How To Make Money On Wizzley - The Official 2012 Update

by chefkeem

This 2012 update on How to Make Money on Wizzley presents a variety of income-generating options and writing tools for online authors on

Much has changed since the beginning of in May of 2011. In addition to the initial affiliate programs (Amazon, Zazzle, Allposters), Wizzley authors can now earn commissions from eBay, WalMart, BestBuy, and thousands of other online retail giants, simply by participating in the VigLink partner program.
In this article you will find all the resources you need to create compelling Wizzley articles along with lots of tips and tricks on their best monetization.
Have you signed up on Wizzley, yet?

Getting Started On Wizzley - What You Must Know Right Away

Learn the basics and everything else will be easier

Have you entered all your money-making IDs in your personal settings...Amazon, Zazzle, Allposters, AdSense or Chitika, Viglink?

Check out the following tutorial articles, also with regard to tracking your progress in Google Analytics.

No, don't run screaming now, it is really not difficult to connect your Adsense and Analytics accounts and the benefits of doing so are huge!
If you are considering using Google Adsense to make money online, here are some basic instructions, and information on how to set it up so that you can track your progress.

Ready To Write Wizzley Articles That Create Income For You?

Listen to valuable advice from one of our most successful Wizzley authors!

Need Additional Help With Wizzley Modules?

Assuming you've read through the tutorials on our "Help" pages
Wizzley only has one Amazon module, but it can be used a number of different ways to add interest to your page. Join me to discover the various looks of Wizzley’s Amazon module.

Need A Refresher Course On Keyword Research?

Good keywords = lots of traffic = compelling content = make money!
Free animal pictures
Free animal pictures

Images Are Essential For Compelling Content

Make sure you copyright-free pictures
An exhaustive list of the best online resources for copyright free cliparts and photos for commercial online and offline usage.
High-quality images, no royalties or attributions required, totally free for personal and commercial use. No sign-up necessary!

Need Help With Writing Gooder?

Rehashed junk and bad grammar'n stuff ain't compelling, ya know?
Series commas, a.k.a. serial commas, are a hot topic with the cool grammar geek crowd. They're also called Oxford commas or Harvard commas; now doesn't that sound erudite?
Writing quality articles that reach and engage your audience is not hard at all. It's actually very easy if you follow this list of basic do's and don'ts.
Finding topics nobody is already writing about, but a lot of people would love to read about, is easier as it seems, here some points to get you started.
Can we have fun, now?
Can we have fun, now?

How To Get Paid On Wizzley

Watch the video interview with Paula Atwell (lakeerieartists)
Authors make money on Wizzley through impressions, clicks, and sales and share impressions with Wizzley. Do you understand how this works?

Making Money On Wizzley IS Fun!

Read about our members' experience...
The first fifty articles on any site are hard work. Yet that crash course provides insights that soon become second nature.
My goals for online earning at Wizzley in 2012. Wizzley is a site where writers can earn money - and it works! It has a big role in my 2012 business plan.
In less than one year, Wizzley has proven itself to be a powerful platform to make money by writing online.

Promote Wizzley And Make Money From Your Referrals

Check out these spiffy Wizzley banners!
Promote Wizzley on your websites and blogs with these standard sized creatives. Generate additional income from your referrals.
Updated: 11/19/2012, chefkeem
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DerdriuMarriner on 10/16/2018

chefkeem, Thank you for the information and links all in one place. Is there any information on which affiliate seems to be the biggest money-maker?

chefkeem on 08/22/2013

Thanks for your kindness and loyalty, Alex. We spend a lot of time figuring out algo changes and other traffic-related issues, as well as trying to improve the quality of our content. If we had only authors like you ... :)

cazort on 08/22/2013

I've been more than satisfied with the ease of earning money on Wizzley relative to other sites. I earned my first-ever Amazon commission through a sale from a Wizzley page! The amount I earn per amount of traffic has been fine by me so far.

Traffic on the other hand has been more of a challenge...the pages I publish here tend to attract less attention than ones on other sites. I'm hopeful that this will change in the future though; I've been watching over the past few months as Squidoo implodes, alienating one publisher after another. The downfall of that site may help Wizzley, as it fills a similar niche.

I feel very confident with this site though and will continue to publish here, because I trust in how it is managed and run. In the long-run, that is what matters most.

P.S. I love the doctored up cow photo.

MHeart on 07/09/2012

This is a good resource on making money on Wizzley. I've been a member for quite a while and have always found the writing experience very pleasant.

katiem2 on 06/21/2012

I love Wizzley and Viglink has proven to be a tremendous opportunity. Gone are the days when those writers fret over not having the Amazon option in their state as Viglink is amazing. I enjoy utilizing Allposters as well. I'm having a ball here at Wizzley. Thanks to you and the other staffers who make Wizzley such a great place to create amazing content. Very helpful page, I will be back :) K

EnelleLamb on 06/18/2012

I will have to bookmark this and come back to finish reading. Some really great resources on this page!

Sam on 06/05/2012

AU!!! That cow image just burned my eyes out - I am blind!!!
Anyway, great article, Cheffe ;-) SY

Jerrico_Usher on 05/18/2012

Great resource for newbs and non newbs alike!

chefkeem on 03/24/2012

Thanks for your comments, friends! :)

Hi, Margaret! Above is a link to a page with tips on finding "topics nobody else is writing about". But I don't believe YOU will ever run out of ideas! :)

Margaret on 03/24/2012

You're always such a big help, and a motivator! I've gotten most of my stuff entered in, now I just have to decide what to write about! Thanks Keem!

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