Drink Tea and Let It Be, and Other Fun and Inspirational Tea Slogans

by Mira

Playful, fun, and funny tea slogans and taglines, quotes and quips, that will appeal to serious tea lovers

Tea is the perfect drink. It can be enjoyed in solitude as well as with friends, acquaintances, and perfect strangers. It’s a social bonder, relaxing and upping your mood, but it also gives you energy and focus to enjoy a good book. It comes in a great variety of blends, so you will never tire of it. It can help you drift smoothly to the land of nod when you are tired after a day’s work. It picks up your mood in the morning, and can turn breakfast into a flowering of beauty, much like a flowering tea.

I’ve been passionate about tea for quite a while now, starting with a period in my life when I was living with a boyfriend on coffee, tea, biscuits/crackers, and pizza. Most fresh vegetables and fruit, yogurt, and other more expensive foodstuffs were rather scarce in our life, making an appearance only in the first ten days of each month. But we were happy: we had coffee, tea, and each other, and we were trying out new creative pursuits, which were enriching our lives immensely.

I am going through similar feelings these days when I create coffee and tea slogans and taglines, or when I browse Pinterest for coffee and tea quotes, and other inspirational statements. I’m back to a good place professionally, even though life is far more complicated now than it was in my twenties.

Tea, Poetry, Flowers
Tea, Poetry, Flowers
Switching to the More Recent Past Now

As often with my slogans and articles, when something happens in my life I defuse the situation creatively, literally creating a new slogan or writing a piece in order to reflect on my situation and become “chill,” as young people say nowadays.

As it happens, lately I’ve had to come to terms with lots of personal and family difficulties pretty much on my own. In my teenage years I used to rely a great deal on my friends, but it turns out life gets pretty heavy for a lot of people over forty, regardless of whether they are married or have children. Our parents get older and more frail and in need of assistance of all kinds, and sometimes we or our partners develop health issues as well, often quite early in life, and then, of course, there are financial crises and changes in the workplace. For one, everybody tends to work longer hours, including weekends sometimes, and many people continue to work from home after they get back from the office.

I’ve always tended to be constructive, and to think of better ways to use my skills and grow personally and professionally, but it turns out I’ve placed too large a bet on online pursuits, which, in turn, has placed a burden on my family. Hence lots of problems and tension. Which, again, I’ve tried to fix by changing direction several times. Only somehow I can’t give up on older projects, and so I’ve ended up stretching myself quite thin as I keep telling myself that my creative pursuits matter too, because much too often they allow me not only a (working) respite from my troubles, but also quite a powerful relief.

So, without further ado, let’s move on to inspirational tea slogans and quotes.

Drink Tea and Let It Be

Honestly, I can’t remember if I created this slogan when I was riding a smooth wave or because I needed a positive creative outlet, yet again, when someone stepped on my toes, but I meant this as encouragement for other people to carry their moods lightly and not pay attention to things of little consequence (because they need their energy for far more important issues).

The vintage tea cup in the tea cup and iPhone case below is created by a friend of mine.

Drink tea and let it be -- iPhone X case
Drink tea and let it be -- Tea cup

Life hurts. More tea?

Life requires determination. More tea? -- Right . . . More tea?

My "Life hurts. More tea?" design is a snappier version of the slogan "Drink tea and let it be." I imagined the former as part of a series of quips offered by an elderly upperclass lady on the topic of "Life hurts." The second installment was "Life requires determination. More tea?" and the third one, "Right . . . More tea?" before the upperclass lady loses her temper, and blurts, "More tea? MOVE ON!"

Truth be told, I quite liked this imagined conversation (with the exception, perhaps, of the fourth installment), but for some reason it didn't take on :)

Life hurts. More tea? -- Greeting card
Life hurts. More tea? -- Greeting card
Okay, now let’s turn our attention to tea

I’m a tea fiend. I think I have more than ten tea packages open at any given time. (I used to open about twenty at a time, but then I downsized in order to enjoy the teas at their best flavors.) I drink true teas -- green, black, white, and oolong, and lots of various fruit and flower combinations based on them – and I drink herbal teas – linden, peppermint, rooibos, hibiscus, ginger, echinacea, sea buckthorn, lavender, sage, basil, elderflower, strawberry and other berries, apple, licorice, lemongrass, lemon balm – in various blends thereof, and with added accents like papaya, mango, pineapple bits, orange peel, and flower petals. I also drink more medicinal tisanes – things like juniper, coltfoot (Tussilago farfara), and thyme on the rare occasions when I have a cold, for instance.

It’s hard to say which teas I prefer, or even if I prefer true teas, made from the tea plant, or herbal infusions, because I tend to prefer creative blends which often mix the two. Things like spicy rooibos, with ginger, lemongrass, and orange peel, among others. But as tea is a wonderful thing, sometimes it works wonders in blends of two ingredients as well, as is the case with green tea with peppermint or rooibos tea with vanilla.

And then there are the blends that I make myself, such as masala chai (it means “spiced tea” and it’s a blend of black tea and ginger, cardamom, and cloves, taken with milk), or flavored milky black tea to which I add a vanilla stick and ginger while it’s brewing.

I’m always curious which blends other people prefer, so do share!

And now let’s move on to the slogans.

Whoever Is Tired of Tea, Is Tired of Life

It always baffles me how some people never tire of drinking the same kind of coffee every day (nothing wrong with that), but when it comes to tea, they find nothing to their taste. After all, it’s not for nothing that we say that someone is our cup of tea.

It’s probably just a question of easier habits. We need coffee for the higher caffeine levels, and then maybe we don’t have much time – or energy! – left to think of tea. And yet: green tea reduces the risk of breast and lung cancer, among others; and white tea the risk of colon cancer and arthritis – besides improving our overall health as a consequence of their high antioxidant load.

