Avengers Thor Costume for Kids

by TerriRexson

The Avengers Thor Costume for kids. Dress up as Thor from the 2012 Avengers movie, grab a lightning hammer and you're ready for Halloween or role play.

Thor joins the Avengers in the movie (also known as Avengers Assemble) to help defend the earth from his adopted brother Loki. Their father Odin sends Thor to help.

Thor is a god with super human powers. In The Avengers movie he is played by Chris Hemsworth and has a new costume. He still has a red cape and a lightning hammer but the costume details have been updated.

The Thor Avengers movie costume is available for toddlers and kids up to age 12 and there's a light up version too.

The Avengers Thor Classic Muscle Chest Kids Costume

The Avengers Thor Classic Muscle Chest Kids Costume

This is the classic version of the Avenger Thor costume for kids (there's also a light-up version.)

It's a jumpsuit costume with muscles and armor built in. 

You also get the detachable red cape.

The hammer is not included (see below.)

This costume comes in kids sizes:

  • 3T-4T - Toddler
  • 4-6 - Preschooler / Little Kid
  • 7-8 - Big Kid
  • 10-12 - Tween / Pre-teen

The Avenger Thor Classic Muscle Chest Toddler Costume

The Avengers Thor Classic Muscle Chest Kids Costume

The Avengers Thor Light Up Muscle Chest Kids Costume

The Avengers Thor Light Up Muscle Chest Kids Costume

This version of the Avengers Thor kids costume has light-up chest armor!

So you can actually have a special effect. This is great for Halloween and kids love stuff that lights up!

The costume is available in kids small, medium and large sizes. 

See below for Thor hammers to complete the costume. 

The Avengers Thor Light Up Muscle Chest Kids Costume

Thor's Hammer

Thor is famous for his weapon - the lightning hammer. 

You can get a toy lightning hammer with thunder sound effect, flashing lights, and even a launching missile. Or there's a basic toy Thor hammer or a simple costume hammer available. 

Avengers Thor Dog Tag Necklace

You can also get an Avengers Thor Dog Tag necklace to finish off a Thor costume. 

Avengers Thor Treat Bag

If your Thor costume is for Halloween then you can add an Avengers Thor treat bag. These bags are available in a variety of designs and styles. 

The bags are also customizable so you can add a personal phrase if you want to. 

E.g. "Will is Thor", "Josh, Halloween 2012" or whatever you like. 

Then you'll have a nice memento as well. 

Of course the bags can also be used if you need a super hero to help carry the shopping. 

Customizable Thor Tote Bag

The Thor Character

Thor is based on the Norse god, but in the Marvel universe he comes from Asgard. Thor is Odin's son and grew up with his adopted brother Loki. 

When Loki turns bad and attacks Earth, Thor defends the planet and comes to feel protective of its people. 

Thor is a god and has super-human power so he's very strong when he's on earth. 

In The Avengers movie Loki is causing trouble for Earth again and Odin sends Thor to sort his brother out. 

You can find out more about the background of the Thor character in the Marvel universe in the kids books below. 

More Avengers Costumes for Kids

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