Disney Frozen Bathroom Decor and Accessories

by Marie

Have fun decorating a bathroom for kids with a Frozen theme and some favorite characters from the movie such as Princess Anna, Elsa and Olaf the snowman and snowflake designs.

Frozen decor is the perfect way to dress up a children's bathroom for winter with the icy, frosty, winter scenes and snowflake motifs. These newest Disney princesses to be added to the range are sisters, who as with real life ones, couldn't be more different if they tried.

A theme is much easier to get across if you start with the bigger items in the room first. For many people that would be with a large shower curtain but you can also add in the same impact with some window dressings or a large rug for the floor. Have fun picking out some great items to create a really fun and seasonal space.

Start With Large and Eyecatching Items

To make the most of your theme, it really helps to start off by choosing the larger scale items and the ones which will be noticed the most on walking through into a room. For many people, this means getting a shower curtain which can be used to dress up the bath if you have a shower over it. If you have a walk-in style version, look at choosing a rug for the floor instead.

There are a few curtain styles available but the one I really like is this pretty pink and blue design which features both Anna and Elsa back to back. The color scheme is really ideal for the decor in a girl's bathroom. The background is a kind of candy magenta pink (not the pale insipid kind that is used for very young little ladies) and the characters are perfect imitations of the popular princesses on the big screen. There are pretty snowflakes swirling in the air and the words Love, Sisters and Friends decorating the bottom.

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Grab some matching curtain hooks with this fun set of 12 that features Anna, Elsa and Olaf the snowman designs. The colorful pictures are enclosed in the middle of a star shaped design ready to decorate the top of the shower curtain with style.

If you prefer to use a curtain that doesn't have the actual characters across it, to go with the theme of the movie you'll need to stick to an icy, winter theme. Snowflakes are an obvious choice and I am going to show some great designs further below that make use of this. The colors you need to use are any combinations of light ice blue, dark more midnight blue and a magenta purple shade that is worn on Anna's cloak and clothing. 

Rugs and Mats are Functional and Decorative

Another way to add in a large element into this room is with a mat or rug. These are practical anyway to have in place for stepping onto after having a wash but they are also ideal for covering a big amount of bare floor space or at least breaking the uniformity of the flooring up. 

There are a couple of options with this theme that can be enjoyed. One is of the sisters on a snowflake design background and because this has a rectangular shape it really would look ideal stretched across the length of a bath where it will lead the eye up to the main feature of the room.

The other main option is with a very happy and smiling Olaf the snowman figure which is a round design. This one would work better in the middle of the floor or placed next to or alongside a smaller furnishing like the shower or sink. This is a really cheerful design and he even has his cute, twig like arms thrown right up in the air to celebrate. This scene will add some warmth to the winter styling. 

Let it Snow! Snowflakes Match Perfectly.

"Let it snow, let it snow, I can't hold it back anymore!" Who hasn't heard Elsa sing that song. Well if you haven't, you must have been lost somewhere on a desert island somewhere because everyone and the dog's been singing it.

It will more than likely be difficult to get everything you need for this room's decor and furnishings with the characters on. Not everything has been made yet and also items are selling out all the time too. So the best thing to do is to add in some snowflake themed items to the mix as well.

I like the items I've shown off here and it is pretty much possible to get everything you need with a frosty snow theme. I would stick to using blues where possible instead of white because white is not utilized much in the color scheme for Disney Frozen whereas blue is predominant.

If you can't get towels and other soft furnishings like facial or wash cloths with the snowflake designs on then opt for blue shades that match in with the accessories that you do have. I would add in a mix of light blue and darker blue which pulls in both sisters and the recognizable clothes and outfits that they wear.

The Small Necessities for the Bathroom

Once you've added in some larger, key, pieces then you can start by adding in the detail with smaller furnishings and ceramics too. Look for a soap dispenser for kids to use,  toothbrush holders and other vanity items and accessories. Even if you can't find ones which have the character faces emblazoned across the front, you can use the advice I've given you to pick out the key colors or theme with snow designs and swirls. Anything that looks like it fits well with the cold wintry season has a great shot at being just perfect.

You can find some simple fabric window panels and there are some ready made bedroom ones which you may be able to get to work with your size of window. If they are too big, you can have them cut down to size and sewn and if they're too small then you can sew them to the middle of a larger piece of plain or patterned fabric to hang up and dress the window.

Look for ceramic or plastic vinyl items to work in the room, they may not be made for this area of the home but they can certainly be incorporated into the details to add to the whole look of a room. These materials are good because they can easily be wiped down and kept clean - you can't use paper based decorations because the damp and wet will spoil them. I hope you've enjoyed reading my wizzles page today, thanks for your visit. Just be careful with children and ceramic items that they are not in a place where they will be easily knocked over. Have fun creating the look.

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Disney's Frozen Movie Bathroom Accessories and Decor for Kids
Disney's Frozen Movie Bathroom Accessories and Decor for Kids
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Updated: 10/04/2017, Marie
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