Working From Home is My Dream Come True

by dustytoes

After many years of working out in the world and making little money, I now have a dream job, and do it from home.

For many women, including me, working outside the home is sometimes a nice escape from the mundane household chores and demands of children. But while we are away, the housework is usually piling up, and often we worry too much about the kids while we are away from them.

In my younger years, a good portion of the little money I earned was handed to a babysitter or day care center. Not only that, I hated leaving my kids. Other than child care, which can be very nerve-wracking and unprofitable, earning money while working at home seemed like an unattainable dream.

Dream Jobs Take Time to Achieve

With patience and hard work you can have a dream job

This page about my dream job is meant to inspire you to look for something you can do to make money- a little or a lot- while also using your talents. I believe that we are meant to use our God-given talents to use in this life and it's what will ultimately make us happiest.

I love to draw and be creative with paper and pencils and use graphic programs to design images to sell as stationery and gift products.  I work full time running my business associated with an online print-on-demand company called Zazzle.  Zazzle has given me, and many others, the opportunity to earn money using my artwork and designs.

This is a dream job for me, but it took years to get to this point.

Are you happy with the job you have?

How happy are you with the way you earn an income?

Diving Into Something New and Unknown

Sometimes we have to take big chances in order to move forward.

dive inI've worked all my life.  From my first job at the age of 15 working at McDonalds, to my years of being a Para-professional in the Florida school system, I never made more than $6.70 an hour. I didn't need to make a lot of money because my income just supplemented my husbands paycheck.   Without a degree or career I knew that I would never be able to make enough to support myself if I had to, and one day, I had to!

I found an online site called where my artistic talents could be put to use and I began to build online "stores" where I sold products and made money.  At first, not much money.  Paychecks were small, but increasing all the time, which kept me going.  Five years later I can support myself while I work from home on my own terms, and I am making much more than six dollars an hour! 

Necessity Is The Mother of Invention

I had to re-invent myself.

I was a middle-aged woman, without a college degree or career when unfortunate circumstances turned my life upside-down.  I could either survive in a small apartment, barely scraping by for the rest of my life, or find a way to improve my life.

I like to think that if someone else can do it, I can too.  And I read in the Zazzle forum that there were store owners on the site who made thousands of dollars a month.  That is all I needed to know.  It was possible to be successful there, and I set out to discover how.

No one is more surprised than I am that I can sit at my computer and earn money.  It did not happen overnight.  I had a lot to learn before I could create images the way I wanted and then the sales picked up.  I still work approximately ten hours a day, seven days a week and my income is steadily increasing.


Anyone In The World Can Sell at Zazzle

If you are interested, read this page and see how simple it is to get started.

If You Had a Choice, Would You Work at Home Or Work at An Office or Business?

There are pros and cons to each work situation

There Are Pros and Cons To Working at Home

You may end up feeling isolated, or find there are too many distractions to accomplish much from home.

If you seriously want to earn a living from your home, don't quit your day job without thinking it through.

For one thing it takes time to build up an online business if you want to work for yourself, and even if you will be working for someone else, there can be drawbacks to being home all the time.

I won't list them all here, but feeling isolated could be a problem.  If the tech support guys show up in your office cube each time the computer has a glitch, remember that they won't be available to help you any more.   Also, if your household has many distractions (such as small children, big children, non-supportive spouse, ringing phones, and animals) you could find it almost impossible to get your work done.

On the other hand if you can focus and be committed to making progress each day, working from home can give you all kinds of freedom.

Helpful Tips For Running Your Zazzle Store

Zazzle has been a wonderful business opportunity for me, and I want to share some ideas for running a successful store at their site.

Artist or Writer?

If you do make money online, which of these ways do you prefer to do it?
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I can't stop writng - it's my passion!
frankbeswick on 02/27/2014


Mira on 02/27/2014

I think it's wonderful that on Zazzle I can combine both. My designs are more writing than anything else, because I can't really draw.

georgettejohn on 03/18/2013

BUT... I love working in my woodshop too, building frames, mirrors, furniture...

katiem2 on 08/25/2012

I write here there and everywhere. I love answering peoples burning questions so I do that a lot for Google ???'s It's very rewarding and satisfying for me, plus I do earn a nice chunk of change. :) One day I hope to get on board the imagery train of Zazzle and yet I constantly find myself writing.

katiem2 on 04/08/2012

I love writing, it is my passion and yet I'm equally as passionate about art, design and photography, just never thought I could put it to good use...

poshcoffeeco on 12/30/2011

I really enjoy writing but I am also interested in anything creative where you have to make or design online. I love to see a job well done.

