How to Find the Decorative Replacement Toilet Seat of Your Dreams

by Regi_B

Does that Title Describe a Thing that People Shop for? Let's Suppose It Does!

Grandmas -- we all have them. They are fun, and loving, and will leave us with warm fuzzies -- assuming they are doing the grandma thing right. Some of those warm, fuzzy grams are just the type of people to buy a replacement toilet seat that is decorative -- but then, so are some other people.

If you would rather skip the reading and go right to shopping for a toilet seat to liven up the decor of your loo, here is a link for you.

Now, if you are here to laugh and learn, this is the article for you.

Really, there may be a decorative toilet seat for just about any person -- from one who appreciates subtle style to one who wants to put a humorous seat cover on their man cave toilet. As such, this article will take a look at the fun that is the decorative toilet seat.

Are You Ready for More? Good!

Toilet seats have been with us for probably as long as the toilet. I say "probably" because you sit upon a toilet to use it, after all.

Your toilet surely has an existing seat upon it -- and perhaps it is one that makes you laugh, or at least smile. Still, as you are reading here, perhaps it is not.

If your toilet seat leaves you wanting for comfort and/or style (flashy or reserved), you can remedy your situation -- not with Pepto Bismol, but with a new, better, prettier (if you so choose) toilet seat.

Just so we know what we are all talking about, let it be clear this is not a decorative replacement toilet seat:

In fact, if you see anything that looks like a toilet seat in the image above, we need to have a talk! Ouch!

A Decorative Replacement Toilet Seat Is:

  • Classy (or at least, "classy"),
  • Not the be all, but maybe the end all,
  • A conversation starter*,
  • Something that makes your toilet unique,
  • The bathroom decor catalyst (I'm not sure I know what that means!).

*There are no guarantees about the kind of conversation that will get started.

The Best Decorative Replacement Toilet Seat for the Money

If budget is the emphasis in this equation -- and isn't it always -- then you can expect the most savings if you in fact buy the replacement toilet seat decor without the replacement toilet seat.

Now, if you are asking yourself, "What weirdness is Regi B. talking about? Has he been drinking toilet water again?", I can't blame you.

In fact, I have not been drinking toilet water (lately). There is a company out there called Toilet Tattoos. The name says it all, really. They make applique decals you apply to your regular, average toilet seat lid to make it stand out. From sea shells to moose, leopard print to palm fronds, Toilet Tattoos will cover you at a fraction of the cost of a new decorative toilet seat.

In fact, the covers come in rounded or elongated, and are removable and reusable -- which lends itself to holiday and party themes! Toilet seat decor you can change when you want has a certain appeal!

How to Save Money on a Decorative Toilet Seat

If a decorative "sticker" to spruce up your toilet seat is just not your thing, you can still save some smackers on a new toilet seat cover. To be sure, decor is in the eye of the beholder.

You may well find something that pleases your eyes in a lower price range online. Here is a link to decorative toilet seats sold under $10 on Amazon.

May you find something to your liking there!

Yours in Clever Decor,

--Regi B.

Updated: 05/30/2013, Regi_B
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Rose on 11/25/2013

They look like a pretty way to update an existing toilet seat.

Regi_B on 05/30/2013

Thank you for saying so! I hope you have a lovely day, as well!

GeorgiaRose on 05/30/2013

Very unique toilet seats! I like the Victoria feather seat best. Hope your day is lovely~

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