeks, I'd pinch them!

Dressing Your Peacock Inspired Walls Peacock Nursery Wall Art

decalmile Large Pink Blossom Tree Wall Decals Flower Bird...

Peacock Wall Art: Words of Wisdom

Walls are a big part of your decor and considering their size beforehand will help determine what pieces to choose. I always stick to my mantra, "big wall, big art; small wall, small art."

While that may seem most logical, I've seen so many mistakes made where a small piece of art gets lost in a sea of wall.

Peacock Wall Art & Your Nursery's Available Space

With you peacock wall art, leave a conservative amount of space at each side of the frame to best showcase your artwork. You can use several small pieces on a large wall but be careful; you don't want your wall to look busy or cluttered ~ not the tranquil look you want for baby's room.

Here's several peacock pictures that have different looks. Stay with pastels if you want a quiet, serene space. Keeping to all soft hues will keep your nursery from sending mixed signals. The last picture here (far right) will work with either piece (middle and far left) as it has attributes from both pictures.

The Perfect Peacock Wall Art for Baby's Nursery

Some things to consider when choosing your artwork.

Your baby's crib bedding is the biggest determination of what wall art styles are best suited for the space.

You may want a more sophisticated peacock with realistic plumage but for most nurseries, simple lines and child-friendly colors best define the space for babies.

Here's a few suggestions where simple lines and arbitrary colors work best to introduce a child's palette. Notice how there's no 'fill in' on any of the peacock shapes. Very simple and juvenile ~ simply sweet.

Pink Peacock Lamp for Baby's Nursery

Deer Park Lamp with Shade & Bulb

Peacock Themed Lighting & Safety

Not feeling plain lighting in your baby girl's nursery? It's quite understandable--especially when you've worked hard t finding themed pieces.

Here's a sweet lamp pretty-as-a-peacock nursery table lamp that'll work well as task lighting on a dresser or as small table lighting.

NOTE: It's important to have adequate light for those moments when the smallest of baby care tasks can be harmful.

Peacock Frenzy: An Important Note on the Oh-So-Important Balancing Act

A ration of 3:1 where plain pieces are offset by themed peacock. Adding too many birds dilutes your favorite, themed pieces.


Peacocks are animals where opulence abounds but using too many peacock themed pieces can transform this paradise crooner into one pesky critter if you don't keep them within boundaries.

Here a peacock, there a peacock ~ everywhere a peacock, peacock is simply too much ~ even here in text.

It's best to balance your decorative, themed pieces within a healthy ratio, as the peacock-blue hues alone can quickly swallow up a nursery in a dizzying splay of 'peacocks aplenty'.

Here's an example of balance with window treatments. The small valance is themed ~ just enough to establish your 'penchant for peacocks' leaving the remainder of the window to the long panels. The peacock design would be dizzying-not-dazzling had the panels been of the same pattern. Less is more when using strong colors and striking patterns .

Who are you decorating in peacock theme for?

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