Dress Up Clothes for Girls and Boys

by katiem2

Little girls and boys can spend hours at dress up fun developing interpersonal skills and more. Take a look at the best dress up collections for girls and boys.

Dress up is one of the most rewarding play time and learning activities for young children and one they won't out grow for the entirety of their childhood.

This gives you a childhood of encouraging and teachable moments. Put a little girl or boy alone in a room with an enticing box of dress up clothes and they will be busy for a long while.

Dress Up a Playtime Favorite

It's always a good idea to have and add to dress up collections for your child.

This is one of the great things about dress up clothes, kids will engage happily alone or with others.  It's the one playtime activity that is flexible in that one or many can enjoy it. Dress up play is all around flexible, I can't imagine being without dress up clothes.  


Why Dress Up is Good

Playing dress up is good for the healthy development of both boys and girls for many reasons.

In fact dress up fun is not limited to girls alone, brothers and male friends may easily join in the fun. Kids should always be encouraged to play dress up as it teaches so many wonderful lessons and skills.  You never know what your child may grown up to be, especially when many role model opportunities are offered through dress up role play.  It allows children to dream big, explore the roles in the world around them and learn to interact with others in different role play. 

Playing dress up builds awareness of other differences, acceptance. diversity in social structure and builds on interpersonal skill. Kids of both sexes learn etiquette and manners through dress up play.

Storing and Care of Dress Up Clothes

The first thing you want to do is have an easy to move around storage container for your dress up collection.  It's best if its breathable helping the treasures to be fresh.  I often spray the dress up clothes with fabric freshener between washing draping them over the sides of our dress up trunk till dry, a quick and simple process.  I do this after bed time while the kids sleep, by morning the clothes are good to go again.

Physical Fitness Play

Dress up clothes are easy to store taking up little space and provide for endless hours of fun.  Playing dress up is also a great physical activity as it gets kids moving.  Music and dance is often a popular addition to dress up fun adding more physical activity to the mix.

Photo Opportunities  

Playing dress up creates endless photo ops and offers the best keepsake pictures and reflections of great memories.  These photos are often amazing resources for framed additions to your child's bedroom and don't forget the fridge, you can add so many smiles and motivational pictures reminding your child they can do and be anything.

There are so many wonderful and adventurous dress up clothes available today, the limitless play your children enjoy will bring you twice the joy!


Dress Up Ideas

Hours of dress up fun extends the imaginations of young minds, once they get started they will dream and be so many amazing things.

Dress Up Ideas

  1. Super Hero's are always a hit for both girls and boys.
  2. Professionals such as police officers or firefighters inspire and build social skills reminding children of rules and structure.
  3. Occupations such as vets and doctors open a child's mind to consider future occupations.
  4. Princess's are a all time favorite filling young hearts with carefree fun.
  5. Chef's inspire domestic skills and inspire great cooks, kids love the cooking channel, they could tune in while dressing up to learn cooking techniques, Alton Brown incorporates chemistry, math and many great lessons into his cooking programs.

All in all dress up fun is one of the best experiences any child can have the positive benefits of dress up play are vast and limitless, just as a child's imagination.

Much Love and Happiness, Katie

Updated: 11/10/2012, katiem2
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katiem2 on 02/08/2012

Thanks Angel, I remember when I first started buying dress up clothes for my kids, I couldn't get enough of it as watching them play was priceless some of the best memories of the kids around the house are those of them all dressed up exploring a new role model, in fact my girls were constantly dressing up, just part of the daily routine of being a kid at work, play!

Angel on 02/08/2012

My kids also love dress up. The girls have a huge tupperware container full of dresses and different costumes. My nine year old still does it. Great idea for an article.

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