Day of Your Birth

by sketchart26

The day of your birth is a significant day in everyone’s life. This article focuses on the things happening in life when you were born.

Importance of one's History

A great way to remember

These “Day of your birth” sheets are a great place to start when looking at your own history or your families and friends history and make a great gift which will serve as a long term keepsake.

History is an interesting thing and often we look at history as always being about others and not ourselves. Yet the very truth of the story is that even we ourselves have history. But when do we ever take time out to consider the history that surrounds ourselves. Often families at one point or another will take a look at their family tree and research the genology of their ancestors, how they lived, where they worked and what they liked to do. But what most families never do is look at their own sibling’s and what was happening in the world the day they were born. Even as parents the day we first give birth to our unborn child we don’t take time out to stop and see what went on in the world on this very day. Yet when you think about it, it really highlights the start of one’s life.

So as a designer I got to thinking about how I can help other’s to capture the very essence of the relevant things happening in their lives on the day they were born. So I designed ten different designs on stationary which people are able to customise right down to the day their child, niece, nephew or friend was born for them to print and later frame. Each of the designs allows the individual to add when, where and to whom you were born. Your birthstone, star sign, cost of living, the government of the time, sporting facts and historical events that happen the day they were born. All of these details can be altered to match the birth day by simply gathering the information and replacing the exciting text. Font and colour can also be altered.

Obtaining the individuals details

How does one research what was happening the day the person was born?

Astrological signs

Astrology attempts to understand the power of divine bodies on human being dealings. This is represented through the twelve signs of the Zodiac. Your star sign depends on your date of birth.

To find out yours or someone else Astrological Signs Star Signs - Dates & Symbols


A birthstone is a meaningful gift given to a person which is connected with a particular month of the year and zodiac sign. It is considered to attract good fortune for the one that receives it.

To find out yours or someone else Birthstone 

The History and Meaning of a name

Every name has a meaning and originated from some country or culture. Have you ever wondered what your name means and what are its origins? Whether you answered yes or no to my question a great way to find out is by clicking the link below. Gain more knowledge about your name and what it means to you.

To find out the meaning of yours or someone else name Meaning of Names

Cost of living, Government, Sport Facts and Historical Events

To research the cost of living, the government of the time, sporting facts and historical events that were happening on the day the person was born you can access through HistoryOrb Simply select your day, month, year, type and keywords and hit the search Archives button in the “Search Today in History” and all will be reviled.

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Hello There! Im Julz. JulzFineDesigns was created May of 2009. it features cartoon designs photo designs or just simply wording. All cartoon designs were either hand drawn or were created in microsoft publisher.Some of my Designs contain clip arts designed by talented clip art artist. JulzFineDesigns are more so focused on young kids or teenages, but thats not to say you adults wouldnt be intrested =D So if you wish to leave some feedback, ask about one of my designs, or you wish for me to create something in particular, feel free to email me at [email protected]

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