LEGO Architecture

by vikksimmons

Lego Architecture series is perfect for the brick architect and fan. These Lego building sets have everything, including the Lego architecture bricks, to build famous landmarks.

Architects, cityscape lovers, building junkies and kids aged 7 and up will love the Lego architecture kits.

In addition to being great learning tools, the building kits simply foster a deeper appreciation for architectural design and the work of celebrated architects around the world. These area a great way to combine fun and learning.

Now You Can Recreate Famous Landmarks and Buildings

The Lego Architecture Series produces micro-models

You'll find all the kits in the LEGO series of architecture and landmark buildings here with a brief summary of each replica and links provided so you can learn more about the individual kit. The kits come wtih instructions and a history of the building. All the LEGO material you need to recreate these landmarks in included. 

I've added an interview with the creator of this Lego series and not only do you hear him talk about his work and his plans for this collection, but you'll see the larger models he created that were displayed at the time in the Chicago Museum of Science and Technology. And a little further down there's the SPEEDBUILDING video that is a terrific time-lapse photographic journey of the building of the White House model. Enjoy. 

The Great Building Brick Debate: Lego or Legos? You Decide.

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LEGO Trivia - Do You Know?

  • LEGO began in a Danish woodworking shop in 1916.
  • Lego in Latin means "I put together" or "I assemble." 
  • LEGO experimented with the move from wooden to plastic bricks in the 1950s.
  • The best-selling LEGO train system began in 1966.
  • The first LEGOland Park opened in 1968. 
  • LEGO aimed for the girl market in 1971 with doll houses.

Meet the Creator - Adam Reed Tucker

Tucker shares his Lego dream to teach children all about architecture

The LEGO Architecture series of building sets is the brainchild of architect Adam Reed Tucker who is quite simply passionate about buildings. His dream is to bring architecture to kids. He wants them to interact with the idea of archetecture and what better way than by using those time-honored and traditional building and construction methods created by LEGO? Hear him explain his vision and show off his displays in the video below. 

Legos Architecture - Displays and Interview

Interview with creator Adam Reed Tucker at the Museum of Science and Industry

Builder Sets - Friends of Parents and Teachers

LEGO builder sets excite kids, spark creativity and ignite imaginations

Teachers and parents know the value children receive when they play with LEGO brick builder sets. If you want to foster an interest in science, technology, math and even engineering, giving kids the Lego bricks to play with is a great way to start. And with all the themes and variety of kits offered, girls and boys will have hours of fun and not even realize how much they are learning. Today LEGO works in concert with the educational system to help provide tools to assist teachers and enhance curriculum. Playing with LEGO bricks does the following: 

  • Empowers creativity
  • Encourages curiosity
  • Opens the imagination
  • Encourages exploration
  • Leads to transformation
  • Teaches system thinnking
  • Combines art and science
  • Develops problem solving skills
  • Fosters perseverance
  • Produces tangible rewards
  • Teaches mastery
  • Promotes family play

What Makes Up the LEGO Architecture Building Series?

Famous architects and famous USA landmarks

The model building sets bring home the majesty and vision of these famous landmarks around the world. They also demonstrate the genius of architects like Frank Lloyd Wright, and it's hard to miss the sheer engineering vision behind buildings such as Dubai's Burj Khalifa which readily captures the imagination of young and old alike.

Gifts for students, architects and architecture lovers

These are terrific gifts for the young but any architect or student or lover of architecture will delight in these micro-models of the greatest buildings in the world. The complete series of kits are shown here.  

Note: Click on the image or the blue hypertext to read more information and to purchase any models in the LEGO Architecture or Landmark Series. 

Seattle Space Needle

LEGO Architecture Seattle Space Needle (21003)

LEGO Architecture Seattle Space Needle (21003)

Built for the 1962 World's Fair in Seattle, Washington, the tower caused quite a stir. The kit has everything needed to create the model including a booklet with instructions and the tower's history. The finished model is 8.7" (222 mm) tall and has a 3.1" (80 mm) base with a printed label. Good starter kit for the series.

Lego Seattle Space Needle
Lego Seattle Space Needle
Lego Empire State Building
Lego Empire State Building

The Must-See New York Landmark

LEGO Architecture Empire State Building (21002)

LEGO Architecture Empire State Building (21002)

The Empire State Building in New York City is known the world over and is definitely one of the world's landmark buildings. When completed, the tan-bricked model stands 7.4" (188 mm) tall and is on a gray and black base 3." (80 mm) with a printed name label. An instruction booklet with details and history of the building is included. Everything you need is in the kit. 


The Tallest Building in the World

LEGO® Architecture Burj Khalifa Dubai (21008)

LEGO® Architecture Burj Khalifa Dubai 21008

Here's your chance to build a replica of the tallest buildng in the world, the Burj Khalifa. Talk about an engineering feat. Architecture fans will love this kit. The completed model is over 16 inches high (414 mm) and sits on a base over 4 inches long (116 mm). The kit contains 208 pieces.  

Lego Burj Khalifa
Lego Burj Khalifa
Lego John Hancock Center
Lego John Hancock Center

The Chicago Skyscraper Observatory

LEGO Architecture John Hancock Center (21001)

LEGO Architecture John Hancock Center (21001)

Visitors to the observatory at the top of this iconic building can view 4 states! Since its completion in 1970 the stunning black exterior skyscraper has captured the world's attention. The Lego model recreates this building with black and white bricks. The completed model is 7.5" (192 mm) tall and 3.1" (80 mm) wide. The base is labeled. The booklet includes instructions and the history of the building. 

