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Drawing tattoo art ideas to sell online how to draw tattoo concepts and then sell them online and which ever way you can.

How To Draw Tattoos That Will Sell Online

Draw Tattoo Art To Order

When it comes to drawing your own tattoos, a certain amount of artistic creativity really helps and it's a skill you can learn together with an interest in drawing and art. Selling your own tattoo art is another matter entirely, but we shall attempt to go over both areas to maximize the potential of making you sales or at the very least give you some pointers on how to sell your own tattoo art online or offline and start to draw basic but quality tattoo art concepts.

Like any artist who sits down to draw, they are confronted with an empty sheet of paper that needs to be filled with sketches and drawings that will make up your collection of tattoo art ideas to sell. Now the first thing is getting the right kind of motivation to do your drawing and this can come in many different ways to start with, you can either look through tattoo art on Google to find some inspiration or if you have alrerad drawn and finished tattoos then you could go through them and see if one of them can inspire further tattoo drawings.

In the following video I randomly start to sketch something that comes into my head and this is a great exercise at first to get the ball rolling with creative ideas. Watch the video and see if you get inspired or maybe to have a go at random sketching to see what you could come up with.

Random Sketching A Drawing

Just Start To Sketch

Drawing A Flaming Skull Tattoo Idea

Watch The Drawing Video

The video below was a simple one to create as I didn't want me talking over it as you can see the simple progressions of each stage and you can pause the video as well to see each stage of the flaming skull tattoo art drawing. Ideally the best way to draw a skull is face on, but it can look just as good on a side profile left or right and with other design elements on it like burnt hair and dripping blood etc.

Having no sound on a video may seem quite boring, but hey, at least you might find some silent inspiration in drawing a flaming skull tattoo idea. Use a 5B pencil for sketching and a nice ink pen to get the best possible tattoo design.

Draw A Flaming Skull Tattoo Video

How To Draw A Flaming Skull Tattoo

Sketching A Spider Tattoo Idea

Spider Tattoo Art Video Tutorial

Another video in the silent series in which you can simply follow the step by step drawings along the way to try and draw a spider tattoo, of course there are variations of spiders to draw, this drawing video gives one possible version of a spider tattoo you can try and draw. On my Tattoo Art YouTube channel I'll be definitely doing more Spider Tattoo idea videos to help inspire you along the way.

Mixing and matching other ideas with Spider tattoos is a good idea as that's what other artists do, they take an idea and combine it with other tattoo elements.

Draw A Spider Tattoo Idea

Spider Tattoo Drawing Video

Selling Tattoos Online

The Tattoo Art Selling Process

Selling tattoos can be quite challenging for the beginner, in fact learning to sell anything online at first can be quite daunting as there are obviously online accounts to set up like an Ebay account, a Paypal account and any web hosting accounts if you want to manage your own website and sell your tattoos from there.

Realistically to begin with, the best way of learning is through sites you don't control like Ebay or Amazon, you get to understand the listings and how to title your art so that it will sell and whilst you challenge yourself to sell on these sites you can in the mean time set up your own websites or if you want to try your hand at free websites or blogging platforms like Blogger or Weebly, then go ahead, but just be aware, you don't control what happens to your site, but they are great for learning as you go or learn while you earn.

The best way of selling tattoo art is in sets or what is often referred to as Flash and each set is usually based on a theme like skulls or dolphins and each tattoo represents this design and good tattoo designers interlink their designs with similar colors and line work, so that they look like variations of the same tattoo but also different on their own. Tattoo artists are looking for original and very unique tattoos that haven't been used or sold elsewhere as each tattoo shop wants to have the best reputation and best tattoo libraries on offer.

Visiting local tattoo artists is a great way of finding out the market for tattoos, what customers want and will buy and what is in current demand, because the ink artists will know on a daily or weekly basis what's hot in tattoo designs and what's not. Don't be afraid to take your tattoo samples along to get some critiques on your art, of course you may be looking for sales, but it's best to work out properly what the tattoo artists prefer as often is the case it's these people who will usually end up buying your tattoo art eventually, it's either them or tattoo collectors.


Learn To Draw All Tattoo Design Types

Draw More to Earn More

The single train of thought when selling tattoos is that when you learn to draw as many types of different tattoo styles of art and many exact types of tattoos, then you are in more of a position to sell your art work to a wider audience, it's the same as being an illustrator, you have to adopt a handful of styles to survive in the game, of course you specialize in an area or two but you get used to drawing all sorts of tattoo art from all over the world, Japanese, Tribal, Biker art,Culture symbols,Graffitti,Horror,Fantasy,Cartoon, Manga and many more.

Learning to draw these different tattoo styles may require you to study a bit and take time to learn, but it's worth doing over a longer period of time with practice. I've specialized in the horror and fantasy markets for so long that I have started to look at cartoon art and Manga art as my new specialist subjects.

Want Me To Draw A Tattoo For $5

Look At The Available Tattoo Art Offers

If you have found yourself stuck for a tattoo, then you might be interested in the service I offer on Fiverr.com in which I'll draw a tattoo for only $5, now at the moment there are only 5 offers:

  • Draw a horror tattoo for $5
  • Draw a skull tattoo for $5
  • Draw a demonic tattoo for $5
  • Draw Sharpie marker skull art for $5
  • Draw a Zombie head tattoo for $5


Now at the moment on Fiverr you can only have 20 offers to have available at any one time, so I'll be adding 15 more similar tattoo related offers in the future I've just added these to test the water and really test the site. Here is my Fiverr profile page - Waynezart Tattoos

By the way, you yourself could do something similar with a Fiverr profile page and sell your own tattoos and if you are willing to add shipping costs to your selling process then you can ship out actual artwork to people all over the world.

I'll Draw Tattoo Art For Only $5

Check Out My Fiverr Profile Above For Details!
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Draw And Sell Tattoos

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