Dreadful Undead Zombies: Fictitious or Real

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Generally Zombies are considered to be corporeal revenants, a corpse revived by witch craft. It could also be due to a specific infection or parasite.

Paranormal and supernatural beings are a part of almost all the cultures of the world, a part of folklore and mythology. We have heard of vampires, demons, werewolves, ghosts, ghouls, fairies & spirits. These are mostly in the realm of human imagination and belief.
Zombies also belong to the same group of imaginary creatures finding a strong presence in various belief systems. Zombies are supernatural and hence have enhanced hearing, smelling and seeing capabilities and physically are stronger than a common human being.

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What actually are Zombies?

Definition of Zombie


Zombies rise from graves and walk in the world. The resultant creature is neither living nor dead, a creature which has no will and does not communicate like a human, brought back to the physical world by dubious means. Kind of living dead and undead creatures which in the folklore belong to the horror and macabre genre, as in literature, film or television devised to scare, shock and repulse. The word is also used to refer to a person who has no feeling and relevance for what is transpiring in his surrounding though it may affect him or her. A sign of extreme apathy, it could also be somebody disoriented and devoid of a sense of awareness, intelligence and identity, cares only for destruction of humans around him, no matter what the circumstances.

Animated Halloween Zombie

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Types of Zombies

Types of Zombies are generic type:

  • Romero Zombie,
  • Voodoo Zombies,
  • Runner Zombies,
  • Blue walkers,
  • Half human half zombie – “Hambie”,
  • Walking Zombies and many others.

How Powerful are Zombies?

Characteristics of Zombies


They are afraid of heat and are more comfortable during winters. They are marked by their stupidity and lack of intelligence and slow movement. A small part of their brains still function. Heart and lungs work after being revived from the dead state are afflicted with psychological problems and an altered sensorium. Zombies are oblivious to fire though they could be finally destroyed by it.

Do human Zombies really exist?



There has been considerable study on instances of human Zombies. They have been extensively investigated. It has always been found that these cases are necessarily not due to any evil spell. More often than not the reason for the zombification is medical and underlying psychological disorder. People who have undergone extreme trauma, schizophrenic illness, brain damage and learning disabilities can exhibit the characteristics of a Zombie. There is a delusion in some that they are dead and decomposing and are spreading infection. This delusion may drive them to commit suicide also. In short, disease can make one behave like a Zombie. A trance like state can also overtake some of us as in hallucination. Concept of Zombies plays out in the real world feeding on fear, anxiety and imagination

Zombie Apocalypse

Zombie apocalypse is a genre of fiction in which entire civilization is devastated due to overwhelming number of zombies. Belief is after a large scale Zombie attack only a small population survives. This has an allegorical relationship to pandemic of the world like plague, covid 19 and Spanish flue.

Horror Genre of Zombie

Zombie’s Role in Halloween


Come Halloween, there is always talking of the horror genre including the Zombies. We can find a Zombie costume, Zombie decorations or even a live Zombie in a Halloween haunted House.

Find about Zombies from YouTube

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AgingandDisability on 10/08/2022

I've seen shows that say zombies are real. These zombie costumes are very scary and realistic.

DerdriuMarriner on 09/29/2022

The subheading Types of zombies identifies blue walkers.

There is no internet information on blue walkers even as one online source, WikiLeaf, mentions Blue Zombie marijuana as named after blue zombies.

Would you know with what culture or film or publication or series blue walkers are associated?

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