The House That Stretches Over a Waterfall

LEGO Architecture Fallingwater (21005)

LEGO Architecture Fallingwater (21005)

Considered by man to be the most famous residential home in the world, Fallingwater is the house designed by Frank Lloyd Writer that is built out over a waterfall and is world-famous. 811 Lego bricks make up this replica that is 10" (256 mm). This is a detailed model and more for ages 16 and up. Many small parts. Instruction booklet and historical information with photographs is included. 

Lego Fallingwater
Lego Fallingwater

Symbol of the United States Presidency

LEGO Architecture White House (21006)

LEGO Architecture White House (21006)

Home of US presidents and their families for more than 200 years, this building, more than anything else, symbolizes the US and its presidency. President George Washington chose the six-story building design by James Hoban. It ook 8 years to construct. The LEGO replica of the White House is 9" (22 cm) wide and sits on a base. It comes with a booklet of instructions and history of the famous landmark in English only. There are 560 pieces.  


Lego White House
Lego White House

Speedbuilding - LEGO White House

Time-lapse animation of the building process

What do you think about the LEGO Architecture Series?

Builder sets and LEGO bricks are fun

LEGO Landmarks - A Good Gift Idea

Great gifts for architects, birthday kids for children, and perfect holiday gifts
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Thank you for your time.

New York's Top Tourist Attraction

LEGO Architecture Rockefeller Center (21007)

LEGO Architecture Rockefeller Center (21007) 

This massive Art Deco complex of buildings is the biggest tourist draw in New York City. Built by the Rockefeller family, the complex covers 22 acres. There are 19 commercial buildings. The LEGO micro-model comes in at 5.4" tall and is made up of 240 pieces. IListed for ages 10 and up.

Lego Rockefeller Center
Lego Rockefeller Center

Build A Temple of Spirit, a Monument

LEGO Architecture Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum (21004)

LEGO Architecture Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum (21004)

Told to design a "temple of spirit, a monument," Frank Lloyd Wright designed his masterpiece, the Guggenheim Museum. It opened six months after he died. The spiral ramp continues to amaze visitors. The intricate LEGO model is  4" (102 mm) tall and sits on a gray and black base. There is a booklet with instructions and the history of the building. 

Lego Guggenheim Museum
Lego Guggenheim Museum

A One-Room Steel and Glass House

LEGO Architecture Farnsworth House (21009)

LEGO Architecture Farnsworth House 21009

The Farnsworth House takes minimalism to its extreme. It's a one-room house built of steel and glass. Designed by Ludwig Miles van der Rohe, many consider the house more sculpted in nature. A work of art more than a house. The house is in Plano, Illiniois on an estate by the Fox River. The LEGO replica is over 10" (25 cm) wide and 3" tall. It sits on a base. A booklet with instructions and more historical information is included. There are 546 pieces. Ages 12+. 

Lego Farnsworth House
Lego Farnsworth House

Model Collection of All US Landmarks

All the US model kits are in this set - LEGO Architecture Set of 7

LEGO Architecture Set of 7 US Buildings  

Whoever gets this building collection set will be jumping for joy as it includes seven of the most famous buidlings in the US. The replicas included are Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater, the Guggenheim Museum, the world-renowned Empire State Building, the John Hancock Building, the Seattle Space Needle, the Sears (Willis) Tower and The White House.

Lego Architecture Sets - 7 Models
Lego Architecture Sets - 7 Models
Lego Architecture Sets - 6 Models
Lego Architecture Sets - 6 Models

Six in One - LEGO Model Collection

Lego Architecture - Complete set of 6

Lego Architecture - Complete set of 6

This LEGO model collection of kits includes all but that of the White House. Now, with the big election year coming up in 2012, you might not want to forget that one. But anyone will be happy to create replicas of Fallingwater, Guggenheim, Space Needle, Empire State Building, John Hancock and the Sears Tower. 

Tall and Thin - A Set of 4 Models

Lego Architecture Landmark Collection Set of 4

Lego Architecture Landmark Collection Set of 4

This LEGO Architecture collection has the tall US skyscrapers everyone knows. The Empire State Building, the John Hancock Building, the Seattle Space Needle and the Sears Tower kist are included. The kits are recommended for 10 years and up. There are many small parts. None of the kits are for children under 3 years. 

Lego Architecture Sets - 4 Models
Lego Architecture Sets - 4 Models

What's Your Favorite Building?

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WordCustard on 10/21/2011

Yay, you called it Sears Tower! What can I saw about this gorgeous LEGO collection except that I would love them all. And no, I'm not even going to pretend I'd be getting them for a youngster. :)

watermark-studio on 10/18/2011

Wait, I like the Burj Khalifa now. I can't decide.
After looking at the big images, definitely - the tallest building in the world looks cool using just round lego pieces.

watermark-studio on 09/09/2011

The first two in the Architecture Building Series are especially nice - the Seattle Space Needle and Empire State Building. Great for aspiring architects and experienced professionals.

TerriRexson on 07/05/2011

I can think of quite a few adults who would like these Lego sets, me included!

nickupton on 06/21/2011

Lego is just great. I had never seen this series of models before though. Nice.

GonnaFly on 06/15/2011

These are quite amazing. My son loved lego when he was younger and he was always so good at following the instructions!

sandyspider on 06/14/2011

I would love to have some of these for myself.

sheilamarie on 06/12/2011

These would have been fun models when my sons were young. They absolutely adored building with Legos. (Notice I used the "s"!)

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