Some of Irenemarias paintings and drawings

by irenemaria

I love to paint with all kind of colors. Sketches and watercolor, Acryl and tempera. Sometimes I mix them all and use hands, cottonswabs or paper.

You own imagination is the only hindrance

Above all - have fun!

There is no person that can start and paint perfectly. All have to practice and practice some more. How many times I have thrown away a paper or canvas! I paint and draw stuff everywhere. Even when I read a book, I have a pen in hand. Instead of a diary, I often made a painting instead. Some I still have and others are gone.

White roses on red background


Lately, I have painted a lot in aquarelle. That is water colors. It is new and hard for me. I do make many mistakes, but keep on trying. Some of these paintings are posted on Zazzle.


These white roses are painted on a back ground of red beat red. I boiled the beats and let the water sim for a long time. Then I took that red liquid and painted the red back ground. The white roses are first water colors and after that tempera and even some tipex =D

How about you and painting

Would you like to try
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A girl in a white towel

among other lilies

When I met Jeni, my good friend, she tought me about water color painting. A new world opened before my wide opened eyes. She had patience and skills to teach me. This little girl in the towel is the first painting that she guidedme through. I have it framed in my bathroom today!

My little girl

She thought me to wet the paper and make the back ground with a mix of whatever happened to be on the palette. The colors flowed into each other and created patterns I never could have made by myself. Then we had both water color tubes and pens. The pens are quite expensive but absolutely worth it. I posted some further down to buy from Amazon. Once you have used the pen carefully, you can take a clean wet brush and paint on the strikes to smoothen out the colors. That was a fantastic experience for me.

Roses and Lilly of the valley
Roses and Lilly of the valley

Can you paint with coffee? Sure you can!

Pink small roses with a coffee brown back ground.

The brown back ground here is made of really strong coffee. For many weeks, the painting smelled of coffee. Today that lovely scent is gone. The roses are water colors, and the branches got some help of a black pen.

To learn how to mix colors is very important. You basically need only a few tubes of paint and from these, all the others are blended. Yellow and blue makes green. For stronger green, add bluer and vice versa. To make purple you mix red and blue. Try to find the nuances you want. Orange is from yellow and red and can be used in so many back grounds and even clouds. White is the color I use very much of. When you paint with water colors, only add more water and the paint is lighter. However, sometimes I want to use white because I am more used to that.Pink roses - thank you basket

Get some paint and start trying!

It must not be perfect - painting is not about exactly alike the real thing.
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irenemarias paintings

How to paint with water colors

My hub about how to paint
Remember this is my limited knowledge I share here

Water colour painting tips

ADAM is created

made from dust of the earth
ADAM is created
ADAM is created
Updated: 08/13/2011, irenemaria
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mulberry on 04/22/2012

Always love your flower paintings!

theraggededge on 08/12/2011

Gorgeous - Love the fruits. Please make more Wizzleys like this - I want to see more!

TerriRexson on 06/26/2011

You are talented. I'm not artistic, but my 4 year old son spends hours drawing every day, I'll keep encouraging him.

sheilamarie on 06/15/2011

I love your paintings, Irenemaria! I have started watercolor, too, and love the look of it. I like how you use natural dyes to add to the interest of your paintings. I'm happy to meet you.

puerdycat on 06/13/2011

I remember in high school we wet our water-color paper and taped it down. I haven't done it in a long, long time, but I sure do love the transparent feel.

jaktraks on 06/10/2011

Lovely art! I like painting but always had trouble with water colors. Probably need some good coaching.

WebWriter on 06/08/2011

Drawing is one talent I DONT have. I admire those that do though. Art was not my best subject in school. I mean, who gets a D in art. That's like getting a D in PE. Nice paintings irenemaria.

AJ on 06/02/2011

Your passion for painting comes through your writing - lovely!

petunia on 05/30/2011

Your art is beautiful.

Ladymermaid on 05/30/2011

Your work is so beautiful. I am so glad to find so many friends here and the platform is so wonderful to work with. I can hardly wait to finish cooking dinner so I can get back here and play ;)

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