Disposable Toilet Seat Covers

by cindyR

You don't want your child touching that yucky public toilet seat when you are out, do you? Use a disposable toilet seat cover to prevent that.

Taking your child out to the zoo or the mall is fun. But what about when they have to go to the bathroom in public? You don't want your child touching a public toilet seat at all. Carrying a pack of toilet seat covers will help prevent you and your child from picking up any public germs.

Buy A Disposable Toilet Seat Cover

I enjoy taking my little guy out for adventures. It can be as simple as running out to pick up a pizza to taking him to a hockey game. I find it fun to bring him to different places and expose him the wonders of the world. The one thing that worries me is when we are out and about and he gives me that look of “Mommy, I have to go, NOW!” Now I have to find a bathroom quickly for him. Since he is toilet training, using a public bathroom can become a new adventure. I hope that the bathroom will be clean, but you already know the answer to that. Quite frankly it scares me to have my son sit on a public toilet. That is now why I carry disposable toilet seat liners with me.

PottyCover - Disposable toilet seat covers. (6 individually packaged seat covers in each bag.)

PottyCover is a disposable, oversized toilet seat cover for children.

Only $5.99
Summer Infant Keep Me Clean Disposable Potty Protectors, Green/White, 10 Count (Pack of 2)

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Sesame Street Potty Topper Disposable Stick-in-Place Toilet Seat Covers - 40 Count

Protect your child and the whole family from germs on public toilet seats with Potty Topper disposable seat covers. It's luxuriously soft surface is printed with your child's ...

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Disposable Toilet Seat Covers For Children

Here is why I carry a pack of plastic toilet seat covers. Doing a fast wipe of the toilet seat doesn’t sound so sanitary to me. Often times the sanitary covers that are in the stall are empty, or are pretty flimsy not offering your child much protection. How many times have you gone into a bathroom stall and to try and line the toilet seat with toilet paper? You try to place the paper strategically over the toilet seat, but it falls off or shifts. Your child tries to get on the bowl and the paper moves and you have to start all over again. This is tough to do with your child telling you they have to go right now.


We can all agree this isn’t a good scenario for you or your child. The way I cured that was to go shopping online for travel disposable toilet seat cover. I these are much more convenient than trying to place all those pieces of toilet paper around the bowl.

PottyCover disposable toilet seat cover
PottyCover disposab...

Plastic Toilet Seat Covers

So what should you look for in a toilet seat cover? First you will want something that will be easy to pack in a bag or your pocket so you will have them with you at all times. Secondly you will want one that has a plastic liner to it. This will help prevent any moisture from soaking through and touching your child. The plastic will also help prevent the cover from moving around as your child squirms to get comfortable on the toilet seat.


You will also want one that is over sized and hangs well over the toilet seat. This is good in case you child needs to hold on to the seat to stabilize themselves. I know you don’t want their hands touch that public toilet seat.

Best Selling Disposable Toilet Seat Covers For Travel

So now that you have learned about these, which are the best ones to buy? I went over to Amazon to find out what are the best selling toilet seat covers are. There I am able to read the reviews and be able to compare each brand.


PottyCover makes the most popular one.

  • This has a 5 star reviews from parents who have purchased it.
  •  It has a waterproof barrier that protects your child from the toilet seat.
  • Each box comes with 6 individually wrapped covers that are easy to carry with you.
  • Oversized design that covers not only the top of the seat, but also the sides and front too.
  • Will stay on the seat without having to deal with adhesive strips.


PottyCover - Disposable toilet seat covers. (6 individually packaged seat covers in each bag.)

PottyCover is a disposable, oversized toilet seat cover for children.

Only $5.99
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