Gadgets for the Office and Home

by vikksimmons

Gadgets boost productivity, enhance creativity, help organize and provide fun and relaxation. Gadgets are great gifts for writers, office workers, stay-at-home moms and travelers.

Grab these fun and practical desk gadgets for home and office.

People like gadgets. Electronic gadgetts appeal to our inner geek. Gadgets boost productivity, enhance creativity, help organize and provide fun and relaxation. Office gadgets can be practical and useful. For some, electronic gadgets are nothing but high-tech toys. Desk gadgets are often both. Some offer moments of creative play, while others serve more productive uses.

Whatever they are and however you view them, most people agree gadgets and gifts go together. Here are ten gadgets and gifts for writers, office workers, stay-at-home moms, travelers and more

Fun Desktop Office Gadget

Tech Tools Desktop Madness Series Hand Cell Phone Holder (HS-8038)
Tech Tools|Princess International
Only $29.95

Unique Cell Phone Accessory

Fun and practical Cell Phone Holder

What a fun and practical gift for the cell phone user who is constantly having to talk on the phone and use the keyboard at the same time. Anyone who spends time multitasking will find this immensely helpful. 

Great gift for writers, online marketers, or anyone who spends time juggling their cell phone. 

For the truly creative, why not buy several and decorate them to make them unique techie gifts? Have fun. Go gltter crazy or stripe the hands in multi-colored bands. 

Cool Office Gadget

More than a gadget, the silent light phone ring is a fantastic idea and great gift for anyone who loves to work in silence and finds the sudden blast of a phone ring more than annonying. 

Who wants to be interrupted when working on a project? At the same time, we do have to answer the phone. With a silent phone, you never have to worry about the blaring phone blast that destroys your concentration, wakes the baby or your sleeping grandmother. Instead of a loud noise, a quiet flashing light signals a call. 

This easy to use, easy to set-up quiet assistant is 2" x 2" x 4" in size with a seven foot cord. 

Silent Light Phone Ring Sensor

Stop blaring ring tones
Badger Basket Silent Light Phone Ring Sensor
Badger Basket
Only $19.99

Jam-packed Microsoft Wireless Notebook Presenter Mouse

Slide presenter, laser pointer and media remote control in one mouse
Microsoft Wireless Notebook Presenter Mouse 8000
Only $52.99

Powerful Office Gadget

Take charge of slide presentations

Need a practical, helpful office gadget that will make life easy for the person always on the go?

Maybe you hate having to keep track of multiple tools to help you do slide presentations. Scroll your problems away with Microsoft's Wireless Notebook Presenter Mouse. 

With this handy mouse you stand 30 feet away from your laptop and still control the presentation. There's a lot packed into this small mouse, more than enough to keep any techno geek happy. 

  1. Presentation controls
  2. Media remote
  3. Battery life indicator
  4. 2.4 GHz Bluetooth with First Connect technology
  5. High definition laser technology
  6. Laser pointer

If you do PowerPoint presentations, you'll love this gadget. 

slide presenter, laser pointer and media control
slide presenter, laser pointer and me...

Clean up Your Office with this Handy Helper

The little piggy vacuum cleaner scooped up all the crumbs all the way home

Fun office and kitchen gadgetAnimal Mini Tabletop Vacuum - Pig

This little piggy vacuum cleaner scarfs up crumbs in no time. Are you guilty of eating at your desk? Who doesn't? Between answering the phone, shuffling paper and keyboarding, it's a wonder more crumbs don't fall onto the desktop.

Here's a little guy who'll help you clean up that mess and give you a laugh at the same time. Perfect gift for the desk jokey or the kitchen maven. 

Unique Gadget for Creative Play and Problem Solving

Desktop toys are fun but practical, too

Thinking Man's Putty desk gadgetHeat Sensitive Hypercolors Twilight Putty

Lure out that inner creative part of you and play with the twilight putty. Watch the colors change as you apply heat or cold. Rest your steaming coffee cup on the putty and see the color transformed. Play with the putty. Knead it, work it, and let your mind drift away. In a few minutes you just might have the answer to that problem that's been niggling in the back of your mind. 

Low Tech Answer to the Multiplying Business Card Mess

Built-in digital clock comes with file cabinet

Mini Business Card File Cabinet Office SuppliesMiniature File Cabinet for Business Cards with Built-in Digital Clock, PI-9617

Need your business cards organized? Tired of cards that seem to multiply and show up scattered across desk drawers or slipped into books, boxes and files? Find the binders too hard to use? Try this mini-play on an old standard organizational answer: the file cabinet. A digital alarm clock is featured on the top drawer. 

