A Heated Toilet Seat Is So Comfortable

by cindyR

A heated toilet seat is welcomed on a cold morning.

Don't you just dread sitting on a cold toilet seat in the morning? By installing a heated toilet seat, you will no longer have that problem. You can do this yourself in under 15 minutes.

I Hate A Cold Toilet Seat!

Here is something that I think all men and women can agree upon. Nobody likes to wake up in the middle of the night and have to sit on a cold toilet seat. That will certainly give your body a shock and suddenly wake you up, won’t it? Well here is an easy way to solve that problem. Buy yourself a heated toilet seat.


What is a warm toilet seat and how do they work?


The way a heated toilet seat works is very simple. You just plug it into the wall. It runs on 12 volts and can heat your seat to about 90-95 degrees. Its low voltage design makes it safe to use.

UltraTouch Heated Toilet Seat - White - Round Bowl

UltraTouch toilet seats are "Soft to the Touch" NOT foam padded. The UltraTouch Comfort Touch surface is similar to what you find on today's soft handle toothbrushes, writing ...

Only $99.95

Heated Toilet Seat Reviews

Perhaps the most popular one is made by Ultra-Touch. Kohler and Toto both make heated seats, but they can be very expensive. Ultra Touch has priced their toilet seat to an affordable level while providing great value. Lets look at some of the features of this model.


  • Soft and comfortable seating area. This is NOT a padded toilet seat. The sitting area is made of Comfort Touch. This material is similar to what you feel on toothbrushes and screwdrivers. Very soft and a contoured fit so you are comfortable when you sit on it.


  • Antimicrobial Agents. This agent helps resist the growth of bacteria, molds and mildew that causes odors. It will help keep your toilet seat cleaner and will help prevent the discoloration of the seat that is caused by bacteria. This will keep your bathroom looking and smelling better.


  • Quick Hinge Release Feature. This one I really like. Cleaning around a toilet is a pain, especially around the screws that connects your toilet seat to the bowl. Ultra Touch has made cleaning easy by installing a quick release hinge. Using it is very easy. Install the bolts on the toilet like a traditional seat. You then snap the toilet seat onto the exposed pins connected to the bolts. That’s it! Anytime you want to clean that area, you can just pull the seat of and clean. No longer will it be dirty or necessary for you to unscrew the seat to clean back there.

Are Heated Toilet Seats Safe?

Each Ultra Touch heated toilet seat comes with a UL rated, fused 12-volt transformer that will heat your seat up to 25 degrees above room temperature. This seat is sealed and waterproof for safety. As with any electrical product, the transformer should be kept away from splashing water. Just plug it into any properly grounded bathroom outlet and you can begin to enjoy it.


Your Ultra-Touch toilet seat will come with about 12 feet of electrical cord. This should give you plenty of cord to reach an outlet safely. Te transformer has about 6 feet of cord and there is a 6-foot extension cord included at no extra charge.

Where Can I Buy The Ultra Touch Heated Toilet Seat?

The best place to buy one is on Amazon. You can read the reviews there (it currently gets a 4 star rating) and see how much people who have purchased this enjoy it.


Stop sitting on a cold toilet in the morning and buy yourself a heated toilet seat now!

Brondell BR60-EW Breeza Warm Deodorizing Heated Toilet Seat Elongated, White

The Breeza Warm heated and deodorizing toilet seat features an innovative design and patent-pending four-stage deodorizing system to provide a more comfortable bathroom ...

KOHLER K-4649-0 Heated French Curve Toilet Seat, White

Finish/Color:White This heated toilet seat brings warm comfort to bath or powder rooms with unique engineering that ensures the surface temperature does not exceed 104 ...

Only $323.63
Brondell S100-EW Swash Ecoseat 100 Bidet Elongated Toilet Seat, White

Color:White Pure water is the most effective and refreshing way to clean every part of your body. Better than a conventional toilet seat or bidet, Swash provides a cleansing, ...

Updated: 02/19/2012, cindyR
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