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by vikksimmons

A summary of Texas travel guidebooks that explore history, landscape and cities.

Planning a Texas vacation? Texas guidebooks are a big plus.

Texas is a big state. It can easily take eight hours to travel its width. Texas is a large state. Large in history, cities and towns and population. Sometimes it helps to know a little about the state or the area before you begin exploring. That's why travel guidebooks are so handy. Here are a few that can help you as you cross the big state known as Texas

Texas Travel Guide Books Help You Explore All of Texas

There are many types of travel guides availble to help you explore the vast landscape that is Texas. I know this because I've written a few myself. This page is to show you the different ways to explore Texas. There will be updates as I find new guidebooks with fresh outlooks. For starters, let's look at two that I have co-authored. 

Exploring Texas History: Weekend Adventures
Exploring Texas History: Weekend Adve...

Explore Texas Through History and Story

Texas is rich in history with many historical landmarks

Texas history is full of rich, colorful stories. The stories aren't the only thing colorful. Bonnie and Clyde has major history with Dallas. Nearly everyone in the US knows of Dallas's historical tragedy with President Kennedy. Oil runs deep in Houston's culture but the story of space may be even stronger. The state's historical persons, events and places can keep travelers entertained for a long, long time. 

When my co-author and I decided to write EXPLORING TEXAS HISTORY: WEEKEND ADVENTURES we knew we wanted to include as many stories as possible. So we used the Texas historical stories as part of our organization structure. So you'll find stories in the introductions to the five main areas of Texas. Stories introducing the various towns and cities. Stories. Stories. Stories. We took the main Texas cities of Dallas, Houston, Austin, El Paso, and San Antonio and used them as hubs. Trust me, history permeates these pages. It's much more than a mere travel guide. 

Note: Unfortunately, the book is out of print. But I have some copies that I'm willing to sell. Just remember that the book came in 2003 so there have been some changes but the stories remain the same, the towns and cities are where they are supposed to be. 

If you'd like a copy, click on My Dancing Pencils above or the link provided below. 

My online store where limited copies are still availble.

Exploring Houston with Children
Exploring Houston with Children

Houston is a Great City for Family Vacations

Explore Houston and take advantage of the kid-friendly attractions

If you're planning a trip to Houston and you have children, don't worry. There's a lot to do. I'd been living in the city for more than 30 years and was really surprised to discover just how family-friendly the city has become. I'm sure you'll be surprised too. 

Exploring Houston with Children does just that. It provides a guide that not only presents the places and events that welcome families but also provides activities that you can do before, during and after the visit. In addition, the book is organized according to basic school curriculum. So you'll find entire sections devoted to space, science, nature, geography, and other subjects. This makes the book more than a travel guide. It's a terrific resource for teachers and homeschoolers. 

Note: Unfortunately the book is no longer in print. But I do have some copies that I'm willing to sell. The basic information and the activities are still good. But obviously there have been changes in pricing, some places may have closed, and even a few have had name changes. But the book is still extremely useful and really sets up a roadmap for anyone that might want to learn more about Houston and do it in a family-way. 

If you're interested, click on the book cover image or the link below for more details.

My online store where limited quantities are available.

City Blog about Houston, Texas

Check out my blog about Houston, Texas

Houston Angle - Blog
Explore Houston and surrounding Texas with travel writer Vikk Simmons

Houston Angle Facebook Fan Page
Join others online for more Houston and Texas updates and information.

More Texas Travel Books

There are many more travel books available to explore Texas and they range in subject matter from the sublime Texas Hill Country to the weird and wacky. 

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A summary of Texas travel guidebooks that explore history, landscape and cities.
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