Paper dolls are never too old

by irenemaria

To make your own paper dolls or buy ready ones has always been a passion of mine. Now I am teaching my grand daughter to do the same.

The two first home made paper dolls

To draw, paint and cut out your own paper dolls is wonderful. As a mum, you practice in secret so you can guide the children. However, the meaning with this is that the children make all the drawings and cutting themselves. If they need help, they will ask you because you are there.

My grand daughter and I made two paper dolls, A woman and a man. He is a policeman and she is a bally dancer =) They have clothes that are painted by my little girl, and they also have a "bed" where she sticks them when she leaves them in the drawer. The bed has pillows and a quilt in colors. It is made of an envelope. An interesting detail is that she said they were married so they could sleep in one bed =D


An important detail is these little white squares who make the clothes sit there and not fall down. So I suggest that you write them first before you color the items. Furthermore, when you paint them, use colors that are quickly drying. The nice clothes can be damaged other wise.

the first ones


Anything goes

Paper, plastic, cloth or lace.
Paper, plastic, cloth or lace.
A little girl that we are working on now
A little girl that we are working on now

Skipper - Barbies friend

Press-Out Fashions for Teen Skipper Paper Doll.
Barbie SUPER TEEN SKIPPER Paper Doll Book (1980 Whitman)
Whitman, under license by Mattel
Only $129.95

Ken, Barbie & Skipper Paper Dolls & Pre-Cut Fashions for each Doll.

Great Shape Barbie Paper Doll Book w Barbie, Ken & Skippe...
Golden Book/Mattel
Only $25.0

Get started now!

If you don´t have the artistic skill you think you need. Do not worry! The children do not care about that. Just teach them the basics in making dolls, clothes and accessories. They will keep it going by themselves! I promise you!

To make it easy, you can buy the first paper dolls and make new clothes, shoes and why not furniture for them. A suggestion from me: Make the DOLL of hard paper. The doll is the thing most used and can be broken so easily. The clothes and hats and so on, can be softer. They can be made of paper or textile fabrics. I use bands, small buttons and glued spangle. Lace or colored sheets of paper is useful too.

There is nothing that is "wrong". Let the childs imagination go to work. I have even made shoes of pasta once hehehe

Many dolls on one sheet!

Make more clothes yourself
90 Piece Master Adorable Kinders Paper Dolls Set
Adorable Kinders

Are going to make paper dolls?

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These videos are helpful

Watch these videos and see how easy it is. Here is shown step by step how you can make the doll, clothes and even wigs !!
Remember that if you have a boy, you can make firemen or polices or other typical masculine paper dolls. Make animals, make houses, fire stations and a police car too.

Calender with childrens paintings

Encourage children to draw, paint and use colors!

This print is on Zazzle for sale
Updated: 05/29/2011, irenemaria
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Pinkchic18 on 10/27/2011

This brought back so many good memories! I used to play with paper dolls all the time, I'm not sure where they initially came from but I would spend hours with them! So much fun, thank you for writing this!

mivvy on 07/27/2011

I loved paper dolls, but had all forgotten about them. I used to make them when I was a child and for my daughter (now adult) who did not want to play with dolls.

Sylvestermouse on 06/29/2011

Oh, I loved paper dolls when I was a little girl! They are a lot of fun to make and play with.

WebWriter on 06/08/2011

Wow, these bring back memories...another thing I played with as a kid. We were too poor for the real Barbies :)

CherylsArt on 06/04/2011

Such a cute idea and a fun family activity.

evelynsaenz on 06/01/2011

I loved making paper dolls with my mother, grandmothers and my sister. Later on I thought my daughters to make paper dolls. What fun!

mulberry on 05/30/2011

This brings back some nice memories ;)

thelesleyshow on 05/30/2011

I absolutely loved paper dolls growing up. I used to buy them because they were cheaper and easier to dress than Barbie was. Great article. Walk down memory lanes are always nice. Tweeted!

Michey on 05/29/2011

Good idea, I was born after the war in Europe, toys in stores didn't exist for a while, so Grandma had an old doll and using any piece of fabric she had, she created clothes for my doll... she was the most elegant doll in the town... and I was happy... LOL Grandma didn't know about paper dolls... which is a simple solution and an inventive one.

SquidRich on 05/29/2011

Like Chef, not my thing, but in the right hands a fulfilling hobby!

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