Earlyears Spin-tacular Play Center

by Gardenbella

The Spin-tacular Play Center because it is a unique multi-layered spinning toy made up of some beautiful clear balls and beads that the child can spin.

Recently I needed to buy a gift for a friends child's birthday and I wanted something that would keep him occupied but would have an educational component. So I choose the Earlyears Spin-tacular Play Center.

I figured this was the perfect toy for my friend since she can keep doing her chores around the house and not have to worry about what her child is doing to entertain himself.

Taking care of a baby and doing normal household chores can be very hard especially if you don't have a nanny or spouse helping out. A child's early years are the most demanding years and since he is learning a lot, parents generally need to keep an eye on their children to make sure they don't get injured or into something they shouldn't.

I wanted to get a toy that would keep him occupied and happy for long periods of time and I thought the play center was the perfect toy for him.

I picked the Spin-tacular Play Center because it is a unique multi-layered spinning toy made up of some beautiful clear balls and beads that the child can spin. In fact the colorful design entices the child to grab and spin all the attachments. Now my friend can watch her child spin the balls and beads while they make some unique sounds.

The upper layer of the play center clicks every time the child spins it around, while the middle wheel rotates up and down the toy's center pole as it turns. So whether my friend's child loves the beautiful balls and beads or the silly sound produced by spinning this toy, the play center will have him entertain and happy for a long time.

What I Like About the Spin-tacular Play Center:

It has a strong suction-cup which easily attaches to various smooth surfaces like the strollers or highchair from where the child can grab it and spin it.

There are three spinning beads and five spinning balls with various different spinning elements. As well there is a center wheel which climbs up-and-down the middle pole every time its turns.

Why I Bought this Toy:

It is kid powered, so it doesn't require a battery and it will keep any child entertained. As well it is durable so if it falls off the high chair or gets tossed around, it will survive. Most importantly, it is affordable.

The only downside I found is that it might not stick to all surfaces and as the child grows and get stronger he might easily pull it off the high chair.

Earlyears Spin-tacular Play Center

The International Playthings Early Years Spin tacular Play Center attaches to smooth surfaces with strong suction cup perfect for highchairs and stroller toys. Features 5 spinni...

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Updated: 08/20/2014, Gardenbella
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