Making Money on Wizzley: Impressions, Clicks, Sales

by lakeerieartists

Authors make money on Wizzley through impressions, clicks, and sales and share impressions with Wizzley. Do you understand how this works?

Almost all of the authors who are drawn to Wizzley are here to make money to support their business, their family, or just to pay some extra bills. Therefore, it is very important to understand how we make money on Wizzley.

Wizzley is a shared impression site. Authors share their potential income with Wizzley via shared impressions of their pages, shared clicks, and shared sales. This concept is confusing if you have not seen it in operation before on another website, and especially if you are new to making money online and affiliate marketing. This page will go through the terminology, how to make money, and how Wizzley earns money.

We All Need Money

International moneyWhether we like it or not, the reality of the world is that we need money to pay our bills, buy food, and for the fun things in life.  By making money we are independent, and can help others who need help. 

Writing on Wizzley is one way to make money online.  It is not a scam nor is it a scheme.  Everything is transparently out there in the open, with statistics for you to read if you know where to find them.  This page will get you started, and hopefully clear up some misconceptions.

Let's start with some definitions.

Making Money on Wizzley: Terms You Should Know

If you make money online, here are some common terms that you should know:


An impression is when someone opens up a page online. For instance, when you clicked on this page and opened it up to look at it, you made a single impression.  Impressions do not pay money on Wizzley.  However, impressions do tell us that we are getting traffic, and you can see where the traffic is coming from on Google Analytics.


A click is a finger click of a mouse, or hitting the enter key on your computer.  A click is when a reader actively clicks on a hyperlink.  Clicks usually refer to paying hyperlinks.  Some vendors pay per click (PPC).  Chitika and Google Adsense pay per click.


The majority of affiliate vendors pay per sale.  This means that if a reader buys something from them due to your referral, then you get a small commission for each item sold.  A reader would have to click through to the vendor's site from your page, then click on an item on the vendor site and buy it.  This type of commission is called pay per sale (PPS, or sometimes cost per sale--CPS).

The reason the majority of vendors pay per sale is that they get paid per sale.  in other words, they get paid when someone buys an item or a service from them.  Sales of products or services are what drives most business models. 

Each vendor determines what commission they will pay you per sale, and they tell you that upfront.  For instance, Amazon pays you a commission based on the item that you sell, and how many items you sell in a calendar month.  You can earn 4% to 8.5% of the retail price on each sale depending on how many sales you get.  Other vendors will pay out a flat commission rate no matter how many items you sell.

The Shared Impression Model

Wizzley is set up on a shared impression model.  The way Wizzley earns money is by sharing impressions with their authors.  Wizzley does not charge you any money to use their platform, however they do earn money from your pages on their impressions.

Here is what the Wizzley FAQ says:

Wizzley and its authors make money through ads. Google AdSense and Chitika ads are automatically integrated in your articles. In addition, you may market products from Amazon, Zazzle, and AllPosters and get paid a commission on sales.
To claim your share of ad impressions, enter your appropriate affiliate ID in your member account on It will then be substituted in 50-60% of the page impressions of your articles. Your affiliate revenue will be credited directly to your accounts with Google AdSense, Amazon, AllPosters or Zazzle.
After you have created 50 quality articles, your ad share will increase to 55%. After 100 articles we'll give you the maximum share of 60%. Recruit new members and get a permanent 10% share of the ad impressions generated by their articles.

Let's explain this further.  Wizzley rotates your account ID, and their account ID on your articles, so that depending on how many articles you have, your ID shows up 50 to 60% of the time, and Wizzley's ID shows up the rest of the time.  If you recruit a new member, your ID will show up on their pages during 10% of Wizzley's impressions. 

If a reader clicks through an ad on one of your impressions, you get 100% of the money earned from that action.  If a reader clicks through an ad on one of Wizzley's impressions, Wizzley gets 100% of the money made from that action.  Over a period of time, you will earn about 50 to 60% of the money made from that page.

One thing to note is that when your ID is on your page, it is on the entire page, all Adsense, Chitika, Amazon, Ebay, AllPosters, and Zazzle modules, and all Viglink links.  When Wizzley's ID is on the page, it is on the entire page.  The system does not mix up ID's on any given impression.

Making Money on Wizzley: Tracking My Earnings

In order to make money on Wizzley, you need to have an account with the vendor that you want to make money with.  You have to set up your own accounts with Google Adsense, Chitika, Amazon, AllPosters, Zazzle, and Viglink.  Ebay sales on Wizzley are made through Viglink.  If you already have an account with these vendors, you can use your existing account, except for Ebay and Viglink.  Ebay and Viglink are exceptions to the rule.  You can also have accounts with only some of these vendors, whichever ones you want to work with.

One you have an account with the vendors that you wish to use, add your ID number for each account to your Wizzley profile.  This will link your accounts together, so that you can begin to make money.  I also recommend setting up a channel to keep track of which of your earnings are coming from Wizzley on each vendor's account.  Most vendors have the capability to create channels for just this purpose.  Check the account settings for each vendor to see how to set up channels.

Once your accounts are set up, you can track your earnings directly on them.  Amazon updates their accounts once a day, around 8 AM Eastern time.  Google Adsense updates on a real time basis.  Zazzle updates on a real time basis.  You will find the rhythm for each vendor as you work with them.

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How to Get Paid on Wizzley The Movie

*note the new highlights*

Privacy Issues: Can Wizzley See What You Earn?

Privacy is a issue that comes up whenever money is discussed. And everyone should be careful when it comes to accounts, passwords, and privacy.  Therefore, it is important to note that since all of the paying accounts you have to make money on Wizzley are your own accounts, Wizzley cannot see what you are earning, where you are earning it, or how much you are earning.  By the same token, you cannot see what Wizzley is earning. 

Wizzley is also not responsible for paying you.  You will get paid by Amazon, Google, Zazzle, and the other companies that you add paying links to on your articles.

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Maritravel on 07/07/2015

Since I put my query up I've managed to get an Affiliate account with Amazon and learned how to put their items up. Hope I'm doing it correctly, but at least books and DVDs are showing on my articles. Who knows, I may be on the way to my first million !!!!!

lakeerieartists on 07/06/2015

I would try again. For Wizzley, you have to use your own acct.

Maritravel on 04/14/2015

Thanks for a useful article but I'm still unsure about Amazon. Do I place images of books and DVDs on my article myself, or do I just apply to Amazon to be an Affiliate and do they place the images on my pages? When I first joined I did apply to Amazon but I was turned down (dont know why). I'd like to try again as some of my articles have mentioned books etc. and I feel this is a good selling point. Thanks for any help you can offer.

lakeerieartists on 10/14/2014

Last I understood the Ebay module only worked for Viglink.

MBC on 10/10/2014

I'm confused - I have a Viglink account but do not have an eBay account - can I use the eBay module or do I also need to join eBay?

lakeerieartists on 08/25/2014

Glad it is helpful.

cmoneyspinner on 08/18/2014

This should be required reading for every Wizzley writer.

VioletteRose on 11/30/2013

Thank you so much, this article is really helpful.

lakeerieartists on 06/05/2013

I hope so too.

jptanabe on 06/05/2013

Thanks for the explanation. I just started here on Wizzley and am still learning the ropes. Hopefully I've got all my affiliate accounts set up and I'll be able to make some money. And I also hope to have some fun!

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