While it may not hold 800 business cards, as claimed, if you want easy-to-find access, this mini-file cabinet will hold 400 cards with plenty of room to flip through them.

The file cabinet weighs about a pound and fits on a desk which makes it a great conversation starter. This size is 4.6" x 6" x 6". It's a handy, practical organizer and a great gift idea for anyone who has business cards lying around.  

Why Not Have Your Own Personal Refrigerator?

Keep canned drinks cold all day

Canned Drink Small Office refrigeratorKoolatron KWC-4 Coca-Cola Personal 6-Can Mini Fridge

This small but handy retro-looking office refrigerator is the perfect place for your power drinks, sodas, juice cans or water bottles. It will up to six 12-ounce cans. At 11" x 8" x 11", it's easy to fit into your home office or work area.

A bit of nostaligia comes wiith this handy fridge. The design brings back memories of the old Coca Cola botles that were glass and offered before the canned drinks took over. 

Computer hackers, writers, office workers, or anyone who wants their drinks cold and within easy reach will find this a terrific thing to have on hand.


Relax with a Desktop Aquarium

Relax with a desktop waterfall aquariumTetra Waterfall Globe Aquarium Kit 1.8 gallon

Want a way to relax at the computer or at your desk? Try a real desktop aquarium that comes with a built-in waterfall. For even more relaxation, add a fish like a Betta. 

This is a terrific gift idea and a great addition to any office. I don't know about you but I love the sound of waterfalls and find them soothing. Watching a fish swim lazily in an aquarium is added relaxation. This round aquarium is made for a desk or bookshelf. It's easy to set up and fun to watch. 

This is a 1.8 gallon glass aquarium that is brightly lit. It comes with a Bio Bag Small Filter Cartridge Filter with pump and AC low voltage adapter plug. There's an LED light with an arm. The glass globe sits on a base. You will have to swing by the local fish store for your Betta or goldfish. If you want the fun and soothing effect of an acquarium but don't want the big upkeep and mess, give this one a try.

Want more adventure?  Give this larger 4 gallon biosphere aquarium a try. Keep your favorite frog or toad in the biosphere or use the 4 gallon aquarium for your favorite fish.

Baby biOrb Aquarium with Halogen Light, Silver, 4 Gallons 

Cool and Modern Zippi Fan

Desk fans are now modern, sleek and quiet

Zippi Desk Fan Cool Office GadgetVornado FA1-0007-24 Zippi Desk Fan/Raindrop

Need a personal fan that sits on your desk or any table? Try this one with the soft fiber blades. So safe, you can touch them even whlie they are whirling away. This is a quiet fan that will cool you down in a hurry. It has two speeds and an adjustable fan head so you can direct the air to the exact direction you want. 

Don't think you need one? What about cooling down your laptop or giving your pet a break from the heat? This is a portable, highly useful gadget to have around the house. 

Plug the unit into any outlet. The blades are 7 inches. The fan, itself, is 9" x 5 1/4". Small enough to fit on any desk. Lightweight, weighing 1 3/4 pounds and foldable, the Zippi fan makes a a great gift for any traveler, too. 


Puzzle Your Way to Productivity with this Desktop Gadget

Magent Balls now come in six colors

Unleash creativity with office gadgetsMagnet Balls Rainbow Edition - 6 Colors - Magnetic Earth Magnet Puzzle in Collector's Tin

Unleash your creativity with this dynamic, colorful desk puzzle. Can't think of the next word to write or how to start that needed report? Take a break, shift your focus, and play with the puzzle. Pretty soon you'll be relaxed and ready to tackle the job at hand.

Great gift idea for anyone who sits a desk, stares at a computer or just simply enjoys the power of puzzles. 

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I'd definitely put the waterfall globe on my wish list.

sheilamarie on 03/05/2013

I love these ideas! What fun office gadgets!

Dacey on 10/04/2011

There are various gadgets that are used for different purpose and all the gadgets have its own role in different fields.Most of the gadgets are electronic that is used to make our task easy

ohcaroline on 07/02/2011

I could definitely use that Piggy Crumb Catcher!

pkmcr on 07/02/2011

Nice selection of gadgets that will keep you entertained as well!

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