Movie Character Costume Ideas

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Are you looking for some great Movie Character Costume Ideas for 2014? Spooky Costumes and Cute Costumes with movie characters you can get them all and more besides.

Another brilliant year for the movies which means there is going to be a lot of great Movie Character Costume Ideas for you to choose from!

So if you are looking for a great selection of costumes for those Christmas and New Year parties and everything in between the movies provide a great source!

If you want to doing something different this year and wear a Halloween costume that will be familiar to lot of people then take a look at some great movies.

Whatever your choice enjoy your Party and make it one to remember with a Movie Character Costume!

Why Movie Character Costumes?

Have you ever watched a movie and imagined yourself playing the characters featured in the film?

If only you owned a costume just like theirs then you’ll be able to transform yourself into the leading role of your favorite movies.

Well now you can with Halloween costumes designed to look like movie characters.Below are some movie character costume ideas that will inspire you to take on the essence and appearance of popular movie characters. 

Star Wars Secret Wishes Princess Leia Costume

This intergalactic princess has won the hearts of many Star Wars fans over the years. And she’s also established quite a signature look.

This Princess Leia costume features a 100% polyester long sleeve white dress with bell sleeves, a thigh high slit on one side and a silver and white belt accessory.

Also included with this set is the Princess Leia wig featuring the iconic double bun hairdo

Adult Optimus Prime Costume

Who doesn’t love Transformers or robot aliens for that matter? This awesome Optimus  Prime costume is based off the original Transformer cartoons and comes with everything you need to make the autobot transformation.

The costume features a high quality jumpsuit in the traditional Optimus Prime colors and includes a chest piece, red boxed cuffs with attached blue gloves, blue shoe covers with blue boxed leggings.

Also included is an Optimus Prime helmet.

Edward Scissorhands Costume

This movie character will definitely turn heads at any Halloween or costume party. Edward Scissorhands is one of the most unique, off-kilter characters ever created and when turned into a costume, he’s even more intriguing.


This elaborate costume is made from 100% polyester and designed to look like leather. It features a black jacket with several belts, buttons and stitching details along with coordinating black pants, textured boot tops with belt straps and buckles, scissor gloves, a belt accessory with quilted details and a gold toned buckle, a black wig styled in Edward’s crazy do, and a makeup kit to complete the head to toe look.        

Snow White and The Huntsman Adult Queen Ravenna Skull Dress Costume

If you were going to dress up as one of the most sinister and evil queens ever, Ravenna Skull from Snow White and the Huntsman will make for a great costume.

This black and highly detailed costume features a polyester, off-the-shoulder dress with silver trim, molded skull details, long exaggerated sleeves, and a floor length hem.

It also inclues Ravenna’s sadistic looking crown.  

Batman The Dark Knight Grand Heritage Deluxe Costume And Mask, The Joker

He might not be the scariest clown you’ve ever seen, but he’s one of the most recognized and iconic villain figures featured in Batman.The Joker has many looks but it was the Joker in the Dark Knight that really made the character come to life. 

This officially licensed costume includes a long purple jacket, a grey colored shirt, tie and green vest, indigo colored pants, purple gloves, a wig, and a makeup kit so you can really capture Joker’s devilish smile.

101 Dalmatians - Sassy Cruella Adult Costume

We’ve always known that Cruella DeVil had style, but this costume takes her look to a whole new level of sassiness.

The 101 Dalmatians Cruella DeVil costume features a short, strapped black and silver dress, a white shrug with faux fur trim, red gloves, and a black and white character wig.Finish the look with some red heeled shoes and a fake long cigarette.

And the best thing about this costume is that no Dalmatians were harmed in the making of it.  

The Best Movie Character Costume Ideas 2014

Party Costumes 2014

Let's take a look at some of the best Movie Character Costume Ideas from the top movies!

Captain America Costume

With the Captain America Superhero costume you will really be able to show off your patriotic side this year. His costume is very distinctive and features the colors red, blue and white and as you might expect it is in the form of star and stripe patterns. Alongside his indestructible shield Captain America has amazing physical strength. So why not not opt to be this superhero for 2013?

Green Lantern Costume

The famous Green Lantern comic book characters have become popular again as a result of the Movie. As you might expect the Green Lantern costume is all green and lit up on the chest. It makes for a great Party Costume and to complete the look, you will want ensure you have the light up Green Lantern ring. This would also make a great costume if you want to team up with some friends and you could go as a group including Hal Jordan, Kilowog and Tomar Re.

Tron Legacy Costume

With the release of the Tron Legacy movie the original Tron costumes became something really special with the amazing futuristic light up suits. You could either purchase the costume or if money is a little tight this year you could recreate the general look of the costume using a black jumpsuit and reflective tape.

Sucker Punch Costume

The costume from the Sucker Punch movie provides some excellent Party Costume inspiration for women! Especially when so many of the main characters in the superhero movies tend to be male. You may have noticed that a lot of the officially licensed costumes which are available to buy also tend to be male oriented.

Women can always choose to adapt the male costumes if they want to. However, if you  choose a costume like the Sucker Punch Costume then it gives you a lot more to work with. That's because with the dancers in this movie being so amazing at fighting they make very memorable characters. These Movie characters all have unique feminine, but tough outfits for you to choose from.

More Party Costume Ideas

The Smurfs have come into their own again as characters for Halloween Costumes with the 2011 movie. Why not choose a Smurfs Halloween Costume and turn yourself blue for Halloween?
Spooky Costumes make the perfect Halloween Costumes for men and boys who like to scare at Halloween! So let's take a look at some Spooky Halloween Costumes!
Another great superhero movie has been the Green Lantern which means that Hal Jordan, Tomar-Re and Kilowog are going to be popular Halloween Costumes this year!
Halloween 2017 will soon be upon us! What are you planning for Halloween this year? Is your Costume ready or have you still to buy it? Have you got your Halloween Costume ready?

Superhero Party Costumes

Superheros from The Movies

The Incredibles Halloween Costume
If you are a couple and want to go to a Halloween party as a double act then a great idea that you could consider is to go dressed up as The Incredibles

Superman Halloween Costume
If you have decided to dress up as a superhero this Halloween then a fantastic choice is to buy a Superman Halloween costume. This is a great choice for little boys as well as for men.

Supergirl Halloween Costume
This costume is available for women, teens and little girls and is completely suitable for all. The main difference tends to be the length of the skirt.

Spiderman Halloween Costume
A very popular superhero Halloween costume has got to be the Spiderman costume. If you want to impress everyone with your super spidey skills, then this could be the perfect choice for you.

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costumeideas on 09/07/2011

I am sure Green Lantern costumes will be hot this year. My infant is going to be Obi Wan while my son likes Captain America; probably because he gets to carry a gun!

SquidRich on 08/23/2011

A great selection of movie character costumes for Halloween.

happynutritionist on 08/06/2011

Halloween will be here before we know it! I don't dress up and my children are all grown up, but do enjoy seeing the different ones that come to the door. Nice selection here:-)

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