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by lakeerieartists

If you are an artist, like myself, or you run any kind of outdoor business in the summer, you are always looking for the best directors chairs.

If you are an artist, like myself, or you run any kind of outdoor business in the summer, you are always looking for the best directors chairs. Artists are always in need of directors chairs because artists use directors chairs when they do outside shows in order see the table and customers without always standing all the time.

It is a very long day when doing an art show, or any type of outdoor summer show and a comfortable directors chair is very helpful. But thedirectors chair also needs to be lightweight and easily transported from place to place.

For packing and hauling from place to place, a director's chair needs to be easy to fold, and lightweight but also sturdy.

In my opinion, the tall director's chairs with the metal frames are the best for anyone who does lots of shows. They are a little bit more expensive, but they are also more durable than the wood directors chairs.

Tall Aluminum Frame Director Chair

aluminum director chair

I like the Tall Aluminum Frame Director Chair (pictured to the right) the best because they last longer for people who travel from show to show, and they are more durable than the wooden director chair. The aluminum director chair is slightly more expensive than the wooden director chair, but if you are going to be using it for several shows or over a long period of time it is well worth the investment.

This aluminum director chair has a sturdier base and more of a structure to hold up against the wear and tear of getting in and out of the chair over and over again. It is also a better chair for a larger person.

Wooden Directors Chairs

The wooden director's chairs are also a good buy, but only if you won't be using them every week. Wooden directors chairs pack flat, and usually fit inside a standard car trunk, and are also pretty lightweight. However, my husband and I have managed to break three of them in one year.

I will say that I know many artists and farmers who use the wooden director chairs and love them, and the canvas seats of the wooden directors chairs are pretty comfortable. I just don't think that they take the stress of the folding and unfolding as well as the metal chairs do.

That being said, the wooden director's chairs are usually much less money than a metal director chair, so you are spending less on each chair.

Directors Chairs Replacement Covers

director chair replacement coversAny directors chair you buy should have canvas backs and seats that are replaceable. If not, then don't buy that particular directors chair. Seats and backs should come off and be washable, and replaceable. Depending on your chair, you may find replacements in stores in your area, but most likely only at the beginning of the summer season. After that, you will have to buy replacements online from the manufacturer or distributor.

Brand Name Directors Chairs

directors-chair-newportIf you are looking for well made director's chairs for your patio or indoor use, there are a few excellent brands to keep an eye out for:

Telescope Casual


Gold Metal

All three of these are good brands of director's chairs.

If you think your director chairs will be out in the rain a lot, you may also want to think about waterproofing the chairs. Check when you buy your chairs to see if they have been made for outdoor or indoor use. For indoor use, look for sturdiness and quality. These director chairs won't need to be opened and closed as much. For outdoor use, look for durability, flexibility, and if they are easily packed.

Whatever features you are looking for, director's chairs are great for ease of use, portability and style. They are comfortable to sit on, and can make your booth or room look great.

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lakeerieartists on 10/21/2011

They are comfortable. Trust me, I have sat in them for hours at art shows. :)

mivvy on 10/21/2011

They look great. I wonder if they are comfortable to sit.

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