The Power of Wizzley: Writing Online to Make Money

by lakeerieartists

In less than one year, Wizzley has proven itself to be a powerful platform to make money by writing online.

Why Wizzley is Successful

Writing onlineWizzley was born in the wake of the Panda changes that Google made to their search engine.  At the time, there was a lot of chaos in the online writing community as we, and the platforms that we write on, adjusted to the new reality of Post Panda Google.

At the time, I was not looking for a new platform to write on.  I had plenty on my plate, and had my strategy in place for the year, and due to the Panda changes, had already had to drastically adjust some of my income producing activities.  However, due to the fact that I already knew 3 of the 5 founders of the new Wizzley platform, and trusted them completely, I decided to give the new Wizzley a workout to see what would happen.

I actually came on board before Wizzley was open to the public.  I got to see some of the kinks and problems with the site that were already gone by the time we started inviting in a small group of friends and acquaintances.  When I started working with Wizzley, I was immediately thrilled by the ease of use, and the responsiveness of the support staff when I did run into some issues.

Wizzley Structure is Superb

The men who make Wizzley run are Simon and Hans, who are just, well, there is no other word to describe them, just plain awesome.  They have put together a structure for this website that is easy to use, fast loading, and user friendly.  It is easy to navigate, and if something does not work, they jump on the problem so quickly that it is fixed immediately.  Their enthusiasm for keeping the site working tickety boo is completely obvious.  Wizzley operates extremely well because of their time and effort, and as a regular writer on Wizzley, I appreciate their response time in getting things done.

Wizzley Editorial Staff Insist on High Quality

Anyone who has been around the block is aware that there are many sites that have less than stellar articles in amongst the excellent articles.  Wizzley has put in place a very high level quality filter, which is monitored by the editorial staff, that keeps out the spam, plagiarism, and poor quality articles from the beginning of a writer's tenure.  A new writer to the site has to prove themself with the first 5 articles that they write.  These articles have to be approved by one of the editors personally before they become publically published.  While it adds to the load for the editors, it vastly improves the quality of what gets published on the Wizzley platform, because the bad stuff is eliminated from the getgo.

Wizzley Help and Forum is Truly Helpful

A new member on the Wizzley site feels immediately welcome whether they are a newbie to writing online or an experienced writer on another site.  Questions are answered in the forum very quickly.  We only have to wait for morning in the time zone where one of the monitors lives for them to wake up and discover that there are new questions to be answered.  For those who need more than a quick answer, there are several Wizzley members who will jump right in and offer a hand in a very friendly manner.  Wizzley also encourages writers to add suggestions and ideas for the site and for articles to help improve Wizzley as it grows.

Wizzley Articles are Indexed on Search Engines Quickly

Because of the high quality, and ease of use, Wizzley articles are indexed Google within 24 hours, and often much, much more quickly after they are published.  I have had articles on Google within 1 to 2 hours, and many within 6 hours.

Wizzley's Pay Structure is Fair, and Direct

To earn money through writing online on the Wizzley platform, you just need to have an Adsense account.  Wizzley does not pay its writers directly.  Instead, you can earn money through referrals to Amazon, Allposters, Adsense, and other sites and get paid directly by those companies.  I much prefer this method as one, it spreads out my income sources, and two, it leaves the Wizzley staff free to work on the platform itself, which is the right place for them to put their efforts.

For a website that is brand new, Wizzley is generating quite a bit of income already for me.  I get daily earnings from Adsense, and regular purchases from the other referrals that I have.  Wizzley uses an impression system, which means that you share impressions with Wizzley. Depending on how many articles you have, you can have between 50% to 60% of impressions.  When a reader lands on a page during one of your impressions, you earn from anything they click on that makes money.  In addition, by referring new members, you can earn a 10% percentage of impressions of any articles that they write which comes out of Wizzley's share of the impressions.

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Join Wizzley

If you are not already a member of Wizzley's cadre of writers, you should be.

-----> To join Wizzley, click here.

Wizzley Articles That I Have Written

I created my own biscotti recipe when I got frustrated with the Italian biscotti cookies that I was buying from the grocery store or bakeries.
Creating quality backlinks are vital to driving traffic to your webpage by driving your website up in the SERPS.
Community gardens are fast becoming a great way to meet neighbors, educate urban residents about growing fresh vegetables, and get sedentary elderly to exercise and go outside.
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NateB11 on 12/01/2013

All of this that you said about Wizzely makes sense and I'm glad that it is a quality site. I especially agree that the site is very user-friendly, it's very easy to publish an article here, and there are great and diverse tools to do so.

cclitgirl on 04/26/2012

Great, useful page, lakeerieartists. :) I'm new to the site, but not to online writing. Thanks for sharing this useful information. It's great to have authors like you willing to share their tips and tricks.

lakeerieartists on 04/03/2012

@Guarded The biggest plus of the Wizzley team is their responsiveness to the authors. But they are also very on top of the tech stuff too. Welcome.

lakeerieartists on 01/25/2012

@brlamc Glad you like it so far. Welcome to Wizzley. :)

brlamc on 01/25/2012

I just joined but this site is excellent. it's very easy to create great looking pages and content.

Sheri_Oz on 01/19/2012

With each new article I write here, I love Wizzley more. It really is so easy it's amazing. I also like being in on something so new.

Sara on 12/07/2011

Thanks for this information. This looks similar to Squidoo. Good to know that Wizzley articles are indexed so fast.

lakeerieartists on 12/03/2011

@Boomer Welcome to Wizzley, and glad to see you here. There are lots of wonderful resources on this site, and as I said above, help can be found quickly. Plus it is fun!

lakeerieartists on 12/03/2011

@EmpressFelicity I totally agree with you, and while this site become live AFTER Panda, the professionalism of the staff is very high, and they are definitely working in the right direction.
Wizzley is a site that works with and empowers the writers, as opposed to working against us. :) And welcome.

EmpressFelicity on 12/03/2011

'Ello there. I too am impressed by how quickly my stuff is indexing and being found by people via Google!

I am also much keener on a revenue sharing rather than a "we take all the money and then dish it out according to a plan that only we know about" model. 'Nuff said.

Another good thing here is the fact that there seems to be an appropriate and timely level of editorial control. They monitor new members to check whether they're publishing gibberish/spam. And your pages don't even go live unless they have an adequate word count/Amazon product to words ratio. That's MUCH more workable (both for users and site owners) than publishing something and then having it moderated later on down the line.

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