How to Drink Wine from a Glass that Will Not Break

by Regi_B

Some Say "Shatterproof". Others Opine "Unbreakable". I Say "Outstanding"!

Did I really just write "opine"? Yes. I did, indeed.

Oh! If you arrived here and all you really want to do is shop for wine glasses that don't break to your heart's content, I understand.

If you want to have fun and learn about shatterproof wine glasses before you decide whether to buy a bunch of 'em, Regi B. (that's me!) is your man with the plan to help you invest your time to find out about unbreakable glass "wine-holding things".

Can you keep up with all that? Good!

There are things that are wine glasses that do not break (usually) and things that are big, ol' stinky, "breaky" wine glasses. Then there are things that are totally not wine glasses at all!

If this is your idea of a wine glass, be afraid!:

A Shatterproof Wine Glass is:

  • Essential for clumsy wine consumers,
  • Mommy's little helper at community potlucks,
  • The right item for holding your wine when you don't want to whine if your glass falls to the floor,
  • A happenin' thang!
  • Not actually made of glass,
  • Typically stemless,
  • Better than goose liver pate bought at a thrift store!

Is that last one even a thing?

See Examples of Unbreakable Wine Glasses Here


I Think This Is the Best Shatterproof Wine Glass for the Fruits of Your Labor You Might Spend on It

Seen here, is an unbreakable wine glass many people have reviewed positively on Amazon. Many non-breakable wine glasses cannot be washed in the dishwasher, because they are plastic, but these can! You will pay more for WineTanium glasses than other brands, but I think you will be glad you did. I like them for their shape -- and the fact they hold wine! ;)

So, How DO You Drink Wine from a Glass that Will Not Break?

Imbibing wine from such a vessel is the same as if it were a regular wine-holding glass. Raise the glass. Say "Cheers!". CLINK! Then drink.

Of course, you have to first acquire the right kind of glass, or this will be all for naught.

Many great unbreakable wine glasses can be acquired at Amazon. With that said, you might do your friends and neighbors a favor and buy local. Where I live in Burlington, Vermont, there is at least one locally-owned store where I can buy shatterproof wine glasses.

Perhaps, a similar sole proprietor exists in your town. If you find one and spend your money there, your cash will stay in your community and help your local economy.

No matter whether you buy sturdy, new break-proof wine glasses online, in your town, or if you have decided these things are not for you, I bid you a healthy "Cheers!".

Thank you for stopping and reading this today.

--Regi B.

Updated: 05/11/2013, Regi_B
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dustytoes on 04/21/2014

I like the looks of that metal wine glass! I have a favorite wine glass that I am just waiting to break - I know one day it will be gone! This is a good idea and especially for parties.
I live in NH and we are big into supporting local stores here too.
Will pin to my wine board.

Rose on 11/25/2013

We need some shatterproof glasses in our house. Those metal ones look great - we can pass them off as the latest in art interiors, whilst keeping the reason reason we got them quiet!

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