Earning Money Online - How's it going?

by TerriRexson

This is my Wizzley earnings page. I'll share information about how much money I'm earning from Wizzley in the hope that others will find it useful.

Earning Money Online at Wizzley

This page is about earning money online at Wizzley. Wizzley is a new (in 2011) multi-author publishing site with revenue sharing. The page you're reading at the moment is on Wizzley. Pages like this can earn money for the author through advertizing on the page and commission on products sold via links on the page. Does it work? Read on and find out. 

Writing on Wizzley


I joined Wizzley not long after it started up. I was looking to diversify my online writing from Squidoo to protect myself from some of the risks of earning money online. I had tried HubPages and although it worked, it wasn't as much fun as Squidoo. I also have my own web sites, again, they seem to work, but I do like multi-author platforms - I like to write on lots of different topics, not feel obliged to keep coming back to one topic. 

So I tried Wizzley. And I liked it! What I like about Wizzley is that it's quick and simple to put new pages (Wizzles I like to call them) together. This means I can be efficient in my work and focus on the content. I saw (a few) adsense clicks and Amazon sales via Wizzley quite early so I could see that the platform basically worked. 

When I was starting out in online marketing it was so helpful for me to see how others were doing so I thought I'd share my Wizzley earnings. Note that I'm completely new to writing for adsense and have no idea what I'm doing there! I have had some success with sales and seo elsewhere although I'm still learning. 

I really have no idea how well I'm doing. But it's well enough that I'll keep coming back and I'll include Wizzley in my business plan for 2012. 

Wizzley Earnings Goals

And motivation

I didn't set any Wizzley earnings goals for 2011 as the platform is so new. I'm just trying it out to see what works. I will set goals for 2012 as part of my business plan. 

I'm not working online to earn a little bit extra for the family. I'm here to earn my share of our family outgoings and eventually enough to save, invest and top up my pension. If I don't manage to do that then I'll have to head back to a traditional job (I'm currently on sabbatical from my professional career.)

My Wizzley Earnings - Background Info

In mid October 2011 I had 83 wizzles and I've built them up gradually except for not building many in August when I was busy with other things. Google analytics says my Wizzley traffic for the last month is 9766.

I'm recording figures for the month in which I earned the income rather than when it was paid out as this makes it easier to spot seasonal trends and means you get to see the data sooner. 

A lot of my September and October earnings are Halloween related so I probably wouldn't have done as well at another time of the year. 

November certainly benefitted a lot from Christmas sales. I reached 100 Wizzles in November so I'm now getting a 60% revenue share. 

It's worth pointing out that my Wizzley content is not very optimized. I do have Wizzles that I've written just because a topic was important and which I don't particularly expect to make money from. I have things I've written to try out different aspects of the platform. I should also mention that my focus has been much more on Squidoo. A lot of my Wizzley articles act as backlinks for Squidoo content. 

I've done very little promotion of my Wizzley articles. I interlink with related content elsewhere and occassionally bookmark. But I am not spending much time on this. (This keeps my overall effort down.)

For August, September and October I had over 50 articles so I'm getting the 55% revenue share. Getting to 100 articles will increase this to 60% and increase earnings proportionally. (Yes I should get on with that!)

My Wizzley Earnings

Totals from Adsense, Amazon and other Affiliates
This Month Cumulative
June 2011 $8.77 $8.77
July 2011 $20.70 $29.47
August 2011 $55.24 $84.71
September 2011 $124.85 $209.56
October 2011 $260.91 $470.47
November 2011 $635.50 $1105.97
December 2011 $1157.50 $2263.47

Space for More Money :-)

Space for More Money
Space for More Money

Wizzley Earnings and Goals for 2012

I've started a new Wizzle for 2012
My goals for online earning at Wizzley in 2012. Wizzley is a site where writers can earn money - and it works! It has a big role in my 2012 business plan.

November 2011 Update

Gosh, November was good! By the end of November I had 136 Wizzles. (If you're used to Squidoo that probably sounds like a lot, but Wizzley is very quick to work with.)

I've added a cumulative total column my earnings above. You'll see that I've now gone over $1000 earned on Wizzley. 

December 2011 Update

Wow! December was pretty amazing. I had around 140 Wizzles in December and did very little work during December. I took time out to get ready for Christmas with my kids' Christmas plays and parties and volunteering at preschool. Then there were a few days when the kids were sick, and we had visitors too. I was great to be able to take time out and keep earning. I did check up on things and spend time thinking about plans for 2012. 

I know I probably should be diversifying more (most of my income comes from Squidoo at the moment, with Wizzley now providing a smaller second stream), but this is fun and it suits me to have something easy and convenient at this point in my life. 

How am I doing?

The amount is more than doubling every month at the moment. I doubt I'll be able to keep that up for long!

So how am I doing? Honestly I have no idea. I know from Squidoo that I do better than average over there. But Wizzley is full of very experienced internet writers who have been doing this for much longer than me. 

Clearly I'm not making a lot of money! (Update: although the Christmas season wasn't bad.) But at this point I'm more interested in the potential. Does it get interesting if I times the amount by 10? Well yes. This makes Wizzley a contender for one of my online income streams. 

I'm making more money from sales than I am from Adsense, but Adsense revenue has been increasing and makes a good chunk of my earnings. Because I make a lot of Amazon sales via Squidoo my percentage is at one of the higher tier levels so my Wizzley earnings benefit from that. 

