Dahlia Vintage Jewelry Collection: Gorgeous Natural Seed Pearl Necklaces, Rings, Earrings, and Brace

by lakeerieartists

Dahlia Vintage Jewelry Collection offers intricate vintage styling using delicate seed pearls embedded in Victorian style designs. Lovely gifts for bridesmaids and brides.

Dahlia Pearls

Dahlia is a company that specializes in pearls.

If you are looking for simply gorgeous, high quality, and long lasting pearl jewelry that would make a good gift for a special occasion, then Dahlia Vintage Jewelry Collection is an excellent choice.  Dahlia is a company that specializes in producing the highest quality pearls, then using their pearls in their own unique designs.  Dahlia has three main jewelry lines: Style, Classic, and Vintage.

Pearls have always meant classy, and good taste, and these Dahlia designs are a display of both of these qualities.  The Vintage Jewelry Collection pieces are made in a Victorian style, with classic Victorian shapes.

Many of the piece are very suitable for both very dressy events, as well as more casual, and they are a perfect choice to accompany wedding dress or bridesmaid dress.

The Elegance of Seed Pearls

Seed pearls can be embeded, strung or hung on a jewelry design.

Dahlia Vintage Victorian Style JewelrySeed pearls are named for their tiny size, they are actually about the size of small seeds, like the seeds inside of an apple core.

The Dahlia Vintage Jewelry Collection is made with many tiny seed pearls embedded, strung, or hanging from Victorian style designs, many with marcasite.  The design to the right is a fleur de lis, which is a heraldic symbol, often tied to France.

This is a pendant on one of the Dahlia Vintage necklaces, and you can see the seed pearls along with other gemstones, that are embeded in the fleur de lis, which is hanging from a pearl necklace.

Dahlia Vintage Jewelry: Fleur de Lis

Fleur-de-lis Sapphire Seed Pearl Sterling Silver Earrings - Dahlia Vintage Collection

Fleur-de-lis means flower of lily in French and it is a heraldic symbol of the French royalty. Marked by its beautiful and regal design and pearl and marcasite accents, these Fl...

$499.99  $196.45

Dahlia Vintage Jewelry: Choker Necklace

Stainless Steel Necklaces, Men's Pendant Necklace Biker Tribe Mystic Wing Skull 18-26" Link

About the product:Material:All the products in our store made from high quality material,and wear comfortable;Product quantity:1 PCSProduct Color:The same as the picture.(Maybe ...


Dahlia Vintage Jewelry: Stud Earrings

Pandora. Blooming Dahlia, Cream Enamel Crystals

Linked to grace and said to represent a bond between two people, these dahlia-inspired sterling silver earring studs are a fabulous and meaningful gift option.


Dahlia Vintage Jewelry: Gemini Earrings

Stainless Steel Necklaces, Men's Pendant Necklace Cross

About the product:Material:All the products in our store made from high quality material,and wear comfortable;Product quantity:1 PCSProduct Color:The same as the picture.(Maybe ...

Stainless Steel Necklaces, Men's Pendant Necklace Chain Cross 3.3Cm Gold Silver 18-28 Inch

About the product:Material:All the products in our store made from high quality material,and wear comfortable;Product quantity:1 PCSProduct Color:The same as the picture.(Maybe ...

Stainless Steel Necklaces, Men's Pendant Necklaces Lucky Star

About the product:Material:All the products in our store made from high quality material,and wear comfortable;Product quantity:1 PCSProduct Color:The same as the picture.(Maybe ...


Victorian Jewelry

Victorians liked fussy, intricate jewelry designs

This Dahlia jewelry collection is reminiscent of Victorian jewelry styles.  Victorians liked to use a lot of detail in their extremely intricately pattered jewelry designs.  Pearls have been one of the enduring gemstones in jewelry throughout time, but Victorians enjoyed a lot of pearls in jewelry, and many of their classic pearl jewelry designs are what is still used today.

As in their decor, and clothing, ornate and fussy was the main trend in Victorian jewelry.  Victorian men and women wore jewelry, including necklaces, brooches, pocket watches, rings, earrings, and bracelets.

Victorians did not have the technology that we do today, so every single piece of jewelry was made by hand, although they were able to cast metal into molds to replicate designs.

Dahlia Vintage Jewelry: Tear Drop Earrings

Tear Drop Seed Pearl Sterling Silver Necklace - Dahlia Vintage Collection

This elegant necklace has a vintage tear-drop pendant inset with luminous seed pearls and marcasite. The tear-drop pendant hangs from a set of three circles on a linked cable ch...

$399.99  $156.45

Pearl Farming is an Ancient and Time Honored Tradition

Quality pearls are farmed and processed by hand

Dahlia buys the pearls they use in their designs directly from the pearl farmers who cultivate, grow, and harvest them.  The pearls that are used in the Dahlia designs are pure nacre, which is the calcium carbonate-based crystalline substance that the mollusk uses to make the cultured pearl.

Once the pearls are harvested, they must be sorted and processed by hand, because each pearl is unique, and no one pearl is an exact match to another.  They are sorted by color, size, shape, and luster.  Then the pearls are drilled carefully to be matched and strung, ready for shipment to Dahlia.

Dahlia Vintage Jewelry: Bracelets

Sunflower PU Leather Vintage Style Exotic Wrapped Fashion Snap Bracelet

Sunflower White PU Leather Vintage Style Exotic Wrapped Fashion Snap BraceletVintage style exotic brown or white tone PU leather wrap bracelet with carved sunflower, floating ri...

Stylish PU Leather Fashion Wrap Snap Bracelet

Triple Faceted Antique Style Gemstone PU Leather Fashion Snap Bracelet (Faceted)Wear a beautiful antique bracelet around your wrist, this is a unique gemstone style PU leather w...

Dahlia Women's Bracelet - Princess Swarovski Elements Crystal Bangle

This classic bangle bracelet will never go out of style. The bangle bracelet is 6.25 inches oval circumference, length width measurement is approximately 2.25 x 1.8 inches. It i...


Dahlia Vintage Jewelry: Rings

Star Gaze Cultured Seed Pearl Sterling Silver Ring - Dahlia Vintage Collection

This classic vintage ring features a bursting pearl star center set in an intricately beveled and sculpted sterling silver ring. About Dahlia Vintage Seed Pearl Collection: Seed...


Unique Qualities of Pearl Jewelry

Pearls literally go with everything

One of the unique differences about pearl jewelry is that pearls literally can go with any other gemstone, or precious metal.  Therefore, you can find pearls in many styles of jewelry, from costume jewelry to gold or platinum wedding bands.

Cultured pearls come in many shapes, colors, or sizes, but the common shapes are round, oval, or rice shaped.  Most seed pearls are one of those shapes.

Pearls blend extremely well with richly colored gemstones like sapphires, emeralds, and rubies, and their semi-precious counterparts.  Many of the Dahlia Vintage designs include sapphires, and garnets.

Vintage and Antique Jewelry

Vintage and antique jewelry is very much in style, and many of the designs are classic which means that they will be in style for some time to come.  You can choose to collect authentic vintage or vintage style jewelry, or mix and match the two.

Buying Jewelry in Sets

Should you buy earrings and a necklace to match?

It is often difficult to decide whether to buy jewelry in sets, or by individual item.  If you are buy jewelry as a gift, then I would suggest buying jewelry in sets.  This is because the recipient can always choose to only wear one part of the set, but many people like to wear matching earrings and necklace, or matching earrings, necklace and bracelet together.

If you cannot afford to buy the entire set, then the best choice is to buy earrings only, or if your recipient doesn't wear earrings, then the necklace only.  Many women will wear only earrings by themselves.

The Dahlia Vintage Jewelry Collection has several sets that can be bought together or separately.  These make wonderful bridemaids gifts, or gifts to the mother of the bride as well.  They would match almost any bridal or bridesmaid gown.

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kimbesa on 06/08/2011

Nice stuff, nicely presented!

theherbivorehippie on 06/07/2011

LOVE this jewelry. Especially that Dahlia Vintage pendant. I think I need one!

lakeerieartists on 06/04/2011

Thanks Bev. Yes, they are a quality brand, that I just learned about. Very informative website when it comes to pearls.

bev-owens on 06/04/2011

This collection of Dahlia vintage jewelry is really interesting. It isn't a name that I'm familiar with but the jewelry is cool.

Dianne on 06/03/2011

The Dahlia pearl jewelry is lovely.

Jimmie on 06/02/2011

Pretty stuff. I love marcasite style.

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