Decorate Your Home With Quilts

by fitzcharming

Quilts are much more than warm bed covers now days. They are a fabric art form that has grown in popularity recently.

Designs are complex, personal, and imaginative. Displaying quilts in the home is a way for quilt makers to enjoy their masterpiece creations every day. Any room in your home can look better with a quilt used as decor as they add warmth and personality to an interior. The quilt featured to the left is a quilt that I made several years ago when I was quilting by hand. It is displayed as a large wall hanging in the foyer of my home. Whether your style is modern, country, traditional, or eclectic, you can find lots of creative ways to decorate your interiors with quilts.

Use Quilts As Wall Art

Quilts Make Great Wallhangings

Hang a quilt on a wall of a room and it instantly becomes a focal point. It’s a great way to set the color scheme for your décor. And you can change them as the seasons and holidays change. A festive Christmas quilt hung on the wall is a unique and personable decorating touch.  Another way to display quilts on a wall is to frame individual quilt blocks and arrange them in a pattern.

Quilts Make Great Sofa And Chair Accent Throws

Quilts can give your home unique design elements that no other has. A smaller lap quilt draped over a favorite comfy chair make the whole room look more inviting. Patchwork quilts can be made to coordinate as pillows on other pieces of furniture in the room. Use the colors as a theme to tie the room together. And you’re likely to stop and relax in the room more often with a favorite quilt beckoning from a cozy corner.

The Traditional Use of A Quilt On A Bed

Do Quilts Really Belong On Beds?

Lots of people use quilts as their bed coverings. I have one that I sleep under every night. It’s made of the softest cotton fabric and worn to the point that I don’t use it as the top bedspread. If you’re going to use a quilt on the bed you will need to decide if it’s purpose is to beautify the bedroom, or to provide snuggly comfort. Usually if you start sleeping under a favorite quilt you will love it so much you’ll wear it out. Of course you wouldn’t sleep under an anitque or award winning quilt either. Nicer quilts can be folded across the foot of the bed or draped on a quilt rack. Once you learn to use quilts to decorate your home you will think of lots of creative ways mix them with your individual style.

Use Big Single Quilt Blocks To Craft Throw Pillows or Other Room Accents

Lots of times quilt remnant can be found at garage sales or online auctions. These can be cut and made into throw pillows to use on a bed or sofa. Or use large individual quilt blocks. It's a quick and simple way to freshen up a room and add character. Or how about taking a damaged quilt and cutting out the good part to make stuffed animals for a child's room?

Use A Quilt As A Table Cover Or Runner

You don’t have to have a bed sized quilt to use one in your home decor. Try arranging a smaller quilt as a table runner or cover. If you find old quilts that have damage on isolated areas, cut out the good part and use as seat covers. Unfinished quilt tops can be lined with lightweight fabric and sewn into curtains. Look around your home and visualize all the places that can be made warm and cozy with a quilt or two.

Updated: 08/29/2014, fitzcharming
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fitzcharming on 09/15/2014

Thanks, some are mine, some are not. But I love to make quilts.

Telesto on 09/04/2014

You are very talented! These quilts look lovely.

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