Smurfs Halloween Costume

by pkmcr

The Smurfs have come into their own again as characters for Halloween Costumes with the 2011 movie. Why not choose a Smurfs Halloween Costume and turn yourself blue for Halloween?

If you are thinking about a Smurfs Halloween Costume, especially with the release of the 2011 movie, then you need to think about your costume.

Whether you are going to make your own halloween costume or buy one, you need to get the look exactly right don't you?

We all remember what the Smurfs look like from our childhood. However, here's a quick reminder:

* Probably the most distinctive thing about Smurfs is that their skin is blue. They are completely blue all over, including hands, face, eyelids, toes and in fact everything!
* All the Smurfs wear a white Smurf hat, which of course flops over at the front and of course they also wear white pants which match their hats.
* Everything the Smurfs wear is white which means that their shoes are, yes you guessed it, white!
* If you were expecting a white shirt then you have forgotten that the thing about the Smurfs is that they don't wear shirts. Instead they just leave their blue skin on display.

So there's no doubting the dominant colors of your Smurfs Halloween Costume are going to be blue and white then!

Creating Your Smurfs Halloween Costume

Creating Your Own Or Choosing a Readymade Smurfs Fancy Dress Costume

Let's take a look at some ideas for creating your Smurfs Halloween Costume!


For a very long time, Smurfette was the only female Smurf there was! So if you want to become this unique character and have a unique halloween costume then you have to think a little differently. Obviously Smurfette doesn't wear just pants although she still has the classic blue skin. Instead she wears a white dress and she has blond hair flowing from beneath her Smurf hat.

Papa Smurf

Again if you want a unique halloween costume this year it may be that you or your child decide that you want to dress as Papa Smurf. Papa Smurf is different from the other Smurfs in that he instead of white hat and pants his are red and he also has a bushy white beard.

The trickiest part of a Smurf outfit is without doubt the blue skin. You might decide to have some fun and paint your body completely with blue body paint.  Easier if someone else is doing it for you or if you are turning yoru kdis into Smurfs. 

However, you may decide that it's just a little too much effort and more than a little bit messy for you to bother with!

So if you decide than you don't want to go with the body paint then your other option is a blue shirt. You will also need a blue Smurf tail firmly attached to your white pants. You can make one out of a ball of fabric if you want to.

If making your own Smurfs Halloween Costume isn't for you then you can always deicde to take a look at some of the readymade Smurf costumes which will make the blue skin and the Smurfs tail as easy as possible to recreate.

Papa Smurf Halloween Costume

Smurfs Papa Smurf Costume, Red/Blue, Standard
Only $49.99

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Will You Be Wearing A Smurf Costume for Halloween 2014?

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pkmcr on 10/15/2014

@Mira thanks very much that's very kind of you

Mira on 10/15/2014

I remember the Smurfs, too. Nice idea for Halloween. Pinning these costumes onto my Halloween board.

pkmcr on 05/26/2013

@fitzcharming they are lovely aren't they :-)

fitzcharming on 05/26/2013

I doubt I'll be wearing anything Smurf but I'll bet lots of kids will. There a sequel Smurf movie out this summer after all! These are so cute.

Sara on 10/15/2011

Enjoyed this. Thanks. Bet we will see a lot of "Smurfs" trick or treating this Halloween.

costumeideas on 09/10/2011

I loved the Smurfs as a kid and now my son loves to watch them on the Hub! These costumes are sure to be very popular!

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