Wizzley Earnings Goals and Results for 2012

by TerriRexson

My goals for online earning at Wizzley in 2012. Wizzley is a site where writers can earn money - and it works! It has a big role in my 2012 business plan.

My Wizzley Business Plan for 2012


This article is my Wizzley business plan for 2012. I share my earnings targets for the year and I'll add actual earnings figures as the year progresses, just as I did in my earnings page for last year

I'm doing this partly for my own reasons. Putting the numbers out there keeps me focused on my goals. 

And partly because I hope it will be useful to others who write online as a serious business and want to set their own goals and targets. 

Wizzley is not my main source of income but it looks set to become a serious secondary source in 2012. 

Wizzley Earnings Targets for 2012

With Results
Target Actual
January 2012 $200 $469.44
February 2012 $300 $638.76
March 2012  $400 $634.35
April 2012 $500 $581.14
May 2012 $600 $392.52
June 2012 $600 $300.41
July 2012 ????
August 2012 ????
September 2012 ????
October 2012 ????
November 2012 ????
December 2012 ????


How I set these Targets

In January 2011 I set goals for my Squidoo earnings. I only had about 6 months experience of writing online then so I just set a goal of $1000 for December 2011 and drew a linear graph of what I needed to earn in each month.

I knew there would be seasonal variation but I had no idea how much. I worked out how many lenses I needed to write each month to meet my targets (based on my stats for December 2010.) I stuck to the plan and underperformed slightly at the beginning of the year and then went way, way past my goals towards the end. 

Now I have a lot more experience and a lot more data to work with. This time I've decided that I want to make $5000 in Wizzley in December 2012 and assumed that my earnings will follow a similar curve throughout the year as they did on Squidoo last year - I'll be in the same mode of adding to my portfolio throughout the year. 

You'll notice that there's heavy seasonal variation. I'm not too concerned about having a consistent income year round (that's what a budget is for!). It's the overall amount that concerns me. 

I'd like to find ways of generating more money year round and hopefully I'll learn more this year. But I'll do that alongside doing more of what seems to work for me. 

Update: My Wizzley content stopped performing in May 2012 so all bets are off until it hopefully recovers. I'm also working a lot less that I planned as I'm having fun with my kids. 

June 2012 Update

Still trending downward. I'd expect a slight dip from May to June as I'm not adding new content and things can go a bit quieter in June/July. But this is more than seasonal variation. 

Ah well. That's the way things go. I haven't actually done much work online at all recently. It seems that I've finally decompressed from my career and I've been letting myself take it a bit easy. Content elsewhere is still doing well so I'm doing fine overall. 

I'm pretty much taking the summer off to have fun with my kids. I'll see how things are doing by September and then make my plans for next year. I'm not sure how long I plan to write online versus starting another online business. 

May 2012 Update

Oh dear. That's dreadful! Overall May was an excellent month for me online, but not on Wizzley. Why? Less traffic, pure and simple. It's not a seasonal issue. 

I've not created much new content on Wizzley in May because stuff elsewhere is working much better for me and it makes sense to put more effort in there. Plus I've taken lots of time out for kids activities and school holidays. 

There's still time for things to pick up so I'll keep monitoring and updating content. But my output is likely to be down considerably from my original plan. This means that the target amounts will need reducing in line with actual output, and in line with reduced performance. 

April 2012 Update

Well I was a complete slacker on Wizzley in April! First the children were off for over two weeks for the Easter holidays. Then my other half got our 3D printer working so I've been doing some 3D modeling. And then there was a bake sale for preschool to prepare for. My Silhouette Cameo craft cutter got lots of use preparing the signs!

I'm way behind on my output so I'll have to revise my goals downwards at some point (they were based on a particular level of production which I haven't met.) I just haven't put in the work needed. But that's okay, I've been doing lots of fun stuff instead. 

So this months total was down a bit on last months. Overall my online earnings are up this month. Actually my Amazon earnings are up this month for Wizzley, it's other stuff that is down. I seem to be useless at diversifying! 

Looks like I might miss my May target. But as I said, I haven't put the work in. 

March 2012 Update

Hmm. Well March was a strange month. My traffic went down quite a bit and I expected my earnings to drop too. But they didn't. Maybe I kept the buying traffic! Actually Feb was helped by a single large one-off action, so maybe the trend is even upwards if I take that into account. Or maybe I got lucky this month too? We'll see. 

