Wizzley Quality Requirements and Restricted Topics

by WizzleyTeam

To provide maximum value to authors and readers, Wizzley has established extended quality requirements and Wizz-Nots.

Wizzley is a community of writers – we value our community as much as we value the written contributions of our authors. Wizzley is a platform for building relationships as well as for publishing quality content. This is part of our distinctiveness.

We may amend these requirements at any time and authors are encouraged to review this page occasionally.

Content Quality Standards

How we add value

Wizzley will grow in value for authors, readers and the owners if we insist on quality standards.

Our core standard is the submission of original content, with a minimum of 400 words.  The search engines, particularly Google, value original content and so do our readers who are tired of reading rehashed or heavily spun articles.

We also insist on a balance between original content and advertisements.  Our rule of thumb is that 400 words of original content allows for up to eight advertisements (including AllPoster images).  Each additional advertisement over this limit requires an additional 50 words of original content (not including a description of the advertised product or service).


How do I know that I am adding value?

A good way into this issue is to ask yourself these questions:

  • Does my article provide something useful to the reader (over and above the advertisements)?
  • Would my article encourage a reader to return to my articles and Wizzley?
  • Do I have the reader in mind when I write or is my focus solely on making a sale?
  • Will the reader be enriched in understanding, knowledge, or insight as a result of my article?
  • Am I adding some original ideas born of my experience or unique perspective?


Editorial Actions and Article/Author Status

As creators and editors of Wizzley, we have the right to determine whether we will accept or reject submitted articles or require amendment or removal (refer Terms of Service).

Our editorial actions are as follows:

  • Marked:  requesting the author to make specified amendments.  The article is returned to “unpublished” status and we are advised when the article is republished.  We will review the re-submitted article to ensure that it meets our quality standards and has been amended in accordance with our request.
  • Locked:  article is no longer available to the author and is removed from access by the search engines (will drop out of search engines index).
  •  Account Deleted: this option is reserved for the extreme event where an author blatantly violated the Wizzley TOS. Access to the author's account is removed. Author may contact Wizzley to request backup copies of their work within 30 days.

When do we mark articles?

Articles are marked for revision by the authors when one or more of the following aspects are present:

  • Article does not contain 400 words of original content
  • The balance between original content and advertisements is not right
  • Over-promotional in nature
  • Numerous spelling or grammatical errors are present
  • Meaningless sentences or clumsy construction of sentences (obvious signs of spun articles).
  • Article adds little in way of value to the reader
  • Lacks integration – involves a series of disconnected modules or statements
  • Contains images that are not appropriately attributed
  • Duplicate content to an unacceptable level
  • Keyword stuffing (excessive use of the same keyword)

When do we lock articles?

The circumstances in which we lock articles are:

  • Spammy articles – where the sole purpose is to promote a product or service
  • Duplicate content – direct copy of material published elsewhere
  • Involves a topic on our “Wizz-Not” list
  • Article offers nothing of value to the reader

When do we delete an account?

Accounts are deleted where one or more of the following circumstances exist:

  • Demonstrated anti-social behaviour on Wizzley or other social networking site
  • Abuse of the Wizzley facilities (e.g. comment spamming)
  • Significant breach of the Terms of Service of Wizzley (e.g. assuming the identity of another person on the Internet or linking to adult sites or sites with spurious content)
  • Repeated spammy articles or articles of very low quality
  • Frequently ignoring requests for revision of articles
  • Author of multiple articles that have been locked for the reasons given above.


The Wizzley WizzNots

Restricted topics you cannot write about

wizznots - restricted topics on wizzleyIn line with our Quality Requirements, we have identified the “Wizz-Nots” – the topics that we generally do not accept on Wizzley, unless we deem it to be a professional article of exceptionally high quality.

We cannot support these topics because they are over-exposed on the Internet, encourage spam or result in “articles” that are over-promotional. These topics tend to be associated with affiliate programs or products that use hype for promotion, offer “miracle” results or make unsubstantiated claims to either income generation or “cures”. 

In some cases, these topic areas are associated with promotions that are  linked to illegal sites or sites with adult content that are not acceptable to our corporate advertisers.

All articles need to be compliant with Google Adsense program policies. We recommend that authors familiarize themselves with the detailed list of prohibited content here.

In the interests of building real value on Wizzley for authors and readers, we have decided not to accept articles on the following topics:

  • Weight loss and diet pills (or supplements) or reviews of e-books on diet related products/services including Acai Berry.
  • Pharmaceuticals/drugs – reviews and recommendations of drugs and pills 
  • Link exchanges, traffic exchanges, pay-to-read, banner ad farms, MLM, network marketing, pay per click schemes and the like, together with affiliate programs that have a poor reputation on the Internet.
  • “Medical/Alternative Cures” for the like of PMS, yeast infections, acne, PE, snoring, hair loss, breast augmentations, asthma, insomnia, etc. or cosmetic surgery services.
  • Help with love life, flirting, sex life, seducing others, managing your “ex”.
  • Reviews or promotion of (including linking to) dating sites or adult liaison sites.
  • Anything to do with gambling, lotteries, poker, etc.
  • Sites for downloading/copying movies, music, games, software, ringtones or TV shows.
  • Credit card debt, promoting credit card companies, cash gifting, loan company ads, mortgage reduction, Forex, currency or minerals trading, futures, etc. or any topic that offers unrealistic hope for quick debt reduction or fast income generation.

  • Copying and sharing video games, including illegal downloads.

  • Involving or inciting hate, discrimination, violence or injury (incl. bloody, graphic images).

  • Stuff that would be considered R-, X-rated and porn.

  • Lyrics – unless you own the copyright or are providing extended commentary on the lyrics of a song.

  • Google's trademarked terms in the site's URL.

  • Illegal or unethical activities, such as spying, drug use, hacking, cracking, warez, breaching copyright, deception though free games and tv, generating artificial profiles, utilizing black hat marketing systems, etc.

  • Activities that could be harmful to health, such as encouraging readers to induce a miscarriage, become anorexic or engage in unsafe practices.

  • Sales of beer, hard alcohol, tobacco or tobacco-related products (incl. cigars, cigarettes, e-cigarettes, chewing tobacco, or rolling papers).

  • Sales of weapons, ammunition, gun parts, hardware, pistols, rifles, BB guns, sporting guns, air guns, blow guns, stun guns, explosives, and fireworks.

  • Sales of products that are replicas or imitations of designer or other goods.

  • Sales or distribution of coursework or student essays.

This Wizz-Nots list is intended to be indicative not exhaustive.  We will continue to add to this list as the need arises.

Meanwhile, authors have ready access to over 3,500 topic areas provided through Wizzley’s categories.

We are firmly committed to ensuring that Wizzley offers quality articles that are safe for all eyeballs (family friendly, G-rated).

Exceptions may be made on an individual basis for professional, high-quality articles, written by  verifiable authorities on that subject. Especially when writing on medical topics, authors should be prepared to demonstrate their professional expertise and include appropriate disclaimers.

Updated: 07/20/2011, WizzleyTeam

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