Why Trendy Cocktail and Trunk Coffee Tables are Excellent for Centerpieces, Storage and Decluttering

by WriterArtist

Coffee evangelists have long competed to raise this beverage above many popular drinks. With people having coffee more than 4 times a day, coffee tables are much needed commodities

Modern day’s Mantra is “Less is More”. With the population exploding, space constraints are growing more and more. That’s the reason chic, trendy cocktail tables and trunk coffee tables are a great value for money and smart buying options.

Small living spaces, flats and condominiums are becoming the norm of the day. With prices shooting and amenities getting costlier every day, it is apparent that one has to live with frugal means. Organizing and decluttering is the key to living, for this reason furniture that takes less space and yet offers larger storage area are preferred.

In that case why not drink the hot beverage in one of the stylish and elegant furniture?
If you want a cool, unique coffee table for your living room that has an appealing design, affordable cost and a fun piece where you can have small cocktail parties with your friends, you need a simple yet trendy design.

The patterns that come today are very creative and imaginative; the wonderful curves of a coffee table can lure you if you are not prepared. Round, square, rectangular, oblong, hexagonal and box types, you can go on and on….there is no limit to the shapes you are expecting to find.

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Unique Trunk Table with World Map

A unique trunk table that has trunk style design which reminds you of royal antiques and vintage era designs. Captivate the spirit of adventure with a subtle world map that is carved on the top of the table. Bring the exotic world tradition of old days when people revived and enjoyed coffee in a traditional cafe conversing worldly matters. A beautiful and perfect accent to the home decor, it has over-sized bun feet that matches the decorative embedded edges.  It consists of exquisite storage drawer to shove away magazines and books. You will love the laminated old world map on the surface that is polished with lacquer. It can be easily identified as a heritage collection that has a touch of genuineness, authenticity and classic finish. You will fall in love with the beautiful design that used hard wood, metal and leather. It is ideal for your living room, guest room study or the foot of your bed.

Elegant Cocktail Tables

Flash Furniture Round Wood Cocktail Table with 30-Inch and 42-Inch Columns, 30-Inch

This versatile commercial grade Cocktail Table features a standard table height column and bar height column. The two column options allow you to optimize your resources when se...

$102.33  $96.8

View on Amazon

Winsome Obsidian Pub Table Round Black Mdf Top with Black Leg And Base

Sleek and stylish all black Pub Table. Round Table Top is veneer in black on MDF with metal black coating for base. Table size 23.66-Inch round by 39.76-Inch high. Easy Assembly.

$79.73  $51.44

View on Amazon

Sauder Carson Forge Lift-Top Coffee Table, Washington Cherry Finish

Carson Forge reminds us of the quality with which American products can still be made. Inspired by recovered materials, the warm native timber Washington Cherry finish, accented...

Only $175.99

View on Amazon

Enitial Lab Finley Rectangular Coffee Table, Black

The clean rectangular top, with an unexpected Z shape foundation base and elevated shelves, adds depth and intrigue to this statement coffee table. Finished in a classic matte b...

Only $114.65

View on Amazon

Brewing Coffee

Popularity of Coffee Beverages and Coffee Tables

-- For a no-nonsense, non-complicated, ancient brew, this beverage has become pretty high-tech. Our ancestors grew up drying the brown cherries in hot sunrays, roasting them in a cast iron cooking pan and then grinding the raw, native beans with a pounder that crushed the beans into perfection.

Brewing the concoction like an accomplished chef, the home cooks knew how to prepare the best coffee beverage on mere house stoves in the semi furnished old barns and farmhouses. This elegant beverage is now a common place and engages many people as the factory brewers, deploying state of art machines and powerful pounders.

Analogous to the Scottish breed of horses, the energy from coffee cannot be under-estimated, it prepares our morning for the kick start with a gallery of snacks and pastries to match the flavour.

No wonder, you will find sleek and classic, unique and distinct coffee tables in a café. Delicious coffee beans and the beautiful coffee tables are irresistible and tempting as ever. Elegant tables laid beside palm trees covered with sunbrellas become more exotic and attractive with the aroma of coffee in air.


Declutter with Trendy Cocktail Tables


Do you remember searching your craft kit last time you tucked it away?

Did it take hours to find the keys of house when you had to rush for an emergency meeting?

Did searching for the car keys ruin your morning yesterday?

Can you find essential items like pen, notebooks, wallet in short duration?

Do you like if your life style is improvised by organization and removing clutter?

By changing habits, patterns and learning new technique, one can get order in your living space. Organize and declutter with the trendy storage cocktail table.

For all coffee fanatics in the world, there is no better way to start the day than a hot cup of espresso decoction full of flavor and aroma of the green java plants on one of the designer cocktail tables in their bedroom or kitchen for comfort and ease. The brew has so far remained one of the most popular hot drinks that can be taken any time in the day and any part of the world, hence the need of a portable coffee table all year round and round the clock.


Trendy Cocktail Tables as Centerpieces


With their multi-functionality, the trendy designed tables have many uses, the cocktail tables can also be showcased as centerpiece furniture. With constrained space, interior decors have to confine with limitations but coffee tables have become an indispensable amenity for living room décor. The modern storage tables are an asset when you observe that a wide assortment of everyday articles like magazines, coasters and stationery can be chucked out of sight in a jiffy.

Chic coffee tables with glass-top can become a center and focal point of a living room. Contemporary and exceptionally designed art deco tables can become a rare centerpiece and lifelong asset. Birch and oak finish wooden cocktail tables that have a pedestal base can be used to store newspapers and books.

Trunk Tables Good for Home Decor and Aesthetics?

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Yes - If organized and kept clean, they look gorgeous.
DerdriuMarriner on 08/12/2022

In particular, I like the attraction of a designated coffee-drinking place that also accommodates drawers or shelves for such things as one's keys and, in the case of the trunk table with the world map, that serves as an entertainingly educational, educationally entertaining conversation piece.

Trunk Coffee Table

Trunk Coffee Table
Trunk Coffee Table

Storage Coffee Tables on YouTube

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Do You Think Trunk Tables Go Well with Home Decor?

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DerdriuMarriner on 08/12/2022

WriterArtist, Thank you for product lines, pretty pictures and practical information.

In particular, I favor the trunk table with the world map.

But I see that any one of the other tables -- from storage to hidden compartment with shelving to chrome-finished glass to the bare, two-shelf simplest tables -- would work as anniversary, birthday, holiday gifts to oneself, one's family members, one's friends.

Would coasters and serving tray be enough to protect the glass table from scratches and temperature extremes or would there need to be a tablecloth for coffee-serving times?

WriterArtist on 07/05/2013

Dear Katie,
Trunk coffee tables can serve as storage units in addition to complementing the interior decor. Antique trunks can be of great value, the quality of the wood is superb and the vintage designs are rare.

katiem2 on 07/04/2013

Oh my goodness your are a designing genius after my own heart. I have forever and a day been a huge fan of trunks. I collect trunks. I started collecting antique trunks and have since added a few modern designs to my collection. Love the designs and ideas you've shared here today.

WriterArtist on 06/30/2013

Hi Mira,
Nowadays people want 2 in 1 pieces of furniture which would serve more than one purpose. Trunk tables can achieve that without looking boring.

Mira on 06/28/2013

This is a great page, showing a variety of coffee table styles. I have to say I haven't considered trunk tables for coffee tables, but it would certainly be a conversation piece! :)

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