Raised Toilet Seats Give The Elderly A Leg Up

by gottaloveit

I had never even heard of toilet seat risers but they fit right on top of the toilet and add as much as 8" in height making it much easier for a senior citizen to use the toilet

Yes, the topic of raised toilet seats may not be a particularly popular thing to write about, but, from one who cared for an elderly Mom for 5 years, it’s a topic well worth sharing.


When my 90 year old Mom, Gertie, moved in with me after my darling Dad’s death, I had no idea how to properly care for her. But, boy, I sure did learn fast! And, one of the things I learned quickly was that life gets hard to live as we age.

My Mom used to say that getting old was not for the faint of heart. As we age, it becomes difficult to do everyday things – a spoonful of soup rarely hits the target (unless the target is one’s lap), print in books magically gets smaller, and it becomes much more difficult to sit down or rise from a favorite spot, which, sometimes, by sheer necessity, is the toilet!

That’s why I wanted to share the topic of raised toilet seats. These toilet seat risers make the toilet from 2 to 8 inches taller so it’s much easier to sit and stand up from the pot. In fact, I wish someone had told me about these when I was recovering from knee surgery – it sure would have made life more pleasant.

So, come with me and let me introduce you to the world of raised toilet seats. You might just have a senior citizen loved one who could benefit from your newfound knowledge.

Raised Toilet Seat Options

There are a few options for raised toilet seats, the most notable is whether the toilet riser has arms or not.

We preferred toilet seat risers with arms as it was much easier for Mom to steady herself as she was sitting or standing. As an alternative, it's possible to take a walker and use that for the arms, but, for smaller bathrooms, a toilet seat riser with arms is the way to go.

Note: If a toilet seat has arms, it's really important to disinfect the arms after each use. Ok, maybe not after every use but frequently...please.

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Things To Think About Before Buying A Toilet Seat Riser


1. Make sure you don't buy a raised toilet seat that is too high. My Mom had shrunk to a bare 4'10" by the time of her death at 95, so an 8" riser would have left her little legs a danglin'. If in doubt, have your senior citizen friend sit on a closet toilet on top of a book that is equivalent to the height of the toilet seat riser in mind. They should easily be able to sit down and stand up without scooting forward, etc.

2. Make sure to match the shape of your toilet seat riser to the toilet. Toilets today come in round or elongated so make sure to buy the right shape.

Also, make sure that you securely lock the raised toilet seat to the toilet, otherwise, it could swivel. And, I suggest that you check the lock every single day as it's dangerous should the toilet seat riser move.

Updated: 08/26/2014, gottaloveit
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CSMcClellan on 08/27/2014

Much healthier would be a side with arms, but no riser. Squatting would be impossible, of course, but it actually helps intestinal action that prevents constipation. The higher the seat, the more difficult it is to get things moving.

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