A couple of my best earning pages dropped in google rankings after I updated them. A familiar pattern, hopefully they'll be back at some point. Other stuff made up for the loss from those pages. 

There's a bit of Viglink in there this month. As usual Amazon is the largest by far. I really need to diversify! 

I started to question being open about my earnings when a Wizzley author went through my pages in a particular niche and created similar articles on Zujava - not cut and paste, just using my topics and ideas. (It's an odd bunch of topics so the copying is obvious, they popped over to my Squidoo account for inspiration too.) It is annoying, especially when those topics actually mean something to me and have been researched.  

The thing is, I don't think I'm doing particularly well. And I think I do as well as I do with my topics because they are my topics and I know about them, or put the time in to find out about them. 

February 2012 Update

February turned out okay. I didn't really do much for Valentine's day so that wasn't a significant factor. Much of the content I created in February was forward looking so hopefully the pay off will come later. 

I'm not entirely satisfied with how I'm doing, I haven't really found my groove at Wizzley yet, hopefully something will click at some point. 

My earnings include a (very!) small amount from Viglink. That's something I'm definitely going to work on. I'm far too dependent on Amazon. But I haven't done a huge amount with other affiliate programs on Wizzley because I want to make sure I'm sharing with Wizzley much of the time. I appreciate what we have here. Viglink means I can promote a whole range of vendors and share with Wizzley. Perfect. 

I'm not at all sure what to expect for March. 

January 2012 Update

January went much better than I expected. I hadn't really put any thought into January ahead of time. I took most of December off work to enjoy Christmas with my kids. 

I earned $469.44 via Wizzley in January. Amazon was the largest chunk of that. Then other affiliate programs and then adsense. I've included a few Zazzle sales of products I only feature on Wizzley, but I haven't got tracking set up there. 

I'm pleased with the performance of other affiliates as I'm too dependent on Amazon at the moment. Though I'll still keep using Amazon because it works and because it contributes to the Wizzley site. 

February is a shorter month so I'm not sure it will be as good. I'm hopeful that I'll hit my $300 target for February after such a good January. 

Is That a Lot of Money?

Do you think that's a lot of money to be earning?
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Don't be daft! I want to earn $1000s per day
wrylilt on 02/01/2012

Also have to add a BIG LAUGH at Selecteddee.

Sure, it's possible to earn $1,000 a day online. But I'm sure that only about .05% of people who actively earn online are even coming close. People who have all the knowledge and have been earning online for years often don't make that! Good luck though. Just don't be disappointed if you can't beat $100 a day!

selecteddee on 01/17/2012

I have set myself a goal to make $1000 a day from all of my online endeavors

Gosh yes, that's significant
Mira on 09/17/2012

I hope to make hundreds of dollars a month someday, but that might take a while :-) I figured I'd need hundreds of articles on Wizzley for that to happen.

RubyHelenRose on 05/12/2012

Still brand new to Wizzley, but I have heard such wonderful things. I love Hubpages, Squidoo, Seekyt for it's quick and tidy jots I can do, now here, awesome. Thanks for reviewing all this statistical stuff. Gets our hopes up. It reminds me of retail sales. Your pattern anyway. Now, I gotta go write.

TraceyC on 03/25/2012

Interesting that you mentioned Adsense earnings last. I would have thought Adsense ads would perform a lot better. Now I know and it was interesting to read.

terrilorah on 03/10/2012

Yes, its good enough for me to take a more serious look at this site.

JoHarrington on 02/01/2012

That really does give me hope! I'm on 17p so far!

Angel on 02/01/2012

Congratulations! You are doing really well. I only wish to earn this much with my online writing adventure.

wrylilt on 02/01/2012

That's a great amount! My problem is I know how to write the money earners if I want but I have so much more fun writing the informational and interesting and unique articles!

Jimmie on 02/01/2012

Absolutely! My Jan. earnings were only half of Dec. I was pretty sad.

Margaret on 02/01/2012

That's fantastic! I think I had best clarify my own plans for this year and make the most of opportunities.

Digby_Adams on 01/09/2012

You bet it's a lot of money! Especially for a Mom with little kids to run after all day. Great Job!

If You Think That's Not a Lot of Money

If you think that's not a lot of money to be earning, especially for someone with a professional background and the ability to earn a high salary. Yes, you're quite right. It's not the kind of numbers that the guys with the yellow highlighting and red porsches talk about. 

