Baby Elephant Crib & Nursery Bedding Sets

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These fanciful and majestic grey-to-colorful baby elephant crib bedding sets--including pink, purple, greens and browns-- promise to be the true 'elephant in baby's room.'

Decorating your baby's new elephant nursery is best started with an amazing focal piece and what better way to introduce your theme than with a fun elephant bedding set? But there's several things to consider before you settle on your elephants' color and style: Are you looking for whimsical or majestic? Bold hues of pink and purple or subdued greys?

With the plethora of baby elephant bedding and crib set styles and color, things can get a bit overwhelming--quickly. Together with a few basic decorating tips and plenty of options, I hope to get you closer to your baby's ideal baby elephant themed crib set your little majesty will feel right at home with.

Scroll down for the baby elephant parade!

The Elephant in the Room: Baby Elephant Crib Bedding Sets for Girls and Boys

Zutano Baby Elephant Crib Bedding
Zutano Baby Elephant Crib Bedding
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Getting Started with Baby's Elephant Themed Nursery

Congratulations on your new baby bundle! Chances are, you love baby elephants for their gentle soul and large presence in our world. As a mom, we want these same qualities for our children. Perhaps that's why we often chose baby elephants for our baby girl or boy's nursery theme.

Starting your decor successfully begins with a focal point, one that stands out from the rest of the space in a "Look at me!" kind of way. An elephant in any room can certainly garner plenty of attention but really, you want your focal point to do just that in as pleasing a fashion as possible--in total baby elephant cuteness.

Even Baby Elephants Have a Large Presence in Your Nursery

Gender neutral baby elephant crib bedding for baby boys or girls like these have that large presence you want, goading the eye further into your baby's room.

These bold prints and hues introduce your elephant theme and welcomes baby's visitors warmly.

Baby elephants can do just that with their captivating presence.

Begin with a bold, baby elephant-themed crib set or bedding that contrasts with your nursery's walls and you'll be off to a great start with your planned baby elephant theme.

Aren't these Carter's and the Zutano baby elephant crib set above adorable?!

brown and green: a gender neutral baby elephant crib bedding set
Carter's Gender Neutral Green and Brown Baby Elephant 4-Piece Crib ...

Baby Elephant Crib Bedding: The Ideal Gender-Neutral Baby Room


Chevron (zigzag) yellow and grey baby elephant crib bedding set
Yellow and Grey/Gray Gender Neutral Baby Elephant Chevron Baby Bedd...

Elephant Baby Bedding: The Ideal Gender-Neutral Baby Room

Baby elephants have appeal to both boys and girls, so it makes sense that an elephant themed nursery is an ideal pick for gender-neutral nursery crib bedding and related decor.

While I'm not keen on assigning color to a specific gender, babies do something to all of us and we tend to 'think pink' for girls and 'blue for boys.' That is until our little ones are old enough to indulge in their own favorite hues.

Two of my boys went through a pink phase and the other went through a yellow-tank-top-type-mania that really tried my nerves but I was happy to oblige; it's just color and they all survived happy and healthy.

Elephant bedding like this 8-piece Baby Elephant Brigade crib set steers clear of those gender specific blues and pinks with its natural hues if that's where you're headed.

I'd say this set does an uber-good job of betraying your need to keep neutral ground on color while keeping to your elephant theme, don't you?

Grey and White: Simple and Elegant


grey, white and a splash of blue and baby elephant = fabulous

Grey is such a subdued color, one that may seem to be off-limits as a happy nursery. But surprisingly, grey and white--especially when a splash of color is added--can make for a serene, yet sophisticated, ambiance.

I'm thinking fussy baby and how soft greys can quiet and soothe. Color does play a big part with our emotions and I'll go for grey versus a sleepless night with baby any day.

There's something about these color trio sets: white, grey and aqua blue baby elephant crib bedding.

The hues are very pleasing to the eye and captures our attention just a bit longer, making this crib set the ideal candidate as a focal piece.

 If you've been pining for a luxurious nursery, opting for grey and white with hints of color promise big results.

I love the grey baby elephant themed nursery rooms here on the left, here. Don't you?

Are you looking for a gender neutral baby bedding set?

Pink and Brown Baby Elephant 5 Piece Crib Bedding Set with Bumper by Carters

I'm in love with this pink and brown baby elephant crib bedding set by Carters.

It boldly introduces your elephant theme but its simple lines add to its sweetness. Too, its contrasting brown and pink hues make it the eye-catcher you'll need for a nice focal point in baby's room.