I have some understanding of how selling works, for me anyway. I provide the information that people need. I'm a detail person. I love specifications and stats. My focus is on providing the facts that people need to connect them to the right products. I love taking a complex subject and explaining it. I don't have a selling mindset. I think in terms of sharing and explaining. Seems to work for me. 

But when it comes to writing to earn money via adsense, I have no idea. I do earn some adsense money but I think that's just statistical likelihood based on traffic. I don't have any sense that I know what I'm doing. Lots to learn there. 

Earning Observations

I had noted that my Amazon conversion rate from Wizzley was considerably lower that from Squidoo. An order of lots of small items via Wizzley changed this. And in November my Wizzley conversion rate was much better than Squidoo. At this point I'd say Wizzley works well for sales. 

I also roughly track my earnings per thousand visitors. For September the Wizzley earnings per thousand visitors was roughly half the Squidoo earnings per thousand visitors. But Halloween was very good to me on Squidoo. The Wizzley rate isn't far below what my Squidoo rate was earlier in the year.  For October the Wizzley rate is actually slightly better that what I was seeing on Squidoo earlier in the year. 

I should probably track hours spent so I can work out return on effort over time. Because it's so quick to work with Wizzley I think this metric would be good. And it's the most important one for me. 

I'm definitely happy with my earnings on such a new platform. 

Are you Earning Money Online?

Could you earn money online?

If you're reading this and just getting started with writing online then I do recommend Wizzley as a good place to start. I love Squidoo too, but I think Wizzley is simpler to get started with. Although you will need to sign up for an adsense id and an Amazon associate id (and Zazzle and AllPosters if you want to use them too) - don't worry you can start writing without these things, there are help pages and the forums here are very helpful. 

Do you want to Earn Money Online too?

Join me on Wizzley


Updated: 03/30/2012, TerriRexson
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Mira on 11/18/2014

I can't believe that in six months your revenue increased from $8.77 to $1157.50. I have 123 wizzles now and am making very little. But then again, I'm only using Amazon and Zazzle (and AdSense). I would be curious, if you'd care to update this, how your wizzles are doing now that Google has hit sites like Wizzley hard in searches.

cmoneyspinner on 09/07/2013

A hundred pages??!!! Forget the motherload. Kill me now!! :)

WriterArtist on 06/12/2013

The article is very inspiring. I see that when one reaches 100 pages, the earnings start to show very consistently.

lauryallan on 11/03/2012

Waw what a great return for writing a few articles. I should really get my skates on and start writing.

Jerrico_Usher on 09/29/2012

Your welcome! I'm contemplating a documentary on the subject but I need to better my skills first in videoography :)

Jerrico_Usher on 03/30/2012

I saw the page but didn't spent time reading it yet, I'm exhausted, these all nighters are starting to suck, I'll take a look when I get up in 8 hours, Id be happy to give you tips when I get used to the horse- I know how to ride, but now I need to learn to ride THIS horse and a lot of things I'd never messed with. I'll inevitably make wizzies when I'm schooled to offer my own brand of insight- I think your doing pretty well, and your well spoken by the way. I can see a few things that may help your wizzies earn more but I'll suspend opinions until I practice, I find sometimes my opinions change as I learn and develop better insight... Maybe you can take a look at my next few wizzes as they will be like yours but designed my own way based on my experience :) May not be till next week I want to get the 3 in the oven published first (other topics).

TerriRexson on 03/30/2012

Did you read the article? It's not the typical guru stuff. It should give you some insight into how I approach monetization. (And probably how I'm getting it all wrong and should be making more money - if so, tips gratefully received.)

Jerrico_Usher on 03/30/2012

I'm well versed in affiliate marketing concepts and internet marketing but it's more of a book smart thing, I've dabbled but never really pushed into it full force- I started to on HP and as it was getting exciting I got my hub knees blasted from under me- I think once I get the hang of all the tools and how to exploit them (i.e. how to create in-line links, the ebay/amazon I'm pretty sure I got down) I'm going to become a ninja with this stuff... Luckily the past 4 years have given me plenty o f content/material to use I just have to stop trying to reinvent the hub and just correct grammar etc and post it, tweak a few things for aesthetics and push hard into learning the money making components- I'd like to see 300 a month in 4-6 months, you showed it's possible, now its' time to give it a whirl :) (then write my own stats articles likely)...

TerriRexson on 03/30/2012

Most of the topics were timeless but pages will get an annual update to make sure products are still the ones I'd recommend. And I'll work in new products that come out during the year. But yes, I hope much of it will come back.
I have a couple of my own sites, and they do just fine, but I'm useless at sticking to a topic. And I don't want the headache of owning a ton of domains.
Check out http://wizzley.com/how-to-approach-af... to see how I go about things. I consider myself a real amateur though, I've still got lots to learn.

Jerrico_Usher on 03/30/2012

was it timeless i.e. will it kick back in next year or was it focused on the 2011 year? Your really inspiring me... if you can do it here (and elsewhere) thus can I :) I had 48 sites and it was too much to keep up with especially when panda killed everything last year (or was it caffeienated content?), I moved everythign to HP and the money started to fly- using just ebay/amazon and only ramping up then bam, I'm at day one again... but... once you do it once it's half as hard to do it again... look forward to reading your hubs, I really want to get how your monetizing down... tis an artform I'm new in here, and was just getting used to on HP, I've always just used basic adsense, but am realziing a lot of money left on the table- so I'm scrambling to learn fast and deploy deploy deploy!

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