Wizzley Success Strategies - Interview With Paula Atwell

by chefkeem

Success strategies for profitable online writing only develop with years of experience. In this 3-part video interview, Wizzley author Paula Atwell shares her insights and tips.

Making money with online articles is not something you can learn overnight. It is no coincidence that the word 'article' contains the word 'art'. Yes, it's the artful composition of authenticity, topic selection, writing style, and page design that attracts readers and buyers to our online content.
In addition to being an artist herself, Paula is also a smART business woman owning a successful art gallery in Cleveland, OH. When years ago she decided to become an online author, she treated this just like her offline business - with determination, industriousness, and persistence.

Paula Atwell On Wizzley

For many years, Anne (nightowl) and I had known Paula for her generous community spirit as well as her outstanding body of online work on Squidoo, Hubpages, Squidlog, and several of her own web properties. So we invited her to be our first beta tester for our new "baby": wizzley.com. Paula signed on with her familiar online ID: lakeerieartists. Her feedback was---and still is---priceless.

At the time of this writing, Paula has crafted 152 quality Wizzley articles that already made her some money. Her 212 fans (among Wizzley members) watch closely. They know that there's always something to learn from her new articles. Are you a fan of Paula, yet? 

Now, sit back and enjoy these 3 interview videos about tips and tricks, success strategies, and how to make more money with Wizzley.

What To Write About And How To Present Yourself Online

Part 1 of Paula Atwell's success strategies for Wizzley authors

Take-Aways From Part 1

  • Write about what you know; your confidence will shine through in your writing and earn you the trust of your readers.
  • Be very specific with your topics and write about personal experiences. Although people are mainly looking for factual information, they also want to be able to relate to the author.
  • Even if you don't want to show your own picture, feature a person as your profile image; people relate better to people. Then identify your personality through your writing. However, certain topics (medical; health advice; life changers) should be presented by a real person. 

Better Conversions With Highly-Specific Niche Topics

Part 2 of Paula Atwell's success strategies for Wizzley authors

Take-Aways From Part 2

  • Find a very specific topic that still can be divided into several ultra-specific subtopics.
  • Write articles on all those subtopics and then link them together in a circle (one article links to the next one, and so on), or by creating an "index article" (hub article) about the main topic, which then features links to all the subtopic pages.  

The Benefits Of Community Involvement

Part 3 of Paula Atwell's success strategies for Wizzley authors

Take-Aways From Part 3

  • The Wizzley forum is very welcoming and nurturing; you can ask all the questions you may have never been able to ask before.
  • By participating in the forum you gain exposure for your articles and increase your traffic numbers.
  • There's so much to learn in the forum, especially because of our international membership.
  • You can even win money through contests, which will always be announced first in the forum.
  • You'll find out about new features by following the Official Wizzley News forum topics.

Six Of Paula's Best Wizzley Articles

For more information, please look up "lakeerieartists" on wizzley.com
Fried green tomatoes are a Southern treat, and so are fried red tomatoes, and they are really good as a side dish for lunch and dinner.
What are your goals when you write an article online? Are you striving to get a lot of traffic or to convert sales?
If you are considering using Google Adsense to make money online, here are some basic instructions, and information on how to set it up so that you can track your progress.
In less than one year, Wizzley has proven itself to be a powerful platform to make money by writing online.

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DerdriuMarriner on 11/28/2018

chefkeem, Thank you for the biography, links and practicalities. In particular, I appreciate the visual and written reinforcements through the three videos and their takeaways.
Have you held contests with cash prizes, and when's the next?

MBC on 10/10/2014

Makes sense to me.

kimbesa on 06/14/2013

I'll be coming back to this article as a refresher, over and over. Thanks!

vikksimmons on 03/04/2013

I love reading Paula's thoughts on anything to do with online writing. Pinned this, shared on FB and all that stuff.

lakeerieartists on 03/23/2012

Pictures on the wall are for sale. :)

BarbRad on 03/23/2012

I always appreciate Paula's tips. And I do have to admit that I admired the pictures on the wall.

JoHarrington on 03/21/2012

Those were really useful interviews! Thank you. :)

sheilamarie on 03/19/2012

It's great to connect with the real Paula and Chef through these interviews. It brings new interest to their other wizzles. Thanks for doing this, Chef, and thanks, Paula, for sharing your knowledge so generously.

katiem2 on 03/19/2012

I also wanted to add, I feel its very advantageous to have a real image of yourself, the author, just as you would an authors picture in any book your write. I really enjoy giving myself to my readers, making that connection it is for this reason you may notice I end each article I write with a personal closing. I've learned my readers feel a bond with me Katie the writer, one with a name, face and personality they can depend on to be consistent. I am who I am and they connect to me for these reasons. If they were to see me on the street they would recognize me as Katiem2. Great article and wonderful interview.

Much Love and Success, Katie

katiem2 on 03/19/2012

Really cool, I love this concept. I know and trust Paula completely, she really knows her stuff and is very versatile in her ventures. Great interview Paula, and you didn't do so bad yourself Chef, love the accent :)

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