Earth Day: Keep the Idea Year Round

by blackspanielgallery

Earth Day comes in April, but its meaning is always important. It creates awareness of environmental issues and invites commitment to action.

Every April we find that special day called Earth Day. There are celebrations where communities come together to plant trees, groups launch recycling efforts, an a myriad of ecology related activities take place. It is a day when the environment is the focus of awareness, and promoted in the news. And, appropriately it occurs in spring, a time for people to take to the outdoors and plant.

Earth Day has a twofold purpose. It is a time for awareness, and it is a time for commitment. Planting a tree and not remaining committed to its growth is superficial. Of what value is a tree that dies a month after being planted?

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Awareness Is Just a Start

But a Good Start

Becoming aware of our fragile environment, and looking into its needs, is just a start.  If that awareness does not become part of us, it is like reading the newspaper.  Who can recall a story read a year ago?  Yet, at that time it might have engrossed many who wanted every detail. 


Environmental awareness cannot be like a news story.  Once the message is received, it need become part of us, something that remains in our consciousness.  It must be more like an important lesson learned in school, something we reflect upon whenever the need presents itself.  Actually, with environmental issues we should reflect back when merely an opportunity presents itself, and recognize that opportunity as demanding the fulfillment of a need.  Perhaps we should even go to the next step and consider that need an obligation. 


Commitments Are Needed

Commit to the Environment Now

Whether one starts with recycling, or plants several trees, one must make a commitment.  Simple activities like recycling, or turning our lights when not needed, can only be of significant benefit if the activity becomes part of our normal activity.  Actions that become a one day event are not that important.  Other activities, like planting trees, requires continued commitment, whether it be by an individual or as an aid in starting something that will be continued on our behalf by others. 


Earth Day Should Be Every Day

There is no need to wait for Earth Day to start an activity, nor should we fret is the day passes before we can act.  We should not need a certain day to get started.  Oh, a group planting might require waiting for the event, but we can all do positive things every day, both before and after Earth Day.

Have Trees Planted on Your Behalf

A Passive but Effective Way to Participate

Many people live in large buildings with no place for planting a tree, or are physically unable to do the needed work.  There are services that will plant a tree for you, for a fee.  Yes, the fee is necessary, for they cannot afford the effort without support.  These services require land to be used, and seedlings purchased.  In addition there is a labor involved with planting and maintaining the trees.  So, even if you cannot personally plant a tree, you can become involved with saving our planet with money, and not a large sum.  This service is quite affordable to most.

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Updated: 09/30/2017, blackspanielgallery
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blackspanielgallery on 03/16/2016

Fortunately, nursery trees are only available in proper seasons here. They are careful about that. Nice comment.

frankbeswick on 03/16/2016

I am glad that you stated that trees cannot just be planted and left. You need to know how to plant a tree. You also need to do it at the right time of year,for which you need to seek advice from the nursery worker who sold it to you. Sometimes trees need staking against wind and protecting against predators who might destroy them by eating their bark.

blackspanielgallery on 03/16/2016

If you own land you can plant trees. Otherwise, it does require permission, which is why people often use a service to do this for them.

Mira on 03/16/2016

The question is, where do we plant these trees? I wonder if we can plant a tree in a park, or if that's against some law.

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