Curious Chef Kid Friendly Cooking Tools

by brlamc

Looking for Curious Chef kid friendly cooking tools? Now you can get yore children cooking with safe, easy to use tools.

About Curious Chef Cooking Tools

If you’re a parent you know the dangers of having small children in the kitchen. There’s usually a lot going on that they can get into but they can’t help their naturally curiosity. They see you working and want to help but there’s always that factor of safety with regular kitchen tools you would never dream of letting them use. With Curious Chef you get a set of kitchen tools that are specifically designed so children can help you out in the kitchen while being safe too.

These products promote bonding with parents and help children learn. These aren’t toys but real functional cooking tools they can help you cook with. Knives are safe for children to use and are made out of nylon, but they still cut. This complete line of cooking tools for children will now let the whole family enjoy cooking in the kitchen. These items have good grips and are easy to hold for smaller hands.

Kitchen Safety

When your children are using these tools it is still best to monitor them and make sure they are using them properly. You should teach your children all about kitchen safety so they understand that it’s a serious place to work in. They should be taught the importance of keeping their work area clear and to always wash their hands before and after preparation in the kitchen. It’s a good idea to teach them about germs too and how food can make them sick if they don’t prepare it properly. Make the whole process a learning experience.

Curious Chef Kitchen Cooking Sets

Curious Chef 17-Piece Measure & Prep Kit

This set contains measuring spoons and cups. There's a large poly spoon, a 3 piece bowl prepaeration set, a timer, a shopping list, and some stickers. On the box is one easy to follow recipe. All the items are dishwasher safe and the set is suitable for children five years and older. The items are also BPA free.

Curious Chef 27-Piece Foundation Set

This set includs everything your child needs to get started. You get an apron with gloves and a hat. There are cookie cutters, a measuring spoon, and a meauring cup set. There's a 3 qt bowl, rolling pin, cookie turner, whisk, pastry brush, poly spoon, and a spatula. There's an easy to follow recipe on the box and the set is for children ages five and up. The set is BPA free.

Curious Chef 5-Piece Pizza Kit

This pizza kit features a pizza server, cutter, a cutting board, a nylon knife, a spatula, stickles and a shopping list. There is a recipe on the box and all items are dishwasher safe. The set is for children five years and older. The items are BPA free so you know the set is safe.

Curious Chef Kids 6-Piece Fruit and Veggie Prep Kit

This set for vegetables and fruit contains a scrubber, a mellon baller, an apple slicer, nylon knife, a large spoon, vegetable peeler, a sticker set, and a shopping menu. The items are dishwasher safe and for children ages five and up. All items are BPA free.

Cooking Books for Children

Mom and Me Cookbook 

This book helps you prepare healthier food with your children. These recipes are healthy yet taste great so fussy children will enjoy them. You’ll get recipes for healthy lunch box meals and even healthy junk style foods that kids love eating. All recipes have been tested with children so you know that they will like the food presented in the book. The book format with easy to follow recipes will have your children helping out and creating fun and delicious food.

The Everything Kids' Cookbook

This book helps the whole family work together in the kitchen. Kids will learn the basics about cooking, the importance of kitchen safety, nutrition, and get some fun recipes at the same time. The book contains over 30 food-themed puzzles and it's written by a certified dietician. Chapter examples include let's get cooking, wake up to a good breakfast, desserts, smoothies and much more.

Cooking Rocks! Rachael Ray 30-Minute Meals for Kids

With this book and the help of T.V. chef Rachel Ray you'll create full tasty meals with your children as they help you out in the kitchen. The book is simple so all meals will be easy to prepare and you can make some thing ahead of time so everything is ready to go if you like. Includes recipes for each age group.

Updated: 01/28/2012, brlamc
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brlamc on 01/28/2012

They are nice products.

katiem2 on 01/28/2012

Oh I love these kid friendly cooking tools. I have two daughters and they have loved cooking sense they were old enough to peek their noses over the counter. Cooking with kids teaches so many priceless lessons and creates a lifetime of precious childhood memories. Katie

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