Keep any elephant-design additions on the simple side, though--as the bedding's appeal is its simplicity. Baby elephants with highly decorative elements will compete with your focal point.

Add wall art and accessories that support your nursery room's first impression--your bedding--and allow it to stand on its own. Too sweet!

Decor for Less with DIY Projects


Creating your own decorative elements in your baby elephant themed nursery makes the space extra special and deeply personal. Plus, DIYs are often far more affordable than store-bought decor.

I love making my own wall art, as I can be assured that everything I add matches and makes for a cohesive space that takes on the 'flavor' I'm after.

I was thrilled to see this super-cute blue elephant crib set for baby boys or girls, especially when I spotted an amazing focal element that I recognized from a DIY video I'd seen and love. I often recommend using paper lanterns as a light source in all rooms. The lanterns come in TONS of colors, designs and various sizes and with a cheap light kit, you've one amazing, hanging light for under $15!

The tissue paper pom poms are fabulous in a baby's room and should they fall they're so much safer. For under $2 you'll have a great decorative piece in the colors of your choice that pairs up well with the hanging light. I've included the easy-to-follow video below.


Adding to Your Elephant Theme - Blue & Brown Baby Boy or Girl Bedding Sets


The crib set above is the 'baby boy' version of the pink baby elephant bedding above, so the advice to go for simple lines in baby's nursery is shared with this set. I'd say the blue elephants are just as adorable as their pink 'sisters!'

The blue and brown bedding on the right feature the baby elephant and an added element with the giraffe. I can appreciate an added subject, as it adds versatility to your nursery decor options. If you like the giraffe but want to keep more to the elephant decor, simply add more elephant wall art and accessories. Or go balanced with equal measures of elephant and giraffe.

Decor is all about creating a space you'll love being in; just keep to a few decorating basics and you'll have a cohesive, pulled-together room you'll both love.

Going for a Majestic Elephant Theme


Pink and Green Elephant Crib Bedding for Girls & Boy Baby

Baby girl elephant bedding can have added and unexpected hues and with a crib set like this one with pink, green and the surprise of black, really adds to a more majestic nursery vibe.

I can see this bedding paired up with gold baby elephant art pieces for that novel addition I just mentioned. After all, elephant crib bedding for girls needn't be a strictly pink-on-pink palace. Go bold just when it's not presumed; steer left when a right is expected for added interest.

This 4-piece Hottsie Dottsie crib bedding set by Cotton Tale Designs is truly unique in a sweet, yet sophisticated worldly sort of way. Don't you think?

Keeping Busy Patterns in Check

Super-large crib bedding like these pink elephant sets promise to appoint every inch of your baby's nursery in theme-related elephants.

But not so fast.

While you'll have everything you need for baby's nursery, you might get a bit more than you 'bargained' for with elephants and/or polka dots o' plenty, where those cute dots become dizzying spots you can't rid your retinas of.

Just keep in mind that 'less of a good thing can be a good thing.'.

Big Spaces = Big Baby Elephant Decor

I suggest opting for mega crib sets if you've a big room or can use opposing walls for baby elephant-related art and accessories, lest you're left with too much competition for your crib set--the room's focal point, after all. Well, that is, a big if you can even find the crib set among the, what's by now, elephant clutter!

These pink baby elephant crib sets are a fabulous deal budget-wise and for large nurseries you'll have it all.

Just remember, keep themed pieces special and allow your elephants to stand in all their glory without too much interruption from less-important themed pieces.

 Using Purple for Whimsy - or Luxury


Purple has long been identified as the color of royalty yet, these very different crib sets only have their color and several elephants in common. One is fun and whimsical and the other, a sophisticated luxurious bedding set for baby girls or boys.

Obviously, it's a matter of taste but both are ideal for a baby's room and serve them well into toddlerhood if you're planning on keeping your decor around for awhile. The only 'problem?' Deciding on which crib set is best for your baby girl.

Baby Elephant Nursery Wall Decal/Stickers in Many Colors

 I'm always suggesting wall decals as a DIYer''s bet bet for affordable wall art, I should be a shareholder!

Really, though wall decals (or stickers, as they're sometimes called) are uber-cheap, re-positionable, reusable, washable and easy to apply. Plus, they're available in countless styles, colors and sizes; you're sure to find the perfect baby elephant decal for your baby girl or boy's nursery.

This cute, baby elephant wall decal is large and is ideal for hanging over/behind a baby's crib, as there's no chance of baby being injured by falling of the wall, like framed prints.

Isn't this big-little baby elephant too cute?

Here's a tutorial to mirror the professional designer look room I talked about, earlier. I promise, it's easy-peasy!

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