Avengers Hulk Costume for Kids

by TerriRexson

The Avengers Hulk costume for kids. Dress up as the incredible Hulk from The Avengers movie for Halloween or role play.

The scientist Dr Bruce Banner appears in The Avengers movie (known as Avengers Assemble in some countries) and of course he ends up turning into his alter ego The Hulk.

The Hulk is a fun character to dress up as. He's big and green and gets very angry!

Hulk has a new appearance for The Avengers 2012 movie where both Bruce Banner and Hulk have important roles to play in saving the earth from the troublesome Loki.

You can get a kids version of The Avengers Hulk costume in toddler and kid sizes.

The Avengers Hulk Classic Muscle Chest Kids Costume

The Avengers Hulk Classic Muscle Chest Kids Costume


This is the official kids costume for The Avengers Hulk.

The main part of the costume is a padded jumpsuit with big muscles built in to the chest and arms.

It has Bruce Banner's torn black pants attached to the costume.

You also get the Hulk mask. Isn't he a handsome chap?

This costume comes in a Toddler 3T-4T size and also kids sizes: Age 4-6, 7-8 and 10-12.


The Avengers Hulk Classic Muscle Chest Toddler Costume

The Avengers Hulk Classic Muscle Chest Kids Costume

Avengers Hulk Smash Fists

For some added fun you can add Hulk smash fists to your costume. 

The Avengers Gamma Green Hulk Smash Fist Combo from Hasbro are toy Hulk hands for kids. 

Great for pretending to smash the place up!

Why not find some old cardboard boxes and stack them up in the yard and let your little Hulk go on the rampage. 

Avengers Gamma Green Hulk Smash Fist Combo

Avengers Gamma Green Hulk Smash Fist Combo
Only $37.29

Avengers Hulk Dog Tag Necklace

You can add an Avengers Hulk Dog Tag necklace to a Hulk costume as a finishing touch. And you can wear in when you're just being Bruce Banner too.

Avengers Hulk Halloween Treat Bag

If your Hulk costume will be used by a child who will be wearing it a Halloween to go out trick or treating then an Avengers Hulk treat bag makes a great alternative to a candy pail. 

This Hulk treat bag features a picture of Hulk from the Avengers movie and is available in various sizes. 

You can even customize it with text of your choice if you like. Maybe something like:

"Alex is The Hulk", "Oliver, Halloween 2012"

Avengers Hulk Customizable Tote Bag

The Hulk Character

Dr Bruce Banner accidentally got exposed to very powerful gamma rays in a science experiment. 

He's still the same Dr Banner most of the time but when he gets very emotional he turns The Incredible Hulk, a big green monster who is extremely strong. 

When Banner is the Hulk he doesn't have much control over his actions. The Hulk is therefore dangerous to everyone around. There is a little bit of Banner that remains and can usually be steered in the right direction. 

You can find out more about the background of Bruce Banner and the Incredible Hulk in these children's books. 

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