Duck Tape Sheets for Crafty Peeps Who Do Crafting

by Regi_B

Be crafty with this here type of Duck Tape duct tape. (Tongue twister, anyone?)

Are you a crafty do-it-yourself-er-er (er)? Do you like to make your own things, like wallets and snow shovels, or whatever?

If so, silly me has a semi-serious message for you. Buy Duck Tape brand in sheets to make your crafty craft-time hobby craftier.

Did that make sense? Good. (Good works whether you said "yes" or "no", somehow.)

In this wizzle-wazzle here on Wizzley, we are going to explore Duck Tape Sheets.

The Uses of Duck Tape Sheets

The makers of Duck Tape Sheets want you to know they come in many colors, and prints, and are quite useful in making crafts. Here are some things you can do with Duck Tape Sheets:

  • Make a faux potted plant,
  • Mend a jack-o-lantern,
  • Make your own wallet,
  • Fold a brilliant ring made of tape,
  • Build a car.*

*Please note: This would be a massive undertaking, and is not recommended, unless you have a "ton" of time on your hands.

Duck Tape Sheets Pros

Oh! How I could opine about Duck Tape Sheets....

Wait! This is not about Duck Tape prose. It's also not about people who are pros at using Duck Tape Sheets (though I would like to learn about those pros -- "those pros", get it?). No! This is about what makes Duck Tape Sheets something crafty folks would want to use.

Here goes the pros:

  • Sticky,
  • Yet neat,
  • 'nough said.

Are There Cons to Duck Tape Sheets?

While I am sure the people who make Duck Tape Sheets might well wish us to believe there are no "downsides" to this product, that would be tomfoolery. (Who is this Tom Foolery, anyway!)

My mamma used to say, "No product is perfect." (She said something like that.)

Of "cons" to this product, I will say that -- as is typical with craft materials -- it seems you do not get "a lot". The sheets are sold in packs of six for $10. I would love to see them sell at 10 for $10.

That said, you can also buy them online -- on Amazon -- "by the sheet". This is neat because it enables you to mix-and-match. Sure, duct tape wallets are cool, but what about a two-tone or three-tone wallet made of Duck Tape of different styles? Whoa!

That is a special, unique, DIY wallet, for realz!

Updated: 10/26/2012, Regi_B
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