Jimmie on 10/24/2011

Words are my tools. I like explaining things and organizing ideas. Online writing has worked well for me.

barbarab on 08/11/2011

I can copy but cannot draw...I love pyrography!!
I have a round piece of wood all sanded and waiting...but no muse yet :)
this is an awesome article!! loved it!!

petunia on 08/10/2011

I am not very good artist, but I do like to create. So I write - at Wizzley, Squidoo, Webnuggetz - and create stores at Nezi. The internet is filled with opportunities for people who are willing to work! Though it is hard to explain to people who are not doing it!

mandeesears on 08/09/2011

Writing is what I lean towards but I would love to spend some more time creating products for my Zazzle store. you are an inspiration Pam!

Art, design, photography - being creative makes me happiest
onepagearticles on 10/27/2011

Definitely through selling art on Zazzle and in any other way, also combining my art with writing like how to draw articles do quite well with Affiliate sales too. There are always new income streams with art that you can try and for me ebooks, selling art CD's and physical artwork on Ebay are the top earners for me at the moment together with Zazzle of course.

skeffling on 10/25/2011

Both are awesome, I couldn't choose between photography and writing!

ohcaroline on 08/14/2011

I have to say that art, design and photography makes me the happiest...but writing is so close behind, it's difficult to compare the two.

How Would You Survive Without The Income You Now Count On?

Too many people don't face the reality that life can change that drastically.


I don't want to be all doom and gloom here, but most people who feel very comfortable in life don't realize how suddenly things can come unglued and disintegrate.  It could happen for a number of reasons and you'll kick yourself maybe for not seeing it coming, but by then it will be too late.

I worked all my life yet nothing I did was moving me forward and I didn't care.  Woman mostly get stuck in this position because the man is still traditionally the one who makes the big bucks.  Polls will show that woman usually make less than men even when they are doing the same jobs.

I think society still looks as us (women) as needing a man to get by, so we can therefore do with less.  That is how I see it, and I don't like it.  Then, when and if, women end up alone, they can't make enough to survive and that is a big problem.

The point I am making is to start thinking now about building up something you can fall back on if you ever need to.  Everyone will say the same thing about earning money online - It doesn't happen overnight!

Updated: 09/17/2014, dustytoes
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Are you pursuing a dream job?

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ologsinquito on 03/03/2014

Working from home really is a dream come true. No doubt about it.

Mira on 02/27/2014

Thanks, Pam! I'm rather overworked these days but I do try to make time for Zazzle and for promoting those items. The fact that people are pinning and buying some of them is a good signal.

dustytoes on 02/27/2014

@Nate .. thank you!
@Mira - glad to hear that Zazzle is working out for you. It can be a slow go at first. I no longer spend 10 hours a day at it. I did that when I rented a place and had little else to spend my time on. I hope you will make your dream happen soon!

Mira on 02/27/2014

Pinned it onto Wizzley Welcomes Writers :)

Mira on 02/27/2014

This is a great article. I so agree with your point that we need to start thinking about a safety net for tomorrow now, because it does take time. I am glad you were here on Wizzley when I started, because you inspired me to try Zazzle, and after some terrible attempts in the beginning, I feel I am finally on the right track. I am also beginning to sell my own designs. So great news on that front. I don't have 10 hours a day seven days a week, so I may need a lot of time to make my dream happen, but I hope it WILL happen eventually, sooner rather than later.

NateB11 on 02/27/2014

Very encouraging story and words.

dustytoes on 03/19/2013

I appreciate that you read about my dream job, georgettejohn.

georgettejohn on 03/17/2013

Thank you've given me hope...and inspiration to keep trying. Your article is a true motivator!

dustytoes on 03/15/2013

It does take time to see good results for your efforts when working online (or offline), but once you hit your stride and find exactly what it is you were made to do, it will motivate you. You may never find out what that is unless you make the effort. I wish you much success mouse1996.

dustytoes on 02/21/2013

Thank you for reading and you're welcome!

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