But, ...

  1. This is not my main income stream. (That's Squidoo at the moment.)
  2. I only spend a couple of hours a day working on Wizzley on average. I work part-time overall, I have two small kids. 
  3. I love what I do and it's easy and convenient. I work from home and don't have the hassles of corporate life. 
  4. I'm building a business not earning a salary. I'm building skills and content that should allow me to build up a good business that does generate a good income within a few years. 

These books claim to help you make money online

But they won't actually do the work for you. Sorry.
The Six-Figure Second Income: How To Start and Grow A Suc...
$17.71  $45.91
Get Rich Click!: The Ultimate Guide to Making Money on th...
$12.66  $7.95
How I Made My First Million on the Internet and How You C...
$11.06  $1.5

If You Think That's a Lot of Money

I know other people will have a different perspective and see these amounts as a lot of money. There are lots of people who write online just to earn a bit of extra income for their family.

I'm not in that position. I've always earned a good salary and I couldn't imagine not pulling my weight financially. I've written previously on equal parenting

I think a lot of people in this community set their sights too low. I've seen authors who have been writing for a long time saying their goal is to achieve $1000 per month overall. That's just not a living wage. 

If you write as a hobby that's different, but if your intention is to earn money then put together a serious plan and work towards it. 

Are these Targets Realistic?

Can you really earn that much on Wizzley?

Well if you look at my Wizzley earnings for 2011 you'll see that in December 2011 I earned $1157.50.  So I'm looking at multiplying that by 5 which seems pretty reasonable. Much of my existing content should make money for me again this year if I make any necessary updates.

Of course things can go wrong. Wizzley could fall out of favor with google or have a change of business model that doesn't work for me. That's a risk. The possibility of risk doesn't stop me setting targets though. I'm not putting all my effort into Wizzley and I know that I own the content and could move it elsewhere if I needed to.

If circumstances change then I'll adapt my business plan. Until then I'll keep working towards my goals.

I started writing online in July 2010 so I'm not hugely experienced. However I have put in the time and effort to learn the trade. And I love what I do so it doesn't feel like work. 

How do I Plan to Do It?

My Business Strategy

Here's my basic plan:

  • Write useful stuff
  • Write about things people are interested in
  • Write lots

That's pretty much it really. I don't do much in the way of keyword research. I don't do social media. I don't do lots of backlinking. 

I do a bit of interlinking with relevant content I have elsewhere, when it's useful. 

I think the main problem people have with earning online is not putting the work in. Or spending time on busy work. 

How Much Do You Plan to Earn on Wizzley in December 2012?

  Display results
Good luck!

Join me on Wizzley

And get working on that plan


Updated: 07/04/2012, TerriRexson
Thank you! Would you like to post a comment now?

What do you think about my earning goals for 2012? And feel free to share your goals.

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cmoneyspinner on 09/07/2013

IF the main problem people have with earning online is not putting the work in - THEN I don't have that problem. Good article! :)

Mira on 02/12/2013

Well, good to hear from you, Terri! We will be missing you on Wizzley but it's good to hear you have more time for your kids! :)

TerriRexson on 02/12/2013

I'm still around, but not writing new stuff at Wizzley at the moment. Wizzley was a diversification attempt for me, and it worked, but not as well as other stuff. I'm also taking it a bit easy now I've got a reasonable income so I can spend time with my kids and volunteer at their school.

Mira on 02/11/2013

Yes Terri, where have you disappeared?

PaulGoodman67 on 02/11/2013

I see that this page hasn't been updated for some time - are you still writing at Wizzley?

Mira on 09/17/2012

Thanks for posting your income. It's inspiring :-)

RubyHelenRose on 07/22/2012

This teaches me a lot about setting goals. Achieving them is worth the effort, if they are planned for like this. Thank you for taking the time to talk about it. Very helpful!

ryank on 07/02/2012

That's quite some fall, here's hoping that you start seeing things recover. How did June go?

TerriRexson on 06/06/2012

Sorry Ryan, it's school holidays and I have a houseful of visitors! I'll get to it soon. But May wasn't so good. Overall my online earnings went up quite a bit in May, but Wizzley was down.

Regi_B on 05/03/2012

Thank you Terri, for continuing to publish your earnings info. You shine a light on what is possible for income in the world of online publishing via third-party sites like Wizzley and Squidoo.

I think you can still hit your target for May. I believe in you!

--Regi B

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