Yellow and Grey Nursery Bedding

by HomeArtist1

Yellow and grey baby bedding like these crib sets, meld an air of sunshine and the sublime for a perfect result in your nursery's space.

Your baby's first room--the nursery--is their first true, enduring glimpse on their little world, one that will be ever-growing in leaps and bounds, just like them Naturally, you'll want their space to reflect the bright side of life. Yellow is the perfect hue of happiness; don't you agree? Add grey to balance out the space in the form of grey and yellow crib sets and bedding and you're off to the ideal perfect start. I've included several yellow and grey (aka gray) nursery bedding and cribs sets, along with decorating basics to round out a sunny space with a touch of the sublime for that perfect start in life we moms, dads and caregivers all want for our baby girl or boy.

Getting Started in Your Yellow and Grey Nursery: What's Your Style?

Baby's Crib Bedding: A Nursery's Focal Piece

Starting out your baby's nursery decor is best started with the crib bedding. It's this first glimpse of your decor you want to impress visitors, introduce your nursery theme and bring a color pallette front and center.

That's quite the job description for such a small contributor to your overall look and feel, but if you use the right design and color scheme, your crib set will become a huge asset to baby's nursery.

I've included a host of yellow and grey crib bedding sets that have plenty of WOW!

These first few baby bedding sets are more of the modern variety. Be sure to keep your patterns in check, lest they take over the room like kudzu--not good.

Yellow and grey chevron (zigzag) patterns are a sure eye-catcher for baby's nursery room and are a nice gender-neutral option for crib bedding.  



Taking Cues from Model Rooms for a Fabulous Result in Baby's Nursery

I'm sure you're aiming for a fabulous nursery for baby's first room, but what to do if you're not keen on decor?  

You've already decided on a yellow and grey nursery palette and maybe your theme, be it cute love birds, flowers baby elephants--the list is endless for themes. 

I chose this yellow and grey giraffe crib set to illustrate how you can easily take your ideas from these nursery model rooms.

The paper lanterns are a great focal piece and will serve as a nice 'thing' for baby to look at while being safe to hang above the crib. They're uber-cheap, colorful (you can buy yellow and grey lanterns, too) and come in a host of sizes and shapes. Add a hanging light kit and you've some super-nifty lighting for under $15! 

Don't keep your ideas from the same nursery model take bits from one model room and say, wall color from another. The large paper hanging decorations are a fun, easy way to get that WOW! factor I mentioned earlier. I love the yellow wall color with the gray and yellow crib set directly above, and the grey trellis rug above is another fave. Combine elements from different model nursery spaces and you'll have a space just for you (and your baby, of course).   

Animal Themed Nursery: Gray and Yellow Crib Sets with Baby Animals

Going for the grey and yellow nursery bedding might leave you still wondering what direction you want to go in dressing baby's crib.

Since the grey and yellow palette is oh, so popular for its sunny disposition, you might want to consider fun patterns like the chevron (zig zag) coupled with the animal theme.

The baby elephant crib bedding above is a natural fave for its sweetness and the chevron gives the nursery energy--the natural zest that babies have for life and learning.

Indeed, yellow and grey crib sets with cute baby elephants, love birds and giraffes will create just the space you're after for baby's nursery. Another consideration is adding either a pattern to a yellow and grey baby animal crib set or add cute animal accessories or wall art to a chevron bedding set.  

Aren't these crib sets too cute? 

Which yellow and grey/gray nursery bedding do you favor?

Taking Bits and Bobs from Your Yellow and Grey Nursery Bedding Sets

I love how the designer pulled purple from the dark grey and yellow crib set here and used it about the space.

The purple isn't so obvious that it's glaring; rather, it's just enough for the eye to catch the relation between the crib's bedding and the artwork.

If you're not artistic, you may be able to recreate the large mod flowers seen on the wall. The design isn't that intricate you can't paint it yourself with minimal skill level. Try your hand on paper first, then attempt the wall art.

Still not feeling it?

Go for wall decals; they're uber-cheap for giant-sized artwork. Once you get started you'll love 'em.  

Light & Bright Yellow and Grey Nursery Crib Sets with Flowers

The grey and yellow nursery bedding set above illustrates the darker impression of the color duo but if you're looking for a bright and airy room for your baby girl, these crib sets with simple flowers may be what fills your space best.

Obviously, the white walls in this model nursery doesn't do anything to support the crib set's white, grey and yellow color palette.

The whole space looks blazey.

Be sure your nursery walls help to balance the overall result that's obvious with the yellow walls. if you appreciate the look of the trimwork but don't--or can't--tack up the woodwork, you can get the same visual with paint!

Go for three colors, painting the straight edge in whatever width works best for you.

As I mentioned, look at model rooms for your favorite pieces, colors and lighting, and start a collection, scrapbooking your pieces as you find them: a lamp cutout here, wall art there, etc. until you've a complete nursery space you'll both love. 


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