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I have read thousands of books. Here I share just a few from different kinds

The shadow of the wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon

This is so well written I have to read with a pen in hand

One of those rare novels that combine brilliant plotting with sublime writing a bestseller!

Here as Audio book - THE SHADOW OF THE WIND. 

In a secret part of the old Barcelona, is the 'Cemetery of Forgotten Books' hidden. In here is a labyrinthine of book shelves. We find books with obscure and forgotten titles. To this library  Daniel enters with his father one cold morning in 1945. He is allowed to choose one book from the dusty shelves. He takes "The Shadow of the wind" written by Julian Carax. Daniel is now caught in a whirl wind of stores and people. He is drag into the life and death of Julian Carax.
This is a story told by a great writer. I enjoy reading like I enjoy a beautiful painting. Zafon has a skilled way of describing people, places and events that is extraordinary and fantastic. Very often, I go back and read a paragraph or page again, only for reliving the beauty of the chosen words!

The next book by Zafon can be read separately. However, many of the characters and this secret library comes back in THE ANGELS GAME.
The same was here - I had to make marks in the margins, so I can get back and smile, cry or just admire this excellent writer! The old hidden library is visited again and this time another book is pulled out from a dusty shelf. Sometimes the story is possible to grasp but also crossing the boarder line of sense.

Audio book

Shadows of the wind
Shadows of the wind

A readers comment

quoted from Amazon

"Anyone who has never read Zafon really should. It's rare for an author to have a way with words as he does and what makes his ability all the more amazing is the knowledge that these are works in translation. I can only imagine what a wonder his books must be in their original Spanish and his writing is so beautiful that it makes me want to learn the language simply so I can read his works in the original. "

Do you know who's behind this film? DAVID. FINCHER. You know? The man that brought us "Fight Club", "Seven", "Panic Room", "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button", and "The Social Network". I"m pretty sure he knows what he's doing.

The thrilling story about a girl with a dark past

who met a journalist and they started to work together.....

Millions of people worldwide, have been absolutely captivated by these three books and their strange and heroine, Lisbeth Salander. The writer, Stieg Larsson, manages to write about this black dressed wild and skilled hacker in a way that is quite remarkable. Lisbeth Salander has suffered by treatment of a few corrupt individuals.

Lisbeth meets a writer from a magazine called "Millennium". They work together on an old case, where a woman suddenly disappeared. The journalist, Blomqvist, also act outside the law. By circumstances and bad people, he has to. As the story develops, they find truths so ugly and terrible. The ending of the stories is not to be revealed by me. I just highly recommend that you read them.
Some of the issues and political misuse of power are still not solved!

All three books offer - The millennium Triology

Stieg Larsson's Millennium Trilogy Bundle: The Girl with ...
Only $46.01

Three amazing books

The Millennium
The Millennium


link to the left
Nicolas Nickleby
Nicolas Nickleby

Nicolas Nickleby - one of the greatest stories ever told

Charles Dickens is the master writer

The performance at London's Old Vic Theatre took nine hours!

Nicolas Nickleby   -   AUDIOBOOK

The audience were participaiting by shouting, clapping and commenting. The whole story is amazing and absolutely worth reading.

From the dungeon-like Yorkshire boys' boarding school run by the cruel Wackford Squeers
to the high-spirited stage of Vincent Crummles's extraordinary acting troupe,
Nicholas Nickleby is a triumph of the imagination, bursting with color, humor, and
poignant social commentary.

Nicholas, a gentleman's son fallen upon hard times, must set out to make his way in the world. His
journey is accompanied by some of the most swaggering scoundrels and unforgettable
eccentrics in Dickens's pantheon.

Yes, it's nine hours long. Yes, it's Charles Dickens, he of the 900-page novels you had to read in high school. And, yes, it's a film of a play.

The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby
A&E Home Video
$35.99  $122.95

A trailer

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katiem2 on 04/22/2012

Sounds like its time to read a good book, the weather has turned cold and damp here, no better time. Thanks for the great reviews.

mulberry on 04/06/2012

These all sound like good suggestions. It's been a while since I've really sat down to read...I think I need to make time for one of these.

MaxReily on 08/29/2011

Nice choices--I've been wanting to read the Steig Larsson books.

ameliejean on 06/16/2011

Great choices - I'm a big Dickens fan and been wondering about a Stieg Larson.

jaktraks on 06/13/2011

Really good suggestions!!

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