But much too often we don’t like to think of brews and foods on account of their health benefits, and prefer, instead, to choose them based on how they taste. If we're unlucky enough to associate the taste of tea with chamomile, or to a particular version of black tea we don't like, we may be put off tea. The trick is to give tea a chance -- sorry, tea really puts me in a good mood :)

Coffee too, for that matter, because throughout the day I tend to drink flavored decaf coffees. So I made this slogan for coffee as well. It is, of course, based on Samuel Johnson's observation that "when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life." 

Whoever is tired of tea is tired of life -- Mousepad
Whoever is tired of coffee is tired of life -- Coffee Mug

Happy Tea Slogans

Because tea loves happy / Because tea finds happy / Because happy loves tea

In my experience, there’s a lot tea can do in terms of finding tranquility, creativity, and happiness. Which is why many creativi*tea and tranquili*tea mugs have sprung up, and also why I created a three-tagline series revolving around tea’s propensity to bring about happy: Because tea loves happy, Because tea finds happy, and Because happy loves tea.

I could have also added Because happy finds tea, for often when I am in a good mood I find a good place in town to share it with a friend over a cuppa.

Because happy loves tea -- Mousepad
Because tea finds happy -- Magnet

Friends and Tea Make a Sweet Combination

There’s little tea can’t do if you believe in it. It helps your health and also brings people together and solves their problems. In British fiction people always reach for the kettle before lending a listening ear and dispensing advice, and that may be partly because L-theanine, a phytochemicals in black tea and other true teas, increases levels of GABA, serotonin and dopamine, which means it improves relaxation by reducing stress and inhibiting anxiety, sharpens focus and various other cognition skills, and boosts your mood – all of these effects quite welcome when somebody comes to you in search of patience, understanding, and solutions.

Friend and tea make a sweet combination -- Greeting card
Friends and tea make a sweet combination -- Tea cup

So, in a way, tea and the social rituals associated with it are, indeed, a hug in a cup, as one Pinterest post on my Tea Quotes boards has it. Country Mouse Studio and JunkyDotCom on Zazzle have each created a design based on this tea slogan.

A hug in a cup
A hug in a cup
Tea is a hug in a mug, with cuddling blue parrots -- Tea cup
Tea Time -- Poster

Also, as Lewis Carroll put it, “It’s always tea-time.” Those of us who are slightly addicted to tea know that, and given that any time is tea time, we can keep calm and carry on. 

Any time is tea time -- Tea cup
Any time is tea time -- Tea slogan postcard

Leave me be, I'm drinking my tea

Another quip I like is Leave me be, I’m drinking my tea (this one, too, is from Pinterest). 

It works if you’re the kind of person who likes to snuggle in an armchair or on a couch with a good book and a tasty cup of tea, and forget, for a while, the whooshing sound of time passing by.

Steamy Tea Cup
Steamy Tea Cup
Image source: Pixabay

Oh for tea, a nook, and a good book

I created the above quote based on John Wilson’s “Oh for a book and a shady nook.” I thought he missed something essential :) I then put it on iPhone cases because some of us don’t need our phones to find something to do, and like to spread that message around.

Oh for tea, a nook, and a good book! -- tea quote iPhone XR case
Oh for a book and a shady nook -- Throw pillow designed by quotings on Zazzle

When life throws you lemons . . . grab a cuppa!

When life throws you lemons, you can make lemonade, or you can grab a cuppa. It's very useful when you don't want to turn to a friend right away but rather let your thoughts and emotions settle down before you share them with someone.

When life throws you lemons . . . grab a cuppa! -- Greeting card
Lemon Tea
Lemon Tea
Image source: Pixabay

Life requires determination. And tea

I could go on, but I'll stop here for now, but not before I share one more tea quote, which happens to appeal to a lot of people who visit my store: Life requires determination. And tea. -- Ain't it so?

Life requires determination. And tea -- Mousepad
Updated: 07/12/2019, Mira
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Mira on 09/29/2018

Thank you, Angela! I tend to drink black tea hot, but I sometimes like to drink herbal teas with ice, too.

AngelaJohnson on 09/28/2018

I'm mostly an ice te drinker. The weather has to be cold before I want to drink tea hot. But I'll try a variety of black tea flavors, then add ice (no sugar).

Mira on 09/27/2018

That's pretty amazing :) Thank you, Frank, for your comment!

frankbeswick on 09/23/2018

You may not be aware that there are two tea plantations in Britain. One is a small plantation in Scotland, which produces expensive white tea; the other is in the much warmer, but moist lands of the South West, whose climatic conditions resemble those in Assam.

This plantation is bordering an estuary, which means that region well blessed with the warm waters of North Atlantic Drift is frost free, conditions that the camellia plant really enjoys. Camellia is vulnerable to temperatures below 7 degrees C.

Mira on 09/23/2018

Interesting :) Thank you, Frank!

frankbeswick on 09/23/2018

Yes, Scottish breakfast tea is blended to suit the fact that most Scottish water is soft [ free of lime.] For this reason it is stronger than some other teas. It would suit the area where I live because where I am water is soft.

Mira on 09/23/2018

Yes, and I'm reading now that these black teas are blended as such to match British foods. I, too, like to drink black tea for breakfast :)

frankbeswick on 09/22/2018

I have just done some research. Most teas are blends of teas from different areas. English breakfast tea has a greater Ceylon [Sri Lankan] component, whereas Irish breakfast tea has a greater Assam component.

Mira on 09/22/2018

Frank: That's right, but it also varies with the type of tea.

Mira on 09/22/2018

:) Thanks, Veronica, for your comment! I'll have to try the Irish breakfast tea blend soon! :)
And yes, I add the water to the tea, too :)

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