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by vikksimmons

A short bio on Vikk Simmons, travel writer, online writer and author of travel guidebooks and YA fiction. She's also a primo dog lover who lives with six opinionated canines.

Who am I? Vikk Simmons would be the literal answer but isn't that a question we spend our lives answering? Vikk Simmons is a writer would be the condensed version, I guess. I've spent a lifetime getting to the me I am today. Wrapping it neatly into a short phrase can be a bit tricky.

The writer in me wants to shout out and point you in the direction of my blogs, Facebook Fan Pages, Squidoo, years of writing and books. The reader in me seeks to pull the books from the shelves and spread them across the table with a flourish.

Vikk Simmons - Writer, Reader, and Dog Lover

What happens when a writer must explain herself?

The traveler in me wants to pull up memories and share stories of trips in years past and a life lived in Texas. The dog lover in me wants to splash photos of my dogs across the page and tell you their stories. The reluctant caregiver who's on her third watch wants to share her stories but resists the urge and keeps the lines of privacy distinct. The daughter wants to talk of her elderly mother, their life shared and the impact of decisions that often result in a life put on hold. The overwhelmed caregiver and executrix wants to declare the ups and downs of having to keep two households, one--hers--in storage, while succumbing to living the eBay life. I ask you: Who is Vikk Simmons?

 In the end, I'm a writer. I think writing, I breathe writing, I live writing. A friend once said I "oozed writing." My life is at the keyboard, the music I make comes from the tapping and chuckling sounds it makes. I read, I write, I care, I share. My friendships are mostly virtual and my conversations occur in the moment when you and I connect through the written words that pour out of me and onto that strange thing called the Internet highway. I am Vikk Simmons and this is my corner lot.  

Living a Virtual Life

The tracking of Vikk Simmons online

Yes, that's "virtual" not virtuous. Not that I can't be virtuous now and then but, seriously, we're talking about my online footprint here. Yes, I spend a lot of time at the computer. Sharing what I learn along the way has always been part of who I am, so it's not unexpected to find me developing blogs and fan pages to distribute whatever I find under the rocks along the way. I hope you're intrigued enough to check out my sites. Read, comment, and definitely "like" whenever appropriate. We can all use a little encouragement, yes? 

The Currency of "Likes"

Why "Likes" and Backlinks are Important

Travel With Me Down the Writer's Path
Travel With Me Down the Writer's Path

Where Is Vikk Simmons?

A virtual link map to finding Vikk Simmons online

Down the Writer's Path
My blog on the craft of writing and the business of publishing. Practical solutions for living an "impractical" writing life.

Down the Writer's Path Facebook Fan Page
Join 800+ writers on Down the Writer's Path Facebook Fan Page and enjoy links, news and updates from Vikk Simmons on the craft of writing and the business of publshing.

Vikk Simmons on Squidoo
My main Squidoo page with all my lenses.

Vikk Simmons on Squidoo and Online Facebook Fan Page
Updates and information about online writing and my articles. Check it out and join others and "like" my page. Thanks!

My Dancing Pencils Facebook Fan Page
Keep up with Vikk as she lives the eBay life and shares what updates, articles, and what she learns along the way.

My Dancing Pencils eBay Store
My eBay store. Lots of ephemera and ephemera-related items, along with Papers, pens, pencils, books, postcards, prints, travel memorabilia, photographs, greeting cards, stationary, anything antique, vintage or estate related. Plush toys, anything dogs, and, of course, jewelry. Whatever strikes my fancy.

My Dancing Pencils - My Little Online Shop
Where my out of print travel books are available and one of my teen novels.

Writers Quote Daily
Writers on Writing. Daily quotes about writing, the creative process, authors and the publishing industry that inspire, motivate and sometimes even amuse.

Writers Quote Daily Facebook Fan Page
A mixed bag of additional quotes and information and the Facebook Fan Page for Writers Quote Daily.

Houston Angle Facebook Fan Page
Vikk Simmons shares links, information, and updates about Houston and her city blog Houston Angle.

Houston Angle
Houston travel writer Vikk Simmons explores the nooks, crannies and angles.

Vikk Simmons on Wizzley

A summary of Texas travel guidebooks that explore history, landscape and cities.
A short bio on Vikk Simmons, travel writer, online writer and author of travel guidebooks and YA fiction. She's also a primo dog lover who lives with six opinionated canines.
Looking for a great gift for a gardener? Need gift ideas for your gardening friends? Want some unique gardening gift ideas for the holidays or Christms? Read on.

What Else Is Vikk Simmons Writing About?

Reading the online articles, blogs and fan pages of Vikk Simmons

Don't have time to visit the sites? These RSS feeds will give you a glimpse of what I'm currently up to and allow you to save them to your readers.

My Writing Life
My Writing Life

Down the Writers Path Facebook Fan Page

Playing with Pinterest and books today using this free online tool.Piktochart Online Tool to Create Easy and Fast Pinterest Pinswww.downthewriterspath.comPiktochart fo...
One of my early writing mentors has died. His books were great guiding lights as I progressed on my journey.Author Of 'On Writing Well' Dies At 92www.huffing...
This quote definitely has some legs to it.kayedacus.files.wordpress.comkayedacus.files.wordpress.com
Once again it's time for Book-In-A-Week. If a member sign up. If not, sign up so you can participate next month. My goal is 21 pages.Book-in-a-Week.comwww.book-in...

What's Online Writing?

What's new in Squidoo, Wizzley and Online Writing
FREE Today! VIDEO MAGIC is featured on The Books Machine and is free today. Good read for young teens, mother-daughter clubs, and anyone who might want a new read.Time...
So this morning I discovered it was National Dog Biscuit Day. I immediately wrote a post to highlight my book Easy Homemade Dog Treat Recipes. :) Check it out.National...
One of the things I'm exploring is the creation and updating of Facebook fan pages. Here's one I created for my new book VIDEO MAGIC.VIDEO MAGICVideo Magic, ...

Join Me for Online Writing Fun

Wizzley is an easy-to-use revenue-generating, online publishing platform that is perfect for writers and entrepreneurs who want to explore a vast array of subjects, promote their work, and find new ways to discuss their favorite topics. The interesting part is that the writing can actually earn you income. So click on the banner and give it a try. Trust me, the learning curve is minimal. It is really easy and a great place to start your online writing or add another venue to your growing web. Join Wizzley

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ohcaroline on 06/28/2011

Welcome to Wizzley Vikk. You certainly are a hard worker. I wish you the best of success here.

AJ on 06/13/2011

Vikk, I have watched as you have worked so hard to grasp what is needed to be able to write online and it is great to see how you are developing your knowledge with such determination :)

WordCustard on 06/10/2011

Yes, you know you are writer when you simply can't NOT write, just as dancers can't not dance and artists can't not paint. You are even more prolific a writer than I knew and I look forward to discovering more of your writing portfolio, Vikk.

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