Darth Vader Lego Sets

by brlamc

Looking for the best Darth Vader Lego sets? This article examines Darth Vader Lego and other sets.

Why Lego?

Lego is the ultimate toy for young children because it teaches them how to build things while having fun at the same time. These models come with instructions they can follow along with. Parents can get together with their children and do something constructive together. Lego makes a great toy but it's also a learning tool at the same time. It's for this reason that Lego has lasted so long and continues to be a very popular toy for the young and young at heart.

Note to Parents:

These Star wars Darth Vader Lego sets features small pieces that are a choking hazard. These sets should not be constructed around small children. Each set should be kept in a safe place once constructed so smaller toddlers cannot get to them and take pieces off the models which will look attractive to them. Some supervision might be required for some of these sets depending upon your own situation. A storage container is recommended if your child has lots of small Lego pieces. You could by individual containers and then mark them with what set they contain which will ensure that the pieces don`t get lost.

Darth Vader Lego

Darth Vader Lego Tie Fighter

There is nothing better than this Darth Vader TIE Advanced x1 fighter. Seat vader at the control as he gets ready to battle the dreaded rebels. The ship measures 6" long and 7" wide and the entire set is 251 pieces which is sure to keep your child busy. The ship features flick-firing missles and the Darth Vader figurine.

LEGO Darth Vader Transformation Set

This set recreates the transformation of Darth Vader at the end of episode III as vader is fresh from surgery. The swiveling seat sits atop a platform with the battered Anakin Skywalker on one side and the dark lord on the other. Other highlights of the set are a robot surgeon. The whole set is small at 53 pieces but it's an interesting Darth Vader lego set.

LEGO Star Wars: Final Duel 

This set features the Emperor and Darth Vader with lightsabers and capes. A swivel chair moves back and forth. The set is easy to asssemble at 29 pieces and durable.

Vader and Sith Lords

This set features Darth Vader, the Emperor, and Darth Maul figures.that you can use with other Star Wars Lego sets.

LEGO Technics Star Wars: Darth Vader

This ultimate Technics Lego set features around 400 pieces. Vader comes witha real cloth cape, and moving parts. You can move the lightsaber up or down. His left hand moves to grab or hold. This would be a great set to build together with your child or as a great learning experience they can try it on your own. The model includes detailed instructions to build the figure. One of the best Star Wars Technics set available.

Vader Posters

Star Wars - VaderAnakin - VaderStar Wars - Original

Other Star Wars Lego Sets

Death Star Set

This Death Star set features environments from the movie such as the superlaser control room, and the conference chamber. The set includes six figurines and various droids only found in this set. The death Star measures 41cm tall and 42 cm wide. Comes with a Tie Advanced fighter and over 3,800 pieces. Build theTIE Advanced hangar bay with moving launch rack, Emperor's throne room, droid maintenance room, trash compactor, and detention block. This set is very expensive at almost $400.00. Comes with detailed instructions.

LEGO Star Wars Motorized Walking AT-AT

This set features an opening cockpit and rotating laser cannons. this AT-At model will walk across your floor once you assemble it. The head moves up and down and there's a battery box and motor. The model stands over 12" tall and over 14" long. Comes with Luke Skywalker, General Veers and Snowtrooper figures. It requires 6 AA batteries for movement and the total set is 1,137 pieces.

Imperial Star Destroyer

Build the Imperial Star Destroyer which is over 23" long. The set includes Darth Vader, Grand Moff Tarkin, Imperial Officer, Royal Guards, Stormtroopers, and droids. The top comes off so you can see inside the ship. See laser cannons, escape shuttle, and a hologram of the dreaded Emperor himself. This is the ultimate Star Wars Lego set and is 1,366 pieces total.

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