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by humagaia

There is a myriad of URL shorteners. and have options to create custom short URLs in lower case and pronounceable. They also supply statistics.

Two UK based, ethical and free, URL shorteners are and
They are from the same stable.
But how in the world can a URL shorten service stand out from the crowd?
These two do so by offering custom short URLs from a site that has no third-party advertising, and that is proactive in preventing spam / misuse.
Even Wikipedia allows shortened URLs.
Not many shortening services can boast that.

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Site information is the parent of is ranked ~#18k on Alexa Traffic Rank worldwide and ~#10.5k in the US, which is interesting as it is UK based and hosted. It is ranked ~#3.5k in Colombia, ~#9.6k in UK, and around #10k to #11k in Saudi Arabia and the Philippines. There are ~52k sites linking to it.

There is no appreciable difference in site traffic demographics from the internet norm.

Most traffic arrives from the United States (28%), China (~14%), India (~11%), with the UK (~6%), Germany, Colombia, Mexico, Russia, Spain and Canada send between ~4.5% and ~2% each.

The main sites sending traffic are, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Yahoo! and Wikipedia (the latter only uses short URLs from trusted URL shortening services).


v,gd is the daughter site to and ranks ~#400k worldwide in Alexa Traffic Rank, and ~#260k in the US. Just about 350 sites link to it. 

Visitors are mainly from the US (~23%) and the UK (~10%). Almost all of them arrive from Facebook (~56%),, Twitter and, in that order.

The demographics for this site are skewed towards males, those in the 25-44 age range (skewed away from 55+), browsing from home, and with higher education (skewed away from lower education).

The only difference between the two sites is that the shortened URL from shows a preview before the user is redirected to the underlying web-page. With the shortened URL you are redirected direct to the underlying web page.

Data courtesy of Alexa 2012/03/29. Long URL Shorten Service shorten service home page shorten service home page

Custom Short URL Creation

There are two sites in the stable: and The only difference between the two is external. When the short URL is copied to the URL box it returns a preview of the underlying web-site. The URL redirects directly to the underlying web page.

As they are identical in the way that they create short URLs I shall only describe the (parent) URL shortening facilities. Long URL Shorten Service URL shorten home page URL shorten home page Address Compression is a free URL address compression service, set up in 2007, and run from the UK. It is proactive in preventing spam and misuse. There is no third-party advertising on the site.

Creating compressed short URLs is easy and straightforward, with a twist or two for your delectation.

The easiest way to create short URLs from long URLs is to just enter or paste the long URL into the appropriate box and click 'Shorten!'.

You will get something similar to the following, on a new page: Standard Compressed URL standard short URL standard short URL

You can continue to compress others of your URLs if you so wish.

But there are further options, to customize the short URL created, to your own taste and requirements.

Long URL Shortening Options further custom compression options further custom compression options

Custom Lower Case Short URL Creation

By setting the 'Lower case' custom option to 'on' you get just what it says, a lower case short URL, as below:

Lower Case Custom Short URL

Lower case short URL
Lower case short URL

And if you set the 'Lower case pronounceable' custom option you also get a lower case custom URL, but this time without the numbers (and it makes a 'word'), as below:

Lower Case Pronounceable Custom Short URL lower case pronounceable custom short URL lower case pronounceable custom short URL

QRcode Production

You can even get a QR code for any of the custom short URLs you produce. short URL QRcode short URL QRcode

Short URL Statistics

You do not get statistics by default.

You need to set the 'Log statistics for this link'. This can be done in conjunction with any of the custom short URL formats. When you enable statistics for a link, you can access them via a preview page for the link, at the short URL address, with a hyphen at the end, such as:

The first page you see is as below: log statistics for shortened URL log statistics for shortened URL

By clicking on the 'I want to see statistics for this URL' you will get the stats. 

The information you receive looks limited at first site, but there are a number of options available to you. link statistics link statistics

You can request statistics for hits:

  • this week
  • this month
  • all time

And you can view total hits by:

  • country
  • browser
  • platform
  • day of week
  • hour of day

Pretty much all you might want.

And there is also a breakdown of top referrers by channel.

Further information can be gained by clicking 'My recently shortened URLs' on the home page.

The details for your recently shortened URLs are held on your computer in cookie format. It is done this way to alleviate the need for registration.

Below is an example of the information presented: Link Statistics For Recently Shortened URLs link statistics link statistics

Custom URL Shorteners: and Conclusion

The two UK based URL shorteners are from the same creator. They are ethical, free, and proactive in preventing spam.

Both and create custom short URLs

Updated: 02/05/2021, humagaia
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humagaia on 08/27/2012

Glad to have been of assistance Mira.

Mira on 08/27/2012

Hi again, I saw your linked article -- thank you!

humagaia on 08/25/2012

The best bit about these two URL shorteners is the ability to create QR codes.

katiem2 on 08/25/2012

Well good to know I can do this. Thanks for all your amazing tutorials. I gain so much from your wealth of knowledge. :)K

humagaia on 08/23/2012

This may give you the answer:

Mira on 08/23/2012

Hi Humagaia, with these shortened URL though, which keep cropping up more and more, how do I know I'm clicking on a legitimate link?

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