How to Buy a Free-Standing Toilet Paper Holder Without Losing Your Bum

by Regi_B

Decorative or Practical, Sometimes You Need a Toilet Paper Holder that Stands on Its Own

You know, you cannot shake a stick at a quality toilet paper holder. (I don't know why you would. I'm just saying you can't!)

By the way, if all you want to do is shop for TP holders, I get that. Amazon awaits!

Now, if you want to be entertained as you shop (or simply browse), stick with Regi B. I am here to please.

Toilet paper holders are there for us like nothing else. We do not clean ourselves with the leaves of a tree (usually), so a ficus in the bathroom is not nearly the necessity of a toilet paper holder.

Still with me? Good!

There are all kinds of toilet paper holders that stand by themselves. Some look rustic -- that is what we call the basic, wooden ones. Others are built for speed -- not really, but there are those made with home decor in mind. These can be made of brushed nickel, or clad in chrome. Others come in oil-rubbed bronze, or even brass.

What is your style? Whatever it is, if you need or want a free-standing toilet paper holder, one can be acquired in the fashion you desire.

Now, before we go much further, I really must say, if this is your idea of a free-standing toilet paper holder, you need to seek help:

A Free-Standing Toilet Paper Holder Is:

  • Sturdy,

  • Sometimes unique,

  • A great place to put a roll of TP (and I am Obvious Man!)

  • Not spoken of in polite conversation (I assume, as polite conversation is not often had in my vicinity),

  • Best served cold.

Okay! That last one is just random! (And a touch creepy!)

The Best Free Standing Toilet Paper Holder for the Money

I did a little perusal of Amazon for you, and based upon customer reviews and a smidgen of my own tastes thrown into the mix, this model from InterDesign is the best. As you can see, this model -- called "Twigs" -- has design touches beyond that of most stand-alone toilet roll holders. It is a fine thing on which to hang your toilet paper! (Did I just write that? Yes. Yes, I did.)

How to Save Money When Buying a New Standing Toilet Paper Holder

In the ongoing human quest to stretch the dollar -- is that a thing people do? Dollar stretching? Are there pictures of this? But dollars are paper! -- we all seek advice on wringing the most value out of our money.

With that in mind, I really have to say, the most important buying consideration should always be value. If I can get something that will last by paying 20-percent more, I will often do that.

Cheap can be both good and bad. Still, if you are inclined to consider price most heavily, I understand. Here is a link for you to free-standing TP holders that cost under $10 on Amazon.

Also, if function is the sole goal, scope out your local Goodwill, where you may sometimes find a (likely used) standing toilet paper roll-y thing, as well.

All the best!

--Regi B.

Updated: 05/11/2013, Regi_B
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