How To Sketch A Monster Idea

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How to draw a monster. A drawing tutorial that shows you how to draw a monster creature step by step with inspiring demonstrations with illustrations and videos.

How To Draw A Monster

Draw Monsters

Drawing Monster creatures take a certain amount of imagination to get right and a good deal of practice should be done when sketching a monster or two and that should be the fun part, working out how to sketch a creature from your own mind. Here we shall look at drawing a few monster ideas in the first video and then we will choose an idea to develop and then start to sketch something based on the ideas previously sketched out.

You will need a set of pencils and some good sketching paper and generally it is best to draw ideas on a few sheets of paper so that you have a range of concepts to work from and try and create your own monster.


Sketching Monster Ideas

Monster Quick Sketches

How To Sketch Your Monster Idea

Drawing Monster Idea

In the video below you will see that I have incorporated some ideas from my draft sketches and tried to sketch a monster based on those design elements. The idea I had in my mind was a monster creature that looked like it could change shape and mass at will and so the design of the monster followed that concept.

I used some classic Popper pencils which are old school pencils for the lazy artist as they have around 8 or 9 pre sharpened lead refills inside the plastic pencil so that when you use one and it becomes blunt you can pop the pencil open and use another lead, remembering to put the old one at the back of the line to complete the sturdy pencil set up.

Watch the video below and see if drawing a monster is for you...

Developing A Monster Sketch Concept

How To Draw A Monster Idea....Work On It!

Inking Your Monster Creature

Ink A Monster

In the video below you can get an ink pen and there are cheap and affordable ink pens out there. I use a gel ink pen that I buy in packs of 4 or sometimes 6 and they are great for inking. And as I draw most of my drawings on printing paper as that is affordable for my own artistic needs I can make do with these cheap artist materials.

I follow the pencil art and then most times I don't as I want to improve the original drawing and the lighting with some extra cross hatching. It is a good idea to try and ink certain pencil lines wih thick and thin variations of line weight to try and give your monster drawing some weight to it.

Inking is a technical skill that most people can learn with trial and error and also through inking your own pencil work too.

Watch the video below and just have fun drawing monsters and creature creations...

Inking The Monster Drawing

Applying The Ink
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How To Draw A Monster

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