Why move to Austin, Texas? (Before it's too late)

by chefkeem

Planning to live nice and easy? Move to Austin. I've lived here since 1981, and I'll tell you why you should move to Austin, Texas before it's too late.

How can it be too late to relocate to Austin?

Good question. Thing is, Austin is filling up quickly...

Through all the booms and busts of the past three decades, Austin has never lost it's unique charm called "Austin weird". Some of it is truly weird, but mostly we're talking about great food and music and a generally laid-back lifestyle.


  • SXSW, the world's biggest music festival, brings every year thousands and thousands of more visitors to town. Many of them consider moving to Austin for good. After all, we're the "Live Music Capital Of The World". No doubt about it.
  • High-Tech? Through the roof. Geeks come in by the Prius load.
  • In case you haven't heard about it: In a few short months, Austin will be the top North American Formula-One World Championship racing spot. The project includes giant research facilities and humongous retail spaces. It will be a year-round event "city" for much more than just car and motorcycle races. A phase-one opening is scheduled for late 2011.

Get my drift?

Soon, very soon, for most of you middle-income mortals, it will be too late to move to Austin. It will be too expensive. Like New York City.

Austin, Texas pictures to whet your appetite and make you...

Move to Austin NOW!
Welcome to Austin, TX
Welcome to Austin, TX
Austin candy store
Austin candy store
South Austin shopping
South Austin shopping
South Congress Avenue
South Congress Avenue
South Austin food trailer park
South Austin food t...
Maria's Taco Xpress in South Austin
Maria's Taco Xpress...
Downtown Austin 6th Street
Downtown Austin 6th...
Austin City Limits Music Festival
Austin City Limits ...
On the highway to Austin
On the highway to A...
Keep Austin weird
Keep Austin weird
Austin skyline in the morning
Austin skyline in t...
Austin farmers market
Austin farmers market

Why live in Austin, Texas?

From the horse's mouth. (That's me. Whinny.)

Barton Creek green beltIn 1981, I emigrated from my native Munich, Germany to Austin, Texas. Austin was still a big town, back then, even though Downtown already radiated a certain "big city feel". The famous Armadillo Headquarters had closed, but the cosmic cowboys were still all over the place.

Blues greats emerged into world-wide recognition. Couple of bucks got you into a Stevie Ray Vaughn performance. Heaven. BBQ and Tex-Mex ruled your chow times. Barton Springs cooled your body (68 degrees) and fired up your heart (topless chicks). Life was great. Know what? It still is. Mostly in South Austin, though.

What I like about Austin today

  • BBQ and Tex-Mex keeps getting better, but Austin has evolved into a culinary force rivaling N.Y.C. and L.A.. When Anthony Bourdain checked out our food trailer scene, he said, "I wish we had this in New York." He referred to the variety, creativity and quality of our mobile restaurants.
  • Rents and homes are still affordable, even only a few minutes from Downtown. If you want to move to Austin, I recommend checking out Shady Hollow Austin.
  • The movie, arts and music scene is simply unbelievable. Tons of free concerts, too. Browse through our local alternative weekly---The Austin Chronicle--- for an idea of how much is going on, at any given time.
  • Lots of homegrown businesses, local foods, mom & pop stores and unique artists.
  • Farmers markets. How many? Heck, I don't know. For starters, check out the one at Barton Creek
  • The people of Austin? Friendly, smart, progressive, creative, helpful. Nuff said.

Convinced? Great.

So, when are you going to move to Austin?

Get Ready With The Right Gear And A Dose Of Texas Humor

Real Texas pictures on t-shirts, hats, mouse pads, mugs, and more...

Watch these clips about beautiful Austin, Texas!

Updated: 11/19/2012, chefkeem
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DerdriuMarriner on 11/17/2018

chefkeem, Thank you for the backstories, persuasive videos and product lines. How much do you think of the Austin that you love will be retained when the cost of living makes it too late for all but billionaires to move there?

chefkeem on 07/18/2013

Thanks for sharing, Treathyl! :)

cmoneyspinner on 07/01/2013

Everything you say us true true true! We moved here in 1998.
Sharing this to my ALL THINGS TEXAS Pinterest board.

BrendaReeves on 04/20/2013

Okay, it must have been Dallas that I flew into. It's 5 hours from Louisville to L.A. plus at least another 2 or so for layover and changing planes.

chefkeem on 04/20/2013

From Austin it's 3 hours to L.A., Brenda.

BrendaReeves on 04/20/2013

It's just a two hour nonstop flight which is a lot closer than I am now.

chefkeem on 04/20/2013

Well, Brenda - Texas is not really close to CA, but you are definitely welcome in Austin. :)

BrendaReeves on 04/20/2013

So Chef, is it too late to move to Austin? I want to get closer to CA. where my family lives, but CA is just too expensive.

Ragtimelil on 05/24/2012

I loved Austin when I lived there. But I'm in Willis now to be near my elderly dad who's in Houston. Willis is nice, but you couldn't pay me to live in Houston again. I'm not a city gal. I need the wide open spaces.

Yeirl on 11/22/2011

Loved Austin when I was there. Keep Austin Weird! Nuff said!

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