A Day Clock Makes Life Easier For Senior Citizens, Especially Those With Alzheimer's Or Dementia

by gottaloveit

A day clock that tells the day of the week, time of day, and the date can make life much easier for a senior citizen friend, especially one with Alzheimer's or dementia.

I first found out about day clocks when I was researching a way for my Mom to feel more comfortable knowing what day it was. The bonus of having a day clock in my house was also that I, as her primary caregiver, also knew what day it was. There were literally days on end where I had no clue if it was Monday, Tuesday, etc.

I prefer the digital day clocks as, sometimes, those with Alzheimer's or dementia lose the ability to tell time on a regular clock but reading continues as normal. A digital day clock gives easily shows the time in digital format - this is a much easier clock to read for senior citizens as there's no clock hands to try and figure out.

Type of Day Clocks For The Elderly

There are basically two types of day clocks that work well for senior citizens:

  1. Analog day clocks. Analog day clocks are round, like normal clocks. These day clocks can be confusing to those senior citizens with Alzheimer's or dementia as the hands may make it difficult to read the clock.

    GoodGiftsForSeniorCitizens.com has a very nice selection of day clocks.

  2. Digital day clocks. I much prefer a digital day clock as it takes the guesswork out of telling the time. I actually bought an analog clock first and returned it for my digital day clock. I'm much happier now.

Day Clocks on Amazon.com

Dementia Digital Calendar Day Clock / with Non-Abbreviated Day & Month.

What makes this DayClox day clock so unique is that both the DAY and the MONTH are fully spelled out! Many elders suffering from memory loss due to stroke, dementia, Alzheimer's...

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Ivation Big Oversized Digital Blue LED Calendar Clock with Day and Date - Shelf or Wall Mount (12...

Large and wide, the clock has a beautiful, bright display that shows the time clearly with AM and PM indicator that shines. The calendar in the lower part is showing day of the ...

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DayClocks Classic Oak Day Clock

This day clock tells the day of the week ONLY.

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DayClocks SCO Small Contemporary Oak DayClock

DayClock's patented design divides the face of the clock into seven equal pie shaped sections, one for each day of the week. Perfect for anyone who is fortunate enough to measur...

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Know What Type Of Day Clock You Need

When purchasing a day clock, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Does your elderly loved one need to know whether it's day or night? If so, this Dementia Day Clock is the only one I could find that reads out 'It is now morning (evening or night).

  2. Where will the clock most likely be placed? If it's on a wall across the room from the favorite rocker of your senior citizen friend, go with the digital every time. It will be much easier to use from a distance.

  3. How bright do you need the readout to be? Some day clocks are very easy to read. On some of these types, the light can even be dimmed so reviewers use them as night lights too!
Updated: 08/26/2014, gottaloveit
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