How to Find Topics Nobody is Writing About

by Sam

Finding topics nobody is already writing about, but a lot of people would love to read about, is easier as it seems, here some points to get you started.

When I hit the 'publish' button for my Overlapping Content article, little did I know that it would get so much attention! Unfortunately it seems also that it frightened some people off from writing articles about what they perceived as 'well-covered' topics. To cut a long story short, here some ideas and suggestions on how to avoid writing what everybody else is writing about by using your own, unique approach. And no, this is not actually a 'topic list', that would only lead to the same, old problem, of everybody trying to tackle the same stuff! It is more a collection of ideas on how to find and create your own, unique, topic and article list:

Overlapping Content – What that is, why it is bad and how to avoid it!


Live there? Been there? Write about it!

Try to think what somebody that visits, or moves to, your town, or a place you know well, might look for. Here some ideas:


  • Best food in ...
  • Best hotel in ...
  • What to do in ... on a rainy day / with kids / in summer / in winter
  • Schools in ...
  • Dog care in ...
  • Best shop for ... in ...
  • Where to buy ... in ...
  • Cheapest ... in ...

I think you get the idea ;-) If you live in a really big place, like New York, you might want to drill that down to your neighborhood, if not the competition would be too big. But if you are living in a smaller town, just use the town name. Try to think from the perspective of somebody that might come to your town, what are newcomers and visitors typically looking for? What challenges did you face and what did you need to know when moving / visiting that particular location? Think about getting there, around, cheapest way from airport to town etc.

Have it?

Review it!

Go around in your house and see what you have and use on a daily base. Do a quick check to see if somebody already has reviewed this exact item here on Wizzley and if not, check if it is available on Amazon. In the end, you want to make money with your articles here ;-)

And then write a review about said item here on Wizzley! Give it a personal touch by adding why you bought it in the first place (Which problem / need did you want to solve?) and add a review part about how well it performed. People are as likely to look for a solution to a need / problem they have 'Best / cheapest way to do ...' as they are for looking for a direct product recommendation or review.

In fact, you can kill two birds with one stone, ok, two stones, by using your research to write two articles. One aimed at people that are looking for a review of this particular product, one for people that have a problem and don't know which product could solve it best.

People love to read about Problems

– and Solutions!

Similar to the above, but more aimed at situations and everyday problems somebody might have. Here you can take advantage of every misfortune that ever happened to you. Think about what your problems are or were, how you solved them and if there might be other people around that have similar problems and are looking for coping strategies. Some ideas:


  • Special needs you, your family or your pets have.
  • How to cook for somebody with multiple allergies.
  • Taking care of a diabetic cat.
  • Helpful coping strategies when caring for somebody with dementia

Obviously write only about topics you know well, and, especially when writing about medical issues, don't forget to put a disclaimer in!

Everybody is an Expert!

What skill do you have in the off line world that you could write about on line? What are your hobbies and pastimes? If you are a great cook, why not writing about your favorite dishes, with your own photos and recipes included? One word of caution, make sure that you use an approach that reflects how somebody might search for it, like:


  • Quick meals with ...
  • Healthy under 10 minutes dishes ...
  • Lunch or dinner for less than $ ...

Also if you have a treasure chest of old family recipes, especially those of ethnic food, you might want to use this also. But food is not all what you can write about, other things that you are doing on a daily base, and know well, are also great:


How to sew a button back on? The whole household and maintenance field is great, because people are looking more and more online to learn about everyday things. I guess because they are too proud to ask their mother about things like sewing buttons back on ;-)


Or are you collecting something? What about 'How to get started collecting ... ?' 'How to clean ...?' 'How to preserve ...?'

Specific garden tips are also great 'How I did get rid off >insert bug or pest<!'


Think also of problems you had, how and where you searched for a solution and how it worked out for you – or not.


By combining local knowledge and your own experience with a writing approach that keeps in mind the person that is searching for said information can give you an unlimited supply of unique topic and keyword ideas that keep you busy writing for a long time. Make your list, do a quick check here on Wizzley if somebody has already covered your idea and if not, type away ;-)

SEO for Writers and Keyword Research

As for how to write an article for maximum impact in the search engines and for some useful tips about keyword research, I recommend you read Lissie's article below:

If you love to write but are struggling with getting traffic to your articles - this page is for you. SEO for writers is a very simple step-by-step guide to how to make more money.
Updated: 02/16/2012, Sam
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Sam on 03/15/2013

You are welcome Mouse, looking forward to reading it! SY

Sam on 03/10/2013

Ou are welcome Hollie! Glad you found it useful ;-) SY

HollieT on 03/10/2013

This is a really helpful resource when you start to em and ah for new ideas, it's given me a couple of new ideas already. Thanks, Sam.

Sam on 03/10/2013

Rose, it certainly will! SY

Rose on 03/09/2013

Really helpful stuff. Sometimes I get the idea that I am too late to the party and that all the good ideas are taken. I know that is not true, but it gets frustrating. Let's see: your hints were go local, solve problems, and publish about your areas of expertise. Hmmm, maybe if you write a product review as a way to solve a problem it would convert better.

BarbRad on 12/14/2012

I've just published my two latest ideas in other places, but I'll try to use this to find another topic to write about here. Seems all I've done here today is read and comment on what others have written.

EnelleLamb on 06/18/2012

some really great pointers here!

Tolovaj on 06/18/2012

Some useful tips here, although lack of ideas is not my main problem. It is lack of time:)

If I may add another suggestion: some playing with keyword research tools can be of great help. I noticed by accident I compete for same keyword with pretty bad conversion but nobody competes for similar keyword with less searches but much better conversion.

Sam on 03/08/2012

Thanks, Mladen! I am glad you found this article helpful for finding new topics to write about ;-)

Mladen on 03/07/2012

Sam, you wrote down some great advices for us. You article covers a lot of problems new and some experienced writers encounter, Choosing great subject to write about is very important. You guide is just what every